Valvrave the Liberator Final Review: Gimme the 2nd Season Now!

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Yeah, I’m in the middle of my exams but I’ve found some spare time to watch and write reviews. Here’s the final verdict for Valvrave the Liberator, enjoy!

TL;DR: It’s a great anime with a damn season cliffhanger.

Story and Plot (4/5)

Seriously, what’s the deal with teenagers being able to pilot giant mecha and establishing an independent state? Japan puts too much on the shoulders of these teens. Anyway, we’re back with a plot similar to Guilty Crown and any other school-battle themed anime made by Sunrise. You have a weak-willed protagonist who has godlike powers, an outspoken female sidekick, and there’s always that villain-turned-ally badass as the brains. What makes the story great is the fact that the enemies just never give up. They keep returning with more weapons, and this is what keeps the story going. Every episode seemed to flow and well, they just connected perfectly. I’m a big fan of politics, and the political content in this anime just makes you wanna laugh out loud if you get the subtle irony and satire.

The plot twists here and there really added to the value. My all-time favorite was when Haruto raped Rukino. And there I was, thinking that he would actually EAT her!

Though Valvrave has a good story, again, the school-battle theme is getting quite old, just saying. And that damn season cliffhanger. We’ll need to wait 3 months just to know what happens next.

Characters (5/5)

The characters are what make this anime shine. You’ve got Haruto, the once weak protagonist now a monumental bigshot with his tender side intact. You’ve got Shoko, the woman behind the man. And last but not least…. (cue fangirl screams, not that I am one)… the badass prodigy, L-Elf! Now, the side characters also have their own worth and are not left out too much. The Valvrave pilots have their moments, but sometimes, they’re just there so either Haruto or L-Elf can shine saving their asses. The snobby student body president also contributed some laughs, but I feel his pain. The anime makes it so that we viewers can actually care about these characters. Who’s the most despicable one? I’d say that ARUS representative. Typical politicians.

Graphics and Artwork (5/5)

It’s a Sunrise anime, so be ready for awesome graphics and art! The Valvrave mechas were beyond impeccable. The detail, the colors, everything was just perfect. The characters were also drawn out very nicely. And what’s the deal with pink explosions in space? Does that actually happen in real life? Needless to say, graphics is one of this anime’s strong points.

Music (4/5)

The OP was freaking awesome. You’ve got Nana Mizuki and T.M. Revolution doing a duet. But, even though it’s cool, at some times, the two just don’t mix well. There are two EDs, and the one sung by ELISA was the one I liked. The other one was like self-blame, I dunno. I didn’t like it that much.

Verdict (4.5/5)

It’s a great anime, it has awesome plot though marred by a cliche idea. It got me, who is not a mecha fan, addicted. Just resign as a human being and go watch it already. Cheers!


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