Shingeki no Kyojin 01-04: A Portrait of Pure Epicness

The Spring 2013 anime have been going on for about a month or so, so I declare that a half-review is in order. First up on my watching list is Shingeki no Kyojin or Attack on Titan. This anime gives us an exhilarating story and some nicely done characters. In fact, I regret downloading it in low quality. Now, I only accept 720p and 10bit releases on my hard drive.

Shingeki no Kyojin tells the tale of young Eren Jaeger, a hot-headed kid who lives with his parents and his childhood friend, Mikasa. Oh, before we go any further, let me just say that in this world, humanity lives behind gigantic walls that protect them  from the Titans. The walls have protected humanity for 100 years. So, Eren believes that humanity shouldn’t get complacent living like livestock. He admires the Recon Corps, a group of soldiers who venture outside the wall to study the Titans. Thus, Eren, being the hothead he is, tends to get into fights with other people who think that venturing outside the walls is heresy.

Then, that faithful day happens. The wall goes down, thanks to a monstrous Titan. The lesser Titans storm the city and devour any human they get their hands on. The people flee for dear life into the inner regions. Eren, however, witnesses a dire tragedy right before his own eyes…

Peek-a-boo, motherf**kers!
Peek-a-boo, motherf**kers!

Time leap to a few years later. Eren, along with Mikasa and Armin, enroll in the army. After completing basic training for 3 years, they start their jobs on the Wall. However, the fateful day finally comes again as the colossal Titan re-appears with a strike of lightning. The Wall suffers another hole and the Titans’ attack is imminent. Faced with his old nemesis, Eren takes up his sword…

[CMP]Fullscreen capture 542013 80743 PM
“Long time no see!”
That’s the story up to episode 4. I’m not going to go into many details, but I do have this to say: STOP READING THIS AND WATCH THE F***IN’ ANIME ALREADY. I’m serious. The art style is reminiscent to those old anime, this time, in HD. The story speaks for itself. The characters, well… they’re not that developed yet, but we can wait.




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