Sword Art Online Vol. 10 Finally Posted!

The cover of Sword Art Online 10: Alicization Running
I’ve been following the Sword Art Online light novel series for a while now, and I finally got my hands on the latest volume(although it’s been on the net since October 10; I blame my college schedule). I haven’t read most of it yet, just a bit of chapter 1; okay, just the pictures, you got me. The first thought on my mind was: I am sooo gonna cosplay this Kirito! Kirito cosplay has became too mainstream, with an average of 3-4 Kiritos in a single event, all of them having the same equipment. Underworld Kirito only wears a gakuran, which looks awfully similar to Sephiroth’s.

In volume 9, Kirito and Eugeo had just cut down the Gigas Cedar, earning them a celebration and a new Scared Task for Eugeo. Eugeo decides to become a swordsman and is allowed by the village chief to leave the village. Now, I guess in volume 10, the story will revolve around Kirito and Eugeo training in a swordsman academy, explaining the reason why Kirito wears a gakuran.

Kirito and Eugeo in their new outfits. Somehow looks like Sephiroth…
The Elucidator and Dark Repulser from Aincrad make a comeback. As usual, Kirito always holds the black sword, but this time, the white sword goes to Eugeo. Perhaps now, dual-wielding is too mainstream. I have to admit though, the black sword (name still unknown since I haven’t read the entire thing yet) looks hideous, unlike the Elucidator which a pure piece of art. Perhaps Reki got bored. On the other hand, the Sword of Blue Rose (Eugeo’s sword) resembles the Dark Repulser, just a few changes here and there.

Kirito and Eugeo in front of their swords. The black one looks shitty…
I also noticed Asuna getting in touch with the people at RATH. Perhaps Asuna’s also going to dive into Underworld? I’ll need to read the whole thing first. I’m also guessing that Alicization will be the final arc for Sword Art Online, based on the alternate ending gaiden. Also, the foundations of Accel World have already been laid out, so it is safe to assume that Alicization will be the end of SAO. I just hope the anime catches up soon.


3 thoughts on “Sword Art Online Vol. 10 Finally Posted!

  1. Funny thing is the sword of… Whoops spoilers… The black one has been redesigned whiched bugs me cause I considered cosplaying kirito. The guard is now a w or m shape depends which way you look so it like the poorly drawn pic below


    1. Yeah, the black one now kinda looks like an average longsword, unlike the Elucidator which had a very unique hilt design. But what were you expecting, it was made out of
      a gigantic tree branch.


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