Police in Japan: You’re Doing it Right (?)

I haven’t visited Sankaku Complex for a while, but the gods blessed me with a 2.1 MB/s internet connection this morning and I was feeling bored after studying for finals so I decided to visit. Nothing outta the ordinary, still ero figures and cosplay. But, I noticed several similar headlines, all of them with the word “schoolgirl“. I thought they were crime victims, but it turns out most of the news were ridiculous.

Here’s a somewhat serious case:

The latest wicked deviant to be the subject of a public safety advisory was found to have had the audacity to brazenly overtake a schoolgirl on her way home and then ride off.

The bicycle-riding suspect rode up behind, and then overtook, a middle schooler cycling home one night on the streets of Kyoto prefecture. He then rode off.

He is described as likely being in his thirties, 170cm tall and plump, and was riding a black bicycle.

The authorities advise that anyone on their way home at night ought to stick to bright and busy streets, lest they too fall victim to random overtaking by a complete stranger. Anyone seeing a suspicious person should report them to police.

Well, I can say, “Good job, Japanese police!” in this case. It just proves that Japan has a great public security system, compared to my country. Now, I continued browsing, and found this.

Here’s another one, this time quite ridiculous:

Police have issued a warning to the public after a man smiled at a schoolgirl.

Osaka police posted the following advisory of a suspicious person:

There was a case on 08:15, December 9th, where a little girl in Takatsuki City was walking to school when she walked past a man she did not know, who smiled slightly at her.

He is thought to be in thirties, and was wearing a black fleece, grey trousers, white laced sneakers and was carrying a blackish bag.

Be sure to carry your anti-crime buzzer!

Seriously? Hunting down a man who just happened to smile at a schoolgirl? He wasn’t even doing anything bad!

Here’s the most recent one posted on Sankaku:

The incident occurred in the Aichi prefecture city of Komaki, when a man approached a schoolgirl on her way home at 7PM and asked her “which way is the station?”

The man responsible is described as about 30, 165cm tall, of light build and sporting short black hair, narrowing the field considerably. He was riding a bicycle and wearing a black hooded sweatshirt at the time of the incident.

This is the most ridiculous one I’ve read so far. So, to sum up, a male cannot interact with a schoolgirl given any circumstance. Either stay away, or risk being arrested.

Let’s see what the two males in case 2 and 3 have in common:

  • They both are supposedly in their thirties.
  • They both wore black attributes — black fleece and bag and black sweatshirt.
  • They both approached a schoolgirl.

So, are the police doing a good job or not? Well, I’ll try to explain using two perspectives: as an otaku and as a normal law-abiding citizen. But before, my views are personal and since I don’t live in Japan, they may not be correct either.

Male Otaku Perspective

Anime portrays a lot of schoolgirls, to the point that some people develop schoolgirl fetishes. This is not unknown to the society; anime displays schoolgirls as being very attractive and sexy with their sailor/school uniforms. This makes a schoolgirl (in real-life society) prone to any sexual harassment attempts by creepy otaku. Who wouldn’t resist a schoolgirl? They’re in their prime, they’re (supposedly) virgin, and they’re hot (sometimes). And with the help of anime, their charm, or school uniform, just increases. No wonder society seeks to protect these maidens. However, as an otaku, I’d say this is going too far to the point of being extremely ridiculous. Just because I’m a male in his thirties and I’m approaching a schoolgirl, doesn’t mean I’m thinking about raping her. This is taking prejudice to the next level. At times like this, I really hope for a Sybil System (in the anime Psycho-Pass), so that people will know who are criminals and who are not. The police need to be set straight; not all males approaching schoolgirls are latent criminals. But for the mean time, if you’re a male in his thirties, approaching a schoolgirl is plain suicide.

Normal citizen perspective

I believe the police are doing what needs to be done. It’s not a safe place for women in this age, especially with the rise of ero-anime and the weird stuff that otakus enjoy. Schoolgirls are very prone to danger, especially sexual harassment, because they are portrayed by anime as fetishes. The police are just making sure that these creeps do not lurk about and endanger our females.

But then, it’s not fair to those honest men who have no dishonest intentions to be arrested just because they approached a schoolgirl. What if they were just very friendly people? What if they were really lost and didn’t know directions, and the only person around to ask directions was a schoolgirl? It just isn’t fair to generalize that all men are perverts and those who approach schoolgirls are automatically labeled as potential sex criminals. Maybe the police just act too fast and don’t take the time to actually interrogate the accused; instead, they just arrest him based on the report by the schoolgirls.

So, that’s my say on this. Although I know Sankaku Complex is sometimes just an instigator, it pays off to take some time off anime and see the weird side of Japan. What are your views on this issue? I’d like to know!


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