Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! 08-09: Rikka Route Unlocked

Chuunibyou is really starting to get serious since it decided to reveal Rikka’s back story. Episode 8 focuses on the “childhood trauma which caused chuunibyou and setting the flag” while episode 9 is “that feeling when you unlock a girl’s route in a Visual Novel”. Caution: the amount of Rikka’s dere is too damn high! Also, starting from episode 8, the animators decided to use damned cliffhangers after the peak romantic events!

[CMP]Fullscreen capture 1232012 24702 PM
Reality, be rent! Break the Synapse! Banishment, this world!
[CMP]Fullscreen capture 1232012 24712 PM
Chuunibyou battles: still better than Sword Art Online battles.
From where we left off, Rikka was about to challenge her sister to a chuunibyou battle. Her sister kept on rambling about their past, asking questions to Rikka, and the usual guilt trip. Rikka obviously loses and retreats. Yuuta accompanies her home (not to the grandparents’ house; back to the city). Now, you’ve a teenage boy and a teenage girl who has chuunibyou together in the same house at night. You do the math and slightly round down your answer. Rikka now officially has feelings for Yuuta, but she doesn’t understand. Oh, the scene when Rikka wakes Yuuta up in the morning was the best. I watched it over and over for 30 times. You now know just how cute Rikka is.

[CMP]Fullscreen capture 11242012 81733 AM
Flag requirements #512: Have dinner together at the park. Check.
[CMP]Fullscreen capture 11242012 82029 AM
Flag requirement #658: Let her wear and sniff your old shirt. Check.
[CMP]Fullscreen capture 11242012 82413 AM
All flag requirements check. The results: profit.
Since Rikka doesn’t understand shit about love, she resorts to Nibutani. Since she’s the stuck-up “cheerleader” type, she always carries a teen magazine that has those love quizzes and romance tips. So, Rikka goes out of her way to try to convey her feelings to Yuuta. Combine chuunibyou and a love-struck Rikka and you’ll get a romance comedy riot! But it all ends happily, with Rikka ending up in Yuuta’s embrace. I guess the “Rikka descending from the above floor” scene is commonly used in this anime. Just when the moment was right… A WILD CLIFFHANGER appeared! I have to wait till next week to see what happens next….

[CMP]Fullscreen capture 1222012 85126 AM
Rikka calls Yuuta out on a night to “destroy the Dark Flame Master” but she ends up getting chopped.
[CMP]Fullscreen capture 1222012 85401 AM
LOL, check Yuuta in the background.
[CMP]Fullscreen capture 1222012 85429 AM
Girl talk time in the bathroom.
[CMP]Fullscreen capture 1222012 85734 AM
Chuunbyou Love Tip #1: Talk about your special chuunibyou traits, like the Wicked Eye.
[CMP]Fullscreen capture 1222012 85846 AM
Chuunibyou Love Tip #2: A kiss when your eyes meet is too mainstream. Try a headbutt instead.
[CMP]Fullscreen capture 1222012 90055 AM
Chuunibyou Love Tip #3: It’s always nice to confess in high places. When you get rejected, you can always throw yourself over the edge to end the humiliation.

[CMP]Fullscreen capture 1222012 90206 AM
Rikka slipped and fell, and the hero Yuuta comes to her rescue. Episode 1 anyone?
[CMP]Fullscreen capture 1222012 90213 AM
“Don’t worry, I got you…”
[CMP]Fullscreen capture 1222012 90335 AM
Chuunibyou Love Tip Extra: A spinning frog-eye view of a hug for mellow effect.

See? With Rikka now under the influence of love, this anime is getting serious. Even her Wicked Eye can’t function normally. Oh, besides Rikka, Isshiki also has his sights on Kumin. I hope those two get some coverage as well. See you next week!


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