Ixion Saga DT 05-07: Hyperactivity and Yes, More Balls!

I guess the main idea of Ixion Saga is the constant reference to balls and a middle finger to those MMO animes. It’s been seven episodes and most of them have been talking about balls. Well, whaddya expect? Kon’s a doutei (virgin in Japanese) and this anime is an eye-opener for those who spend their time playing online games. In these episodes, we explore Marian’s backstory, get a sense of the psycho princess, and again, more balls.

Kon is jealous of Marian, who’s a lot more popular than him.
Kon has always wondered why Marian chose to be a woman. Sanglain and the Princess decide to tell Kon what really happened. It turns out that Marian was once a warrior who was betrayed by his family. He escaped death and landed in the boonies and met a woman whom he fell in love with, but she died. Then, Marian decided to turn into a girl to take her place and continue her dreams. But, Kon gets trolled because it was all a bunch of baloney. Then, Marian says that “the first time doesn’t hurt”, which is a clear joke to Kon’s virginity. In the end, we don’t know who Marian actually is. This episode is basically a troll episode.

Kids, this is why we never get drunk with a neo-half
Then, we get more laughs. It’s that time of year when the Princess has her “period”. Sanglain and Marian work their asses off to prevent world destruction, because when the Princess has three ahoge (those small strands of hair that stand upward), then the world shall be destroyed. Of course, Kon doesn’t give a shit and criticizes the Princess for being a spoiled brat. Congrats genius, you made the second ahoge rise. During that time, a cult of some sort release a goblin-like creature to kill the Princess, but in the end, the killer activates the third ahoge, sending him running for dear life.

Kon getting his face ripped off by the Princess’ “3 ahoge of destruction” mode
Now, we meet Erecpyle Dukakis in his quest to restore his shattered balls. He visits a hot spring which is claimed to have restorative powers, but unfortunately, he meets Kon and challenges him to a battle buck-naked in the bath. He gets pwned again by Kon. Sad, sad, man. On Kon’s side, they are visiting the hot spring for a vacation and when Kon gets into the bath, he experiences an erection which he can’t get rid of. The second and third time he dips into the bath, his erection goes away but his body starts glowing for no reason. The party leaves in the middle of the night.

A hot spring… wait! LOL that fountain looks like a dick!
This is just hilarious
Why are you looking at Kon’s dick anyway?

Erec gets pwned. Again.
Well, there you have it. A random anime only for the laughter. I don’t think the story’s going to progress any time soon, but I only watch for the LOLs anyway.


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