Ixion Saga DT 01-04: It’s All about BALLS

The title’s cool. It has the word “Saga” in it, and the only movie with “Saga” that sucks is Twilight. But, when I watched the first episode, the “wow, this has to be cool shit” impression changed to “WTF is this?” Seriously, this anime is just so random. On the other hand, it’s a middle finger to those recently-popular MMORPG-based anime like SAO. It takes the elements of your typical MMORPG and explicitly shoves it in your face. Males pretending to be females online? Ixion Saga has it. Powerful spells that need casting time? Ixion Saga has it. A grand quest to save the world? Ixion Saga has it.

Our story starts with Kon, a lame teenager who one day got a request to meet up with a chick he met on an online game. Next thing you know, we see a carriage being chased by… tanks?! Great, now you know the madness has started. The people in the carriage get cornered and they engage in a sword fight. At the very critical moment, guess what happens? Kon falls from the sky, still on his chair, and flattens the commander in a single blow. All using a single office chair. Awesome. The pursuers retreat and all is well.

Kon then realizes that he just saved a princess, an 8 year old brat who’s going to the capital to get married. “Call the police! We gotta crime here!” Kon shouts. He then meets the princess’ bodyguards: Mariandel, a guy who looks like a chick (there, “males pretending to be females” element in MMORPGs explicitly revealed) and Sainglain, the greatsword muscle dude. The fun starts now.

Now you know how males on the Internet look
Ixion Saga gives you a taste of when games meet reality. Kon gets a pair of new boots as a reward for saving the Princess. The same boots are used to kick balls (yes, balls). This anime is all about balls and cracking nuts. Or that’s what the first four episodes are about. There’s always a reference to balls in these episodes and it’s always Erecpyle Dukakis (yeah, weird name) receiving the pain. Well, I’d say that the most epic one was “the Fullmetal Ball-chemist”.

Dragon Boots right in the sucker! Epic Ball Moment #1
Hammer straight to the balls! Epic ball moment #2
Lame kick to the balls… NOT an epic ball moment.
Balls, balls, balls….
Fullmetal…Fullmetal Ball-chemist… Because Alchemist is too mainstream
If you’re looking for plot, there’s a normal “complete-the-main-quest” story here. If you’re looking for action, there’s people battling tanks with swords and kicking balls. If you’re looking for romance, I doubt there’s none. If you’re looking for fun and an anime that’s not like SAO, here you go. You don’t need any brains to figure out this anime; just enjoy balls being kicked.


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