BTOOOM! 05-09: The Bombs are Flying and No Trust Anywhere



The first four episodes of BTOOOM! are mostly intros to the characters and Sakamoto‘s changing process from a naive wimp into a killer. The party still stays the same: Sakamoto, Himiko, and the old fart Taira. But now, the battles are getting intense and the island’s going into anarchy. We also get a little back story from a survivor.

[CMP]Fullscreen capture 1212012 80056 PM
“No.. I didn’t…”

Sakamoto’s encounter with Himiko was a bit… awkward, since he was trying to flip her skirt while she was unconscious. He tries to win Himiko’s trust and tries to add her to the party. After getting attacked by lizards during the night and spending a whole night on Sakamoto’s back, Himiko slowly opens up to Sakamoto. But, yes, she’s a chick, so we now have a kidnapping scenario.

I’ll now cover Himiko getting kidnapped by the Rambo guy, who’s the number 1 favorite. NTR fans rejoice…psyche! Himiko’s not gonna get raped since the Rambo guy’s a nice dude. Sakamoto faces him head-on in a dashing “damsel-in-distress” scenario and kills him with burning gas. They have a mushy moment and they realize that they are finally meeting in the real world. Yes, Sakamoto, the top player, and Himiko, his wife, finally meet each other. Who would’ve thought Himiko was a real girl? There’s some fans service here as we see Himiko’s naked back and a side shot of her (my hypothesis) C-cup boobs. Go on, fap, you Himiko fans. Sakamoto’s the one who still sleeps with her anyway.

[CMP]Fullscreen capture 1212012 80142 PM
“Dude, your breath smells like overdue shit” (not an actual quote)
[CMP]Fullscreen capture 1212012 80236 PM
Aww, prince in shining armor. In this case, a NEET with a really smelly shirt.
[CMP]Fullscreen capture 1212012 80430 PM
The man-on-man duel with a former mercenary vs a NEET. Epic battle.
Wait… what’s with Taira? Well, he’s hurt badly at the abandoned outpost. But who cares? Let’s go back to Sakamoto.

They wake up in the middle of the night because Himiko screamed. Turns out there’s a survivor on the island and she’s an androphobe. She tells Himiko her story and the story behind the survival game. Finally, some explanation, but it’s still not enough. They return to Taira, who got treated by a suspicious doctor. Taira’s not getting any screen time any time soon, I suppose. Learning from past experiences, Sakamoto arms himself, but he trusts the doctor and he joins the party. Good going, Einstein.

[CMP]Fullscreen capture 1212012 80454 PM
“So, let me tell you a story about this crappy island and this insane game… and you are not to trust men, for they are wolves who seek to ravish your flesh…” (again, not an actual quote)
Right on cue, a carrier flies by and drops 3 trunks of supplies. Sakamoto, Himiko, and Date rush to get a trunk… and the whole island’s after them. But, they only encounter a cool rocker guy… wait, he was the man Sakamoto met in the earlier episodes! I’ll just refer to him as Rocker guy because I don’t care what his real name is. A battle for food ensues and ends in a damn cliffhanger. How the hell did you survive those landmines, Sakamoto? On the other side, Date, the doctor, starts to gain Himiko’s distrust. We also see Himiko struggling against another psycho bitch.

[CMP]Fullscreen capture 1212012 80602 PM
A new opponent has appeared! Himiko vs. Psycho Bitch
[CMP]Fullscreen capture 1212012 80718 PM
But, I see you lost at life, NEET.
[CMP]Fullscreen capture 1212012 80656 PM
A new challenger appeared! Sakamoto vs. Rocker dude.

BTOOOM! is still one of the top anime in my list, next to Chuunibyou and Psycho-Pass. I just love the damned cliffhangers because it reminds me of Mirai Nikki. Anyhow, stay tuned to more BTOOOM!



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