Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! 04 – The Mabinogion… of Regrets

This anime just keeps getting funnier by the episode! In episode 03, Nibutani Shinka, the rank 1 cutie in class and also the target of Togashi’s fantasies, just applied to join the Far East Magick Nap Society. Now, the question on everyone’s mind was: Nibutani… are you really suffering from chuunibyou?
Okay, so the episode first starts out with the class doing a test. If you remembered, the funniest moment in episode 03 was Rikka trying to stop a paper bullet with her two fingers, resulting in a hilarious “ow” moment. This time, Rikka got revenge on Togashi using a rubber-band gun. Rikka told Togashi that they were doing to do a Black Mass in the club room.

Togashi got hit in the head by a paper bullet. Rikka +1

Togashi joins, and finds a sleepy Kumin in the middle of a magic circle. Dekomori and Rika were chanting spells, and Kumin was supposedly the sacrifice. After a few hilarious moments, Nibutani joined and asked for the Mabinogion. Togashi told her that he had in his room, leading to Nibutani visiting Togashi’s house on the weekend. A cute girl and Togashi in a room alone… now that’s too normal. Togashi was too busy fantasizing, so he couldn’t have realized Nibutani’s interest in the Mabinogion.

When casting magic… remember that lighting is important.
Togashi, busy fapping to fantasies about Nibutani, did not realize this glare.


Nibutani came over and ransacked the place while Togashi was busy preparing tea and banging his head on the wall. She was eventually caught by Togashi. He then took out the Mabinogion and read a few passages, resulting in a freaked-out Nibutani. Nibutani then burned the accursed book to ashes. They met with Dekomori, who was shocked to see the Mabinogion burn. When Nibutani told her that she was Forest Summer (take the two kanji characters in “Shinka” and you’ll get “forest” and “summer”), Dekomori denied it. Nibutani then challenged Dekomori to a Chuunibyou-verse battle to prove herself. Shinka was taken down after hearing the regretful phrases she wrote in the Mabinogion.

Dekomori vs Nibutani. Yes, those are Nibutani’s pom-poms.

After her defeat, she decided to remain in the Far East Magick Nap Society. She has developed hostile relations with Dekomori, however. With the addition of a new member, the foundations for a basic harem comedy has been laid. I’m guessing that after this, it’s going to be comedy and fans service all the way. Well, who cares? As long as I see my cute little Rikka, I won’t protest!


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