Sword Art Online 16-17: Fairy Dance with a Dash of NTR

Kirito’s finally back in the virtual world, and now, he just saved Lyfa’s fine ass from a group of Salamanders while being completely dressed like a newbie. Kirito’s not a BEATER anymore; he’s just a plain CHEATER with almost perfect stats carried from his previous SAO save. Now, like any damsel-in-distress scenario, Lyfa now has to pay Kirito back by offering a drink. Before that, Kirito has to take flying lessons from Lyfa first.

I promised myself that I’ll cover SAO right after the episode’s released, but damn schedule forced me to take Sunday classes, so I only had time to cover it today.

Lyfa takes Kirito to a Slyph town, which is dangerous because in any PK-based MMORPG, the moment you step into one’s territory is the moment you’ll be ganked to death. Since Kirito’s such a pro, they make it to the bar, leaving Lyfa’s previously dead friend, Recon, behind. Poor Recon… but you never had a place in Lyfa’s heart. Kirito then explains his intentions to go to the peak of the World Tree, only to be criticized by Lyfa. However, moved by Kirito’s determination, Lyfa offers her help tomorrow at 3PM. She then logs out, leaving Kirito behind. Then, we see Kirito and Yui in a bedroom together. No, he’s not gonna do it with his own daughter (though I’d be more pleased if he did). A sweet moment ensues as Yui crawls into his father’s bed.

Yui crawling in to Kirito’s bed. You know what SHOULD happen, but it doesn’t.
Moving on the World Tree. Titania (Asuna) is being held captive by the Fairy King Oberon (the bastard Sugou). For the die-hard Asuna fans, this’ll be a great time to launch those nukes on Sugou because this portion of the episode is basically soft netorare (NTR). Sugou, like any good villain, then reveals his master plan, something about using the former SAO players as test subjects. He then leaves Asuna, who cries out to a faraway Kirito.

Asuna as Titania, being held captive by the bastard Sugou. She’s useless in ALO.
I’m quite impressed by this ALO arc. Most of the scenes are what you’d expect from the novel (provided you’ve actually read Volumes 3-4). The plot is set up nicely, unlike the previous SAO, which had waaay too many plot holes and was fast-forwarded. ALO’s taking it easy; I guess the fan protest must’ve reached the developers. I’m sticking to SAO, not because it’s claimed as the current best anime, but because I just love a classic MMORPG anime.


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