Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! 05: Of Rikka and Math

It turns out that not all Asians excel in math and Rikka falls into that category. I’ll warn you that the cuteness level of Rikka is over 9000 in this episode, so prepare those tissues (for nosebleeds, you sick perverts).

“Yuuta, I need your help~”

Our story starts with the revelation that Rikka failed her mid exams. A 2 out of 100 in Math sounds… just like me. The math teacher is worried that the activities of the Far East Magick Nap Society is interfering with Rikka’s studies, so the teacher issues an ultimatum. If Rikka can’t get above the class average on the finals, then say goodbye to the Chuunibyou Club. Thus, Rikka tries to conquer math.
Like any good girl, she goes to a temple and, using the power of the Wicked Eye, commands the gods to aid her in math, which clearly angered the gods. Then, we find out that Dekomori is a math genius, which adds more salt to Rikka’s wounds. Since she doesn’t want help from her servant, she tries to brown-nose Nana by volunteering to clean the pool. Swimsuits ahoy! But, they end up playing around. I pretty much like seeing Nibutani getting sprayed by a hose.

“KYAAAH!” Let’s just use our perverted imaginations for a while, shall we?
Out of time and options, Rikka and Togashi study together at Rikka’s place. Caution, cuteness levels rising from this point. Togashi finds out that Rikka is actually very lonely. He decided to give it his best to help Rikka keep the Chuunibyou club, as it was her only way of having friends. Yep, Togashi just set a flag for the Rikka route. They studied through the night…

Togashi, always ready to help a girl study Math at past midnight.

…and it’s the day of the test. Well, the laughable part was the “Rikka-diving-into-Math” sequence. The test is over and…

Banishment, this world! Welcome to the math vortex
Did Rikka pass? This should be self-explanatory.
In the end, Togashi gave Rikka a new “protocol code” or email address. They exchange email addresses and Rikka sends her first text to Togashi. Her smile is priceless…

Rikka, I now fully love you despite your chuunibyou.
I’d say that Chuunibyou is getting more and more romantic, considering that we’re almost halfway through the series. I’d really like to see Rikka and Togashi get together, because a Nibutani x Togashi pairing just sucks since Nibutani is now just an annoying “pretty cheerleader” bitch.



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