Ahotaku39 Says “Hello!”

You’re probably thinking, “Great, another anime blog. Would those weeaboos stop posting about Japan already? It’s the era of K-Pop!”

I appreciate your thoughts and would rebut with this picture below: (never mind Miku and Inori; please focus on the gun)


What’s with the name “Ahotaku” anyway? It’s from “Aho” which means “idiot” and “Otaku” which you might consider Googling if you’re not familiar with it yet.

I’m a huge fan of anime and anything related to anime. The picture above are my beloved nendoroids (Google that if you don’t know). What I’m trying to say is that I’m just blogging about anime because I like doing it.

So, expect a lot of random anime and anime-related rambling on this blog, brought to you by Ahotaku, the Idiot Otaku. Enjoy!  



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