The Online Games Captivated Me… Again

You may be wondering why I haven’t posted anything in a while. Truth be told, I regressed to my high school gamer self and spent my time on a new online game since last week. It’s called Heva Online, and I’m playing in the Indonesian server because I always experience lags when playing the international servers. It was so bad, I had to quit playing Phantasy Star Online 2, leaving my cute character at level 13.

IGN: Lizbet at level 26. Yes, you can dual-wield weapons here and that’s my pet.

Heva Online is a Korean MMORPG (damn, those Koreans are really serious about their gaming) and you can expect many recurring features. I’ve played so much Korean MMORPGs and most of them are basically the same. There’s ALWAYS a cliche main story, the cute characters, the absurd grind for exp, and of course the overpriced Item Mall/Cash Shop. Heva Online is no different. Combine Luna Online, Iris Online, and add a bit of Dragon Nest and voila! You get Heva Online.

Heva is reminiscent of Iris Online, which I got bored playing due to the tedious grind and imbalanced gameplay. Why I say Heva is similar to Iris  is mainly because of the stats mechanism. In Iris Online, no matter how high your DEF is, you can never receive zero damage (except by evasion). The same goes for Heva. High DEF doesn’t mean you can go to high level mobs, thus DEF is meaningless. This is what sucked about Iris, since I was playing a tank. My DEF didn’t work, and my ATK was not enough to cut butter. This is the main reason why I chose to become a Berserker and dish out the hurt in Heva. Compared to other Berserkers, I’m sturdier because I focus on HP besides ATK.

I say Heva is similar to Luna because of the insane number of mobs that quests require you to kill… and the miniscule exp rewards. I’m level 31 and the quests demand me to kill 100 mobs for a measly 20K exp while I need 1.3 million to level up. Better get the coffee and energy drinks ready. However, Heva is generous in exp, at least compared to Luna. Here comes the Jan-Ken-Pon system, or the Rock-Paper-Scissors system, which a mini-game allowing you to play Rock-Paper-Scissors with NPCs after finishing certain quests. If you thought getting 20K exp was a lousy reward, how about 32x the exp? That is, if you WIN. If you lose, you only get HALF of the initial exp, which would be 10K. Hope you’re lucky.

The only thing that saves you from boredom in Heva is the action-style controls. To attack, you just need to rape the X key on the keyboard. You can jump using the C key and the Z key changes your target. Easy as pie. But after a while, it really strains your fingers.

The features of Heva are similar to any MMORPG out there. You’ve got a Cash Shop, an Auction House, a Couple System, and PvP. Nothing out of the ordinary here. But, the key feature of Heva is the Clone, which is fancy term for “Pet”. The Clones in Heva are exact clones of mobs in the game world. To get a Clone, you’d need a Gene, which is randomly dropped by mobs. Once you get one, go to town and find the Clone Master. Buy a Scroll of Life and your Clone will live! Different Clones have different abilities, and even Boss mobs can become Clones! Your Clones can gain exp and assist you in battle. You can also Upgrade them by combining the same Clones together. So yeah, there’s a bit of Digimon Masters Online here too.

It’s not really a recommended game, but at least it helps me kill time. And if I get my character to a high enough level, I can easily sell her off for some cash, no biggie.


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