Sword Art Online 18-19: Brother Sister Quality Time

Remember how Suguha used to hate the virtual world for taking away Kazuto? Now, she’s living in it and making up for lost time with her beloved onii-chan (who is supposed to be her cousin; cousin-cest detected). Lyfa and Kirito are making their way to the World Tree, but they have to deal with another bastard and venture through the Lugdru Corridor. Oh, and we see more of the son-of-a-bitch Sugou trying to break Asuna. I just don’t get why Asuna has to be the target of lust. Why can’t it be Lizbet? She’s way hotter.

“Lyfa, why are you leaving the party? We don’t want a sausage fest and we need someone to fap to,” says Sigurd.
We start off in a Slyph town, where Lyfa and Kirito prepare for their journey by getting new equipment since Kirito’s still wearing noob equipment. He now gets a generic bastard sword and his cloak is still similar to his Blackwyrm Coat in the previous SAO (only a few modifications here and there). P.S. It’s the Blackwyrm Coat, not Coat of Midnight. Go read the novel. Before they start flying, they head to the top of a tower to gain altitude. Before they even reach the stairs, Lyfa’s party leader, Sigurd, confronts them and labels Lyfa a renegade. Great, better off being a mercenary than be the only girl in your party. At the top, we see a rejected Recon. He was a wimp anyway.

Great desktop wallpaper, if I do say so myself.
They fly and fly and fly. Boring. The scene skips to Asuna and Sugou in the cage. Yes, Asuna fans, hold your anger and missiles. He’s going down very shortly. On the other hand, NTR fans rejoice, though it’s just very soft-core NTR.

Meanwhile in the cage…
…while in a forest far, far away…
Now, we go back to Lyfa and Kirito. It’s still weird that they haven’t realized their real identities yet. Well, it is an MMORPG. They arrive at the Lugdru Corridor and we now go dungeon mode. They reach an underground neutral town in the middle of a lake, where they are ambushed by Salamanders. They use the classic tank-mage-healer formation, and Kirito’s an idiot because he doesn’t target the healers first. After failing to penetrate the tanks, he transforms into the Gleam Eyes, the former SAO boss monster. Oooh, look at the brutal virtual massacre.

AGI player trying to spar with tanks.
Kirito transforms into the Gleam Eyes, giving him the godlike One-Hit KO claws.
They survive and bribe a Salamander for information. Apparently, there’s something big going on and it involves foreign affairs. A few mushy scenes here and there, and then they’re off. I really love the bro-sis quality time here, but Suguha’s still going to her heart torn to pieces. Suguha, you are making up for lost time in the virtual world. Kazuto, you’re saving Asuna from a sick bastard. Lizbet, Silica, Egil, you three will need to wait till after Gun Gale Online.

“Take my hand, Lyfa,”




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