Boku no Kanojo wa Cyborg [2008]: Human and Machine Love Story

I raided my friend’s external hard drive a couple of days back and copied most of his anime, games, and movies. I must have copied this movie by accident. I had nothing to do last Saturday, so I decided to watch Boku no Kanojo wa Cyborg also known as Cyborg She. It was released in 2008 and it’s a real movie, not an animated movie. I never regretted the two hours I spent in front of my laptop that day. This movie is just impressive!


Movie data

Original title: Boku no kanojo wa saibôgu / 僕の彼女はサイボグ

Released: 2008

Genre: Sci-fi, Comedy, Romance, Action

Origin: Japan

Director: Jae-Young Kwak

Main actors/actresses: Keisuke Koide (protagonist), Haruka Ayase (Cyborg), Risa Ai (Future Girl)


Keisuke Koide plays the role of Jiro, the protagonist of the movie. Jiro is a 20-year old lonely college student who meets a beautiful girl on his 20th birthday. The girl takes him out for a few hours of fun (real fun, not the ecchi stuff you may be thinking about). Once the hours pass, the girl disappears and Jiro is left alone again. On his 21st birthday, the girl turns up again, at the same restaurant Jiro met her last year. She saves Jiro from a drunk psychopath who opens fire in the restaurant. Little does Jiro know that his encounter with this girl would be the beginning of a series of life-changing events…

The Cyborg arrives in Terminator fashion, clad in blue lightning...
The Cyborg arrives in Terminator fashion, clad in blue lightning…

Synopsis (minor spoiler alert)

The main storyline spans over a 126 year period, starting from 2007 until 2133. This time jumps aren’t confusing, but it does get confusing when I try to write it down. The whole storyline finally connects at the ending, so you’ll need to watch till the very end. So, here’s a (somehow) chronological order of events:

Year 2007

Jiro meets Future Girl for the first time. Wait, wasn’t he supposed to meet Cyborg first? The reasons are explained in the ending of the movie.

Future Girl plays with Jiro in 2007
Future Girl plays with Jiro in 2007

Year 2008 (Cyborg timeline)

Jiro celebrates his 21st birthday. Cyborg meets up with Jiro and protects him from being gunned down by a sick psychopath. It turns out that Cyborg was sent back in time by Future Jiro to protect Jiro (Terminator, anyone?). The main part of the movie happens during this year. With the help of Cyborg, Jiro’s life changes into a bright and cheerful life. However, in 2008, Japan was struck by an earthquake. Jiro survives the earthquake, but Cyborg died trying to save Jiro.

Sweet, just sweet. I'll buy a cyborg girlfriend
Sweet, just sweet. I’ll buy a cyborg girlfriend
Cyborg saves Jiro from the earthquake
Cyborg saves Jiro from the earthquake

Circa Year 2070

Jiro becomes a scientist and finally succeeds in rebuilding Cyborg, while creating multiple copies at once. We see old Jiro silently pass away while looking out of the window…

Circa Year 2133

We see some high school students visiting a museum. Future Girl looks at an exhibit of Jiro and Cyborg, and feels that she looks just like Cyborg. Then, we arrive at an auction, where Cyborg is being auctioned. Future Girl wins Cyborg and transfers Cyborg’s memories into her. Future Girl is determined to re-live Cyborg’s life with Jiro in 2008. She then gets permission for time travel and arrives in Year 2007, right where we started.

Year 2008 (Future Girl timeline)

It turns out that Future Girl fell in love with Jiro. She returns to the past again in 2008, right during the earthquake and Cyborg’s death scene. She then “replaces” Cyborg’s role as Jiro’s girlfriend because she wanted to be with Jiro.

Future Girl arrives in 2008 right after Jiro digs up Cyborg's remains...
Future Girl arrives in 2008 right after Jiro digs up Cyborg’s remains…


I’m not a professional critic, but I know a good love story when I see one. I felt like I was watching a real-life romance + comedy anime. You’ve got a sub-standard guy as a protagonist, a superpowered but emotionless girl as his “girlfriend”, a perverted best buddy, and a lot of dramatic and romantic events. There were many charming moments in this movie, such as Jiro’s trip back in time to his home village and Cyborg’s daring rescue. There were also heartbreaking events such as Cyborg’s death and Jiro’s one-sided love. We also get the typical lovers quarrel involving a bimbo and a club. Though some of the romance dwells in cliched moments, Jiro and Cyborg’s chemistry make up for it. Also, we’re talking about a love story that surpasses the limits of time! A girl in the future coming back just to live with the man she loves. If that isn’t epic, what is?

LOL real-life panty shot!
LOL real-life panty shot!

The music was simply outstanding, especially the background music. At some points, I felt like I was watching a masterly-made visual novel. The BGM was heart-touching and warm. I just loved the insert song titled “Kizuna”.

The storyline is a bit complex and requires a bit of work to understand, but once you get it, you’ll feel that this love story is quite a strong one and definitely better than Twilight. What else can we expect from the director that brought us My Sassy Girl?

I’d recommend this as a great date movie, if only I had a girlfriend… but, even if you’re single, watch it. It’s worth your time, and you will NOT regret it.




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