livetune Take Your Way is Pretty Good Listening

livetune Take Your Way cover
livetune Take Your Way cover

Sue me for torrenting music, but doesn’t everybody do that? One of the series this season that I’m following is Devil Survivor 2The Animation. Now, I’ve been a fan of livetune ever since I heard their Vocaloid songs. Perhaps the largest reason why I’m even watching Devil Survivor 2 is because of the nice OP by livetune.

The single titled “Take Your Way” has 5 songs in it:

  1. livetune adding Fukase (Sekai no Owari) – Take Your Way
  2. livetune – Ready for Calming
  3. livetune adding Rin Oikawa (from Q; indivi) – Each and All
  4. Take Your Way off-vocal
  5. Each and All off-vocal

The best song is, of course, “Take Your Way”. It would be the entire reason I bothered downloading the single in FLAC. “Ready for Calming” is a nice piano instrumental. As the title implies, it really does have a calming feeling to it. “Each and All” is a slow and mellow piece with a touch of livetune in the background.

What should be said about this single? Well, if you like livetune, go get it. If you’re one of those people who just have to download everything from nyaa, then get it. If you don’t like Devil Survivor 2: The Animation, then why bother?



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