World War Z [2013]: The Zombies go Global!


I saw the trailer for this, and I thought “Damn, I need to see this!” A global zombie apocalypse, a fresh idea. I was getting tired of zombies in America all the time. But the protagonist just HAD to be an American. Damn you Americans and your subtle culture invasions.


Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt), ex-UN officer, is a happy family guy living with her wife and two daughters. On a normal day, he and his family were out on the streets of Philadelphia. They were stuck in a traffic jam. There was unusual behavior about: helicopters, police… and the traffic didn’t seem to budge. Suddenly, an explosion happens and all hell breaks loose. Gerry’s family fled the scene and encountered the living dead. They escape the hands of the dead, and take shelter in an apartment. They get picked up by a helicopter in the morning and are transported to a US aircraft carrier.

Now, Gerry must travel around the globe, gathering clues and intel, to find a solution to the zombie problem. He starts in South Korea, then goes to Israel, and finally, England.

What I Say

This movie is awesome! It’s not everyday the world experiences a massive zombie apocalypse. The graphics and special effects were stunning and the story was just great.

What to like about the movie:

  • Awesome fast-paced story. It starts with a bang! and progressed quite quickly in the middle. I had my eyes glued to the screen.
  • The horror is great. My girlfriend was clinging on to me for almost half the movie.
  • The suspense is just too much. There’s too many false alarms and those zombies just appear and swarm you!
  • There’s an epic scene which I particularly liked. It was when Gerry was in Israel. Now, Israel had erected a large wall to protect them from the undead. Now, imagine the undead, piling up on one another, forming a massive heap… and finally able to enter the city. The wall had me thinking, “Damn, this is just like Shingeki no Kyojin!”

There are a couple of downers though:

  • The zombies were… not like zombies. They were more like beasts — savage beasts that jump around and can chase you down. Zombies can run, but they can’t run THAT fast. They also didn’t look a lot like zombies. I’d say that Prototype and I Am Legend have way better zombies than this movie.
  • The end really blew it. It was really anti-climactic and a bunch of cliches.
  • Most of the scenes are different from what I had read in the novel.


A recommended movie for zombie lovers and thrill seekers. Though the ending blows and some of the movie is very different from the novel, it’s still a good watch. Go with your girlfriend and she’ll cling on you, except if she’s a horror fan.


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