Random Rant: Damn You Wannabe Earth Savers!

I know this has nothing to do with anime or anime-related stuff, but this certain event just pissed me off so bad, it and the people involved in it deserved a spot in my hate list. But before I move on, since Indonesians can’t handle criticism and negative responses over the internet and the laws governing speech on the internet is ambiguous, I’m not gonna mention any names.

So today, 08.30 PM, I was minding my own business in my room. You know, just watching some anime… when all of a sudden, the power went off. I live in a crappy dormitory in a crappy city that experiences blackouts all the time, so I thought it was just a normal blackout. So, I came out of my room and the first thing I realized was… only the dormitory’s lights were out. The other buildings across the street were just fine. I got curious and barged into my neighbor’s room to ask questions. It turns out that there was an event, coordinated by the wannabe earth savers (let’s just call them that), something that was supposed to “increase awareness of the environment”. And to “increase our awareness”, they made a deal with the dorm staff to cut off the power for an hour.

I was pissed. I was in the middle of doing something that made me happy. And I was deprived of my right to enjoy my hobby. Why weren’t there any prior announcements? Of course, I asked my neighbor. He told me that the message was broadcasted through Blackberry Messenger (Indonesia is a LARGE BlackBerry market, Google it). I had a BlackBerry, but it’s busted. He also told me that there was someone who shouted it out during the afternoon with a megaphone across the dorm. I was out swimming at that time. FYI, the dorm isn’t just 1 large building. It covers a LOT of land. How the hell was I supposed to know? Why weren’t there any flyers or notices on the board?

Since my laptop was dead, I turned to my Galaxy Note and watched some Vocaloid videos. After 15 minutes, I got bored, so I decided to come to the event venue (well, technically, I was like 15-20 meters away). There were people singing and I think I just missed the flight of the lanterns. My girlfriend was there and we talked (mostly I was the one doing the talking; she just heard my rant). It seems I came just before the end of the show. The fireworks exploded, and people were cheering. How ironic, they tell us to care more about Mother Earth but they let loose fireworks. When the fireworks subsided, the crowd’s cheers raised in volume as the power came back on. They scattered back to their rooms, after wasting one hour just to see a random event that has no clear purpose.

What really pisses me off:

  • They decided to cut off the power without even thinking of other people. C’mon man, I know you want us to care about Earth, but cutting off our power without asking us whether we have homework for tomorrow… you’re just being a dick. I know you want people to come see your event, but please, there are other ways of advertising. You’re forcing people to come, because you know that there will be nothing to do indoors when the power is out. Have you ever given a second thought about a person who was writing a 10-page essay which is due tomorrow and lost ALL of his data just because of you cutting off our power for a stupid event? They didn’t even bother to socialize. What about the people that don’t have a BlackBerry? How are they supposed to know? They just assumed that the information would spread. Really, I have the right to enjoy my electricity because I paid for it, and you just come in and deliberately cut it off.
  • Their event had NOTHING to do with increasing environmental awareness. From the way I see it, it was a gathering of people and loud music. Basically, a party minus the booze. You wannabe earth savers want to save the planet? Use the money for planting trees, cleaning the rivers, rallying against dangerous industries, or anything that Greenpeace does.
  • They “forced” people to come. It’s a like a hostage situation: We’ve got your electricity. If you want it back, come to my event. You’re not earth savers, you’re just being major pains in the ass. I can live with Earth Hour because it’s endorsed by the international community and it doesn’t forcibly cut off our power. You, however, never gave me a choice; it’s either stay in the dark or come to our event to get your eardrums pierced.

These people need to learn to respect others before they even think about trying to save the planet. Yeah, I know an hour without electricity can help, but ONLY when it’s done on a massive scale. I guess the only reason the dormitory staff was in on this was because they saw it as a way to cut the electricity costs, even by a small amount. Damn cheapskates. I’ll close with a statement: just because you have ideals, doesn’t mean you can force them on others.



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