The Winter Season Anime is upon us!

Autumn has left us with a bunch of anime. Some were good, some were awesome, some were boring, and some were plain disappointing. But, since the New Year has passed, it’s time to welcome a new lineup of anime! Here’s what I’ll be watching this season, followed by a quick synopsis and some comments:

1. Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba sugiru (OreShura)

OreShura girls. I'll take Chiwa any time.
OreShura girls. I’ll take Chiwa any time.

Known in English as “My Girlfriend and Childhood Friend are Always at War”, this anime tells us about the life of Kidou Eita, an “anti-love” person who studies all the time. He doesn’t care about relationships and doesn’t give a crap about love, which leads to his fellow friends having an impression that he’s gay. He’s got a childhood friend,

Harusaki Chiwa (or known as “Chihuahua”), who is very energetic (loli alert) and her goal is to become popular. One day, Natsukawa Masuzu, the most popular beauty in school, confesses her love to Eita, turning his world upside down. Rumors have spread, and now, Chiwa also wants her chance with Eita. The war commences…

If you’ve seen the Special Pre-Air, there are also two more characters to be added to the fray. So, I guess this will be your generic harem romance comedy anime… so, well… we all know where this is going, huh? The first episode was kinda boring, though. Masuzu is your succubus character, and Chiwa is just plainly innocent (this, I like about her). There are already two episodes aired, and the second episode is just Masuzu bullying Chiwa, showing her true “evil succubus side”. But, I’d say this anime is worth watching for the comedy, unless you’ve watched too much already

2. Maoyuu Maou Yuusha (Maoyuu)

Keeping a diary would be much safer...
Keeping a diary would be much safer…

A hero. A demon lord. Stopping a war. All seem like your everyday RPG setting, right? WRONG! The Hero was supposed to slay the demon lord, but since she has boobies, he doesn’t…. Okay I’ll be serious now.

Humans and demons have always fought against each other in this world. Humans, wanting to end the war, send a hero to slay the demon lord. But once the hero gets inside the castle, he discovers that the demon lord is actually a…. girl?? She stops the hero from further violence and explains to him (with a lengthy exposition) that there is no black nor white to war, only gray. Social science students will get the picture. Anyway, the demon lord, called Maou, wants to see an alternate ending to this scenario and thus, she asks Yuusha, the hero, to join her in her quest to seek and create that alternate ending.

Outstanding is the only word to describe this anime.

Since Maou had large boobies and was horribly cute, I thought this was going to be a shallow, fans service anime. But, I stand corrected. Maou’s intelligence is displayed quite eloquently despite the lengthy exposition. What she says to you really paints the gray picture of war and its consequences. Its a lot like Spice x Wolf, but add a bit of romance since Maou can be so daring sometimes. A recommended watch for followers of the manga or those seeking a philosophical explanation or solutions to war.

3. Kotoura-san

Kotoura-san cast
Kotoura-san cast

Kotoura was born with a special power: she can read minds. But that doesn’t mean her life is perfect. On the contrary, her childhood was destroyed, her parents left her, she became a social outcast and is forced to live alone and transfer schools all the time, turning her into an emotionless husk of a human who has never felt love. But, it all changed when she m

et Manabe, an idiotic, perverted boy in her class who actually likes her powers. Finally, someone who accepts Kotoura, despite him having ecchi thought about her. Now, let’s see how far they make it through high school…

The first episode ended with me cursing because it felt waaaaay too short. We are given a whirlwind review of Kotoura’s life. It was sad, really sad. Just watch it. And when she meets Manabe and sees his perverted thoughts, you can’t resist laughing. I can’t wait to see more in episode 2!

4. Tamako Market

Kyoto Animation blesses us all with another cute anime, this time centering on Tamako, a daughter of a mochi maker. Tamako is your daily dose of moe (thank you KyoAni), who one day, stumbles upon a weird bird who calls himself Mochimazui (word-play: Mochi sucks) and claims that he is on a journey to find a bride for his master. This cocky excuse of an aristocrat latches himself onto Tamako’s head and starts entering her life…

Tamako (middle). Notice An, the girl on the left. Azusa's lost sister?
Tamako (middle). Notice An, the girl on the left of Tamako. Azusa’s lost sister?

The first episode did not show any clear plot; it was your normal intro episode. Since it’s KyoAni, I’m guessing that the plot will start to kick off a bit later in the series. Still, the characters are well-made (graphic-wise). But, I can’t shake the feeling that KyoAni is recycling K-On! characters and putting them in this anime…

5. Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT (Haganai NEXT)

Usual Neighbor's Club meeting in Haganai NEXT
Usual Neighbor’s Club meeting in Haganai NEXT

Please welcome the 2nd season of the Kodaka, Yozora, Sena, Yukimura, Rika, Kobato, and Maria “Neighbors Club”! Our comedy crew is ready to make you laugh silly! In Season 1, we were left with the possibility of a Yozora and Kodaka relationship. Season 2 starts with the usual “Yozora-bullying-Sena” moment, making Sena end up with a horrible haircut and her getting spanked by her dad. Then, Sena invites Kodaka over for a study session, and Kodaka finds out that Sena

has a creepy obsession for Yozora. Anyways… we are left with a scene of Sena masturbating to Yozora?

The randomness is back, which means more fun. I personally like seeing Sena get bullied, and the lolis Maria and Kobato serve more than a reason to watch this anime. So… with the power of Felicita, I command you to watch this!

6. Senran Kagura


Ninjas just got a lot more sexy with Senran Kagura! Please

welcome these maidens with over-sized boobies who study the art of ninjutsu in the secret realms of Hanzo Academy. Our protagonist is Asuka, a sophomore in Hanzo Academy. She just got back from her exam, which we see in the early minutes of episode 1. Se

riously…. those oppai…  anyway, she is welcomed by her fellow ninja friends, who, like her, have over-sized oppai. They get a mission from their sensei: get rid of delinquents. They proceed to track their targets, but a twist occurs. The delinquents became marionettes, controlled by another ninja. It looks like the seeds of conflict have been sowed…

I’ve never read the manga before, so I have no idea what’s going to happen next. I just happened to stumble upon this anime because my friend recommended it. I guess I’ll wait for further story before I decided whether to drop it or not. But… those oppai… so tempting….

7. GJ-bu (Good Job Club)

GJ-bu members
GJ-bu members

What the heck is a “Good Job Club” anyway? This series, adapted from the “first four-panel light novel, where all the chapters are only four pages and have illustrations”, tells us about the daily lives of Mao Amatsuka, the chibi club president who looks like Aisaka Taiga; Shion “Shii” Sumeragi, the smart genius who looks like Aika from Hayate no Gotoku!; Kirara Bernstein, the meat-loving high-school version of an Amazoness; Megumi Amatsuka, the pretty sophisticated lady who likes tea; and that guy with no name (or I didn’t catch it?). Similar to Acchi Kocchi, every story in this anime is around 5-7 minutes and is pretty random. Which is good, because it’s light and fun to watch.


2 thoughts on “The Winter Season Anime is upon us!

    1. hi there 🙂 glad you liked my post
      there’s a bit too much moe in this winter season though, unlike the autumn season (BTOOOM and Psycho-Pass), but hey, who can say no to cuteness?


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