Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! 06-07: Rikka’s Backstory Start

I always wanted to know why Rikka had severe chuunibyou and now, we may get our answers. But, we have to see a filler first before summer vacation starts and it involves some romance on Isshiki’s side.

You soooo gay, Isshiki!
Remember in the early episodes, Isshiki was the person sitting behind Yuuta in class. He’s also the genius that started the “cute girls” poll. He was also the nerd who craved for love. Well, he finally got his first love letter and he didn’t know whether it was a sick joke or a real girl. Enter Yuuta, the pessimist, who tells Isshiki that the letter may be fake. They both go to Nibutani to ask for a girl’s opinion. That part is irrelevant to the major story unfolding here.

Then, the poll finally gets discovered by none other than Nibutani. The guys in the class are under heat and Isshiki takes the blame by shaving his head like a Buddhist monk. He thought a shaved head would be a girl-repellant, but it turns out that Tsuyuri is attracted to his shaved head. Thus, begins the background romance of these two normal people. Now, it’s summer vacation time and you know what that means. Swimsuits ahoy!

A virgin finally gets touched by a woman
Hand holding, the mark of a flag. Get her, Yuuta.
Yuuta and friends are asked by Rikka’s sister to join them at their grandparent’s house for the summer. However, Rikka seems a bit silent. Travel, travel, travel, and we’re at the beach. We see ALL the girls wearing their swimsuits. Hey, those who say that Rikka is a loli pettanko should now see the reality that Rikka HAS boobs, compared to Dekomori. Well, of course they’re not as big as Nibutani, but who cares about her?

Yes you perv. Stare at Nibutani’s perfect body and Tsuyuri’s smooth flesh.
See??! Rikka HAS boobs!
Nice tan, but Dekomori, that’s a sunburn.

Now, this is where everything starts to unfold. I wouldn’t like to spoil the story, but that’s my job here. Rikka was left by her father when she was a wee loli and ever since, she’s been living under pressure in her grandparent’s home. This explains Rikka’s loneliness and initial cause for chuunibyou; she just wanted to escape a cruel reality. Yuuta, I order you to be a man and trigger this flag! They both go for a midnight bike ride to Rikka’s former home, but…

Back then, Rikka was a cute loli who loved her family, until one day, her dad left…
At her former house…well, it’s sold now.

Cliffhanger ending, and we should see some more of Rikka’s backstory in the following episodes. In the mean time, I think I just spotted a Rikka dakkimakura, so I guess I’ll ask my anime guy to check it out for me. See ya!


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