Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai 01-03: Rikka is Just too Damn Cute!

Reality, be rent!

Synapse, break!

Banishment… this world!

– mantra before initiating battle 

At first, I thought this was going to be a lovey-dovey anime because of the title. It may be in the end episodes, but in the first 3 episodes, it made me laugh and constantly rewind some scenes. There’s this one scene in episode 1 that I’ve rewind-ed over 30 times just because it’s just soo hilarious! Okay, I’m getting ahead of myself here.

Our story starts with a brief explanation of what chuunibyou or “eighth-grader syndrome” is. It’s basically that time during eighth grade where a person has a newly found sense of identity. Combine that with a wild imagination and you’ll get the kids that pretend to be warlocks and believe that they have magical powers. I also had a period during middle school, and it continued till my early second year in high school. Togashi Yuuta, our protagonist, was Dark Flame Master back in middle school, which made him look like a dork. As he starts his high school years, he decides to finally drop the whole Dark Flame Master stuff and live normally. On the night before school, a girl descends from the upper floor of his apartement via rope. This girl will be the main heroine throughout the series.

Yuuta’s first day of school and already he’s dealing with a weirdo — a cute one, that is.
Takanashi Rikka, currently the number 1 moe in my books this season, is an example of chuunibyou. This small girl believes that she has the Wicked Eye and that she is a level 7 warlock. She knows that Yuuta is the Dark Flame Master and “confesses” to him right during the first break. Their meeting then continues on to a series of laughable moments, starting from Yuuta torturing Rikka in the infirmary to him helping out Rikka sort her belongings. Oh, if you’ve watched Another and Haiyore! Nyaruko-san, try combining Misaki Mei and Nyaruko together. You’ll find a striking resemblance to Rikka.

Yuuta, who thought he could escape his chuunibyou days, at that very moment was dragged into Rikka’s world. Along with Rikka, Yuuta experienced a magical battle between Rikka and Rikka’s sister; met with Sanae Dekomori, who claims to be Rikka’s servant; formed the Far Eastern Magick Nap Society with Tsuyuri Kumin; and physically abused (in hilarious ways) Rikka. The crowd also gets rowdier when Nibutani Shinka, the hottest girl in class and Yuuta’s crush, decides to join the club. Now, Yuuta will have to deal with these weirdos if he wants a normal high school life…

This anime is all about fantasy. It has battles rivaling Sword Art Online and Madoka Magica in terms of epicness. Rikka as a level 7 warlock has an array of skills based on blood and darkness. Sanae uses the Mjollnir Hammer. Yuuta uses his Common Sense and is a party pooper. When they say the mantra, reality is rent and they’re sent to an alternate dimension to do battle. Through normal human eyes, they just look like idiots. This anime shows us that our imagination, though the best graphics card in existence, is made even better when we have chuunibyou.

Rikka, the Wicked Eye vs her sister. The battles rival those of any magic anime in terms of epicness.
I’d say that this is a generic moe-harem anime, meaning that after the crew’s set, it’ll be fans service and moe moments all the way. Of course, I’d ship Yuuta x Rikka. With the cute attitude and Yuuta constantly using her as a cutely-moaning punchbag, Takanashi Rikka is what makes this series really fun to watch. I hope it’ll stay this way, although I do want to see Yuuta developing a romantic relationship with Rikka. So, this season, watch Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai. Your reality shall be rent, the Synapse (perhaps a reference to Sora no Otoshimono?) will break, and this world shall be banished!

A certain romantic scene. Almost everyone in the class thinks Yuuta and Rikka go along together. Well, they do.

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