Law of Ueki [2005]: Hilarious and Normal

So here I am reviewing old anime series I watched on Animax several years ago. I missed the time when shounen anime was real shounen anime, not the pussies we now know as Kuroko no Basuke. A time when men were men, not just fodder for the increasing fujoshi population, like the days of Slam Dunk!

Law of Ueki (known as Ueki no Housoku) tells us the story of young Kosuke Ueki, who has a steadfast sense of justice within him. Accompanying him on the rest of his journey is his raucous girl friend, Ai Mori. If these two were a manzai duet, Ueki would be the boke while Ai Mori would be the tsukkomi. As your typical fighting shounen genre, they’ll get more companions along the way. Ueki is a middle schooler fighting in a tournament orchestrated by a bunch of God Candidates who seek to be the next God. Talk about letting kids fighting your battles, you bunch of lazy adults. Whoever wins earns the right to a blank Talent. Basically, the blank Talent is a wildcard Talent, which can be anything the winner wants to be. You can have the talent to sing (I think Justin Bieber needs this), the talent to dominate the world (which is desperately needed by Kim Jong Un), or even the talent to cook. The God Candidate of the winner gets to become God. So, what we have here as a setting is an epic tournament between middle schoolers and their coaches to reach the top and win everything.

Plot (2/5)

The plot is pretty straightforward. Like any mainstream shounen anime that involves superpowers and fighting, the plot is pretty much predictable. It always starts with the main character beating up (or getting beaten up by) a bunch of low-level mobs just to introduce their power. It escalates slowly till the main character meets an equal rival and fights him, resulting in a draw. Then, the main character meets the villain for the first time. A fight ensues and the main character gets his ass handed to him. Then, the main character goes into a training montage like Rocky and gains new powers, which will defeat the villain, only to trigger the appearance of the real ultimate villain. I think you get the drill.

I have nothing much to say about the plot. It’s there, it’s not that good, and it’s very predictable. At least the anime ran for 51 episodes. It’s enough to lay out a timely plot.

Characters (3/5)

The characters… well, again, it’s a typical shounen fighting anime. Some look good, some look bad, while the rest are just WTF. The only reason I gave characters a 3 is because I like Ai Mori and Memory. Yes, they all have their specific backgrounds and powers. Why is it that they always show the stories before dying?

Ueki is your righteous hero, who always wins everyone over by his sense of justice. That’s pretty much it about Ueki, nothing unique at all. Ai Mori is a cheerleader. I’m amazed how she can survive in the tournament. Rinko Gerard is an “archer” type support unit. Sano is what Zero is to Megaman X. Hideyoshi is a monkey who was only useful in the ending. Robert Hayden is your typical “good guy turned bad” person, while Anon is just plain evil. And then you have a plethora of secondary characters who either turn good or get their asses kicked by Ueki.

Graphics and Artwork (3/5)

For a 2005 anime, the graphics are pretty standard. You’d expect the same quality from Naruto and Fairy Tail, though Fairy Tail’s designs did start to improve towards the end. Anyway, there’s nothing to be fascinated about when it comes to graphics. The characters don’t bleed; their clothes and faces only get dirtier. However, the Heavenly Weapons have quite nice graphics, especially the Ranma and Kurogane. But, that aside, there’s nothing else worth noticing.

Music (4/5)

If there’s one strong point about Law of Ueki, it’s the soundtrack. The background music was nice and all, but it gets repetitive and boring. The OPs and EDs, on the other hand, were great. I recommend all of the songs, and “True Blue” is on my top list.

Verdict (3.5/5)

I would only watch this if I’m bored and don’t have anything else to do. I do agree that most of this anime is hilarious, but then again… it’s pretty normal. There’s a lot of better old anime out there, like Clannad or even Dragon Ball.


3 thoughts on “Law of Ueki [2005]: Hilarious and Normal

  1. Lol for “Hideyoshi is a monkey who was only useful in the ending.” xD. Speaking of the bleeding stuff, you can find it more in the manga compared to the anime. The anime has a better art, though. Agree with you for the music!


    1. Thanks! Hope you enjoyed the review and the anime as much as I did! I read the manga too. Apparently, since the manga was for teens, they were allowed to show blood. The anime was for the general public though.


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