Long Absence


You might have noticed that the site hasn’t been updated since the Winter Season anime started. Well, I’ve got my reasons. First, I’ve been in a slump ever since I broke up with my girlfriend around four months ago. YES, I had a girlfriend. I’m not a creepy fat otaku who’s a shut-in and faps to his large collection of hentai. Well, that event took a large chunk of my HP away and I’ve only been able to get over it just recently. Also, the breakup gave me a reason to run to the anime world once more and I’ve been re-watching a bunch of old anime series and movies. Second, as the poor college student I am, I can’t afford adequate internet and my modem’s been acting up since two months ago. It only works in the morning (when I have classes), while at night (when I’m watching anime and itching to write reviews), it can’t upload/download shit. I’m writing this on a stolen modem and I hope the owner doesn’t find out. Oh yeah, there’s no good Wi-Fi around the dorms.

So… I guess I’ll be active again once I buy a new modem. I guess I’ll just do a whirlwind review of last season’s anime. Later. In the meantime, enjoy this pic.

Yeah, a seductive Rikka.
Yeah, a seductive Rikka. Feel free to caption it.

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