Sword Art Online 20-22: Watch Out, We’re Going Downhill

The SAO hype is really getting out of hand here. Everywhere I go, I see Kirito, Kirito everywhere. There’s at least 1 Kirito at every event I go to. Worst part is, they DON’T even know crap about the light novel. It just gets on your nerves. Back on track, the SAO anime is turning into a cliched romance anime. I’ll wait till it ends to give my final verdict. Anyway, we’re back with the adventures of Lyfa and Kirito as they approach the World Tree. We also get to see Asuna attempting to do a prison break.

The dual-wielding swordsman from Aincrad returns! Remember how Lyfa got a message from Recon about a diplomatic talk sabotage conspiracy? Turns out Recon was right on the money. The Slyph and Cait Sith leaders were just about to talk when the Salamanders came crashing. Leading them was General Eugene, the wielder of the legendary sword Gram. By the way, the sword looks like Wylfred’s from Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the PlumeNow, the swords clashes. Kirito was cornered by the Gram’s special “Ethereal Shift” ability, but after setting a smokescreen and stealing Lyfa’s sword (lifting up Lyfa’s skirt in the process), General Eugene exploded in an orgasmic explosion, which I personally feel was too… unnecessary.

[CMP]Fullscreen capture 1222012 94642 PM
The speed is too damn high, making your face ugly! Fail animation.
[CMP]Fullscreen capture 1222012 94709 PM
Have you ever been hit by a sword so hard your face becomes distorted like shit?
[CMP]Fullscreen capture 1222012 94816 PM
After killing a Salamander, Kirito gets two new bitches.

Okay, next up we got Lyfa and Kirito in the city of Arun. Let’s just skip to Asuna, shall we?

Be prepared for more Asuna fans service. Seriously, she’s now just a sex object, no more than Inori. And I have more respect for Inori. So, Asuna tried to escape by hacking the lock. She discovers the evil plot by Sugou: using former SAO players who didn’t make it through the logout process when the game was cleared to conduct brain experiments. So, Sugou’s scientists come in. Yes, they’re slugs. Don’t ask me why; the light novel also portrayed them as disgusting slugs with tentacles. Oh, I guess you know where this is going then. Yep, there’s the second close-to-tentacle-rape in the series! Since she failed, Asuna was returned to her cage.

[CMP]Fullscreen capture 1222012 94834 PM
Fuck this shit, I’m busting outta here even though I know it ain’t possible!
[CMP]Fullscreen capture 1222012 95028 PM
Tentacle rape! Last one was Scilica’s 10-second struggle vs a plant.

Now, back to the brother and sister.

We see a heartbreaking moment in the real world when Kazuto introduced Asuna to Suguha in the hospital. Suguha still doesn’t know that Kirito is her brother. Now, in-game, when they approach the World Tree, Yui (yay, cute little Yui!) pops out and tells them, “Mama is up there!” Kirito goes berserk and tries to fly, only to be hit by an invisible barrier. LOL, he looks like a trapped fly! Seeing he can’t hack his way up, he accepts the Grand Quest.

[CMP]Fullscreen capture 1222012 95143 PM
[CMP]Fullscreen capture 1222012 95102 PM
Being a douche at its finest: introducing a girl who has a crush on you… to your girlfriend!

More fighting, this time versus overpowered mobs. Aww, he dead. Luckily, Lyfa comes in and takes his Eternal Flame and resurrects him. Then, the shocking revelation now comes…

[CMP]Fullscreen capture 1222012 95349 PM
Suguha’s crying. You two are alone in your house. She likes you. Dammit, just do her already!

Back in the real world, Suguha gets all emotional about how she betrayed her own feelings, yadda yadda, basic romance quarrel. Now, what will she do?

If you’re a sane person, you’ll see that this anime went from being “action-packed, nostalgic MMORPG-based” into a “slice of life and romance” anime. I expected more action, but the only scenes I get are only a few minutes of fast-paced action and hours of romantic rambling. The scene which really pissed me off was Suguha’s emotional moment in the real world. It was all… made up, too artificial, and almost like Twilight material. SAO is clearly going downhill, and I don’t know why I’m still watching it. The light novel was awesome as hell, but the anime… I’ll just say it’s “the Twilight Saga for Teenage Boys”. I don’t like the anime, but I still like the light novels. Accel World is way better than this.



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