BTOOOM! 01-04: It’s like Mirai Nikki, but with bombs

At first I though that this anime would be lame because of the title. But, again, I was fooled by the cover. This anime rocks! Now, the thing on my mind is: why are there so many MMO-based anime this season? I guess it’s because of SAO. Okay, if you’re not strong at heart, this anime will tear you up like Mirai Nikki, because the basics are the same: survival game. This anime will satisfy those psycho wannabes, so expect a lot of blood, mindfuck, and of course, BTOOOM!

Our story revolves around Ryouta Sakamoto, a young adult NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training). He lives off his parents and stays in his room playing the online game BTOOOM! Ranked as the fourth top player world-wide, Sakamoto shuns reality and embraces his internet persona. One day, Sakamoto wakes up tied up to a parachute dangling from a tree. He has no idea what happened to him. There’s a case of supplies and a weird bag beside him. He opens the bag and finds out 10 peculiar items. He takes one and realizes that he just activated a timer bomb. He throws it away, and it explodes on the beach.

Trying to find out what the hell he’s doing on a deserted island, he explores the beach and finds a certain person. He tries talking, but the dude throws a bomb right at Sakamoto. Well, a fight ensues, and the dude gets blown to kingdom come, resulting in a vomiting Sakamoto. He’s on a deserted island, he has bombs, and it looks like he has to play…

Our story then moves to Himiko, a Japanese girl with blonde hair, blue eyes and a nice rack. At the end of episode 1, Sakamoto and Himiko meet. She also has a back story. Himiko still feels guilty for letting her upperclassmen rape her friends, and she thinks that this “game” is her punishment. She teams up with 3 guys: 1 Rambo, 1 school teacher, and 1 fat otaku. They got along well, until they turned on each other. At the end, the otaku pig tried to rape Himiko. Himiko sets a timer as the pig feasted on her boobs, and the pig backs away. At the last second, Himiko threw the bomb, blowing the fat pig into pieces. She then becomes a bit andro-phobic and pledges to kill all men.

Himiko getting raped by a fat pig otaku. Gentlemen, you know what to do.
Now, back to Sakamoto. On his journey, he discovers some leads on why he’s on the island from a middle-aged man named Taira, who has an annoying Osaka accent. Taira decides to join Sakamoto. Taira then explains what happened on the plane. Apparently, they were transported to the island by plane. Sakamoto got amnesia because he was stun-gunned right in the head. Well, they’re here and they have to play the game. Sakamoto will need to kill at least 7 people before he can get off the island. So, get your bombs ready, cuz you’re on an island with a bunch of maniacs…

Taira and Sakamoto, working together. Or are they?
There are some pretty cool scenes in these episodes, but I really liked the one when Sakamoto reverted to his “killer mode” when facing the psycho brat, Kosuke.

Psycho brat, Kosuke. Bear with him, he’s had a harsh life.

Sakamoto in killer mode. Only achieved when he has lost a grip on his sanity.
The mature content of this anime reminds me of Mirai Nikki, except with more adults. Mirai Nikki was all about a middle-schooler and his future diary. There’s blood and gore, sexual content, and bad language. The mindfuck is also great. It makes you just wanna watch it till the end. However, I wouldn’t recommend this for the weak-hearted. Sakamoto’s character is developed quite well, but his naivete at the beginning sure is annoying. I’d like to see him become a badass psycho killer like Yuuki in Mirai Nikki near the end. Himiko is also a nice heroine. She has all the “perfect girl” physical attributes, and she’s decisive. There’s supposed to be romance between them, but I hope it doesn’t get mushy like SAO. The violence is what makes this anime great. So, get your bombs prepared and let them go BTOOOM!


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