A Quick View of What I’m Watching this Season

The new Summer (is it?) lineup is already entering its second week of airtime! Here’s a whirlwind view of what I’m watching this season:


1. Danganronpa

This is the number one anime on my list! I never played the game (since I don’t have a PSP), but the first two episodes seemed very promising. Not to mention it’s a survival game/mystery type of anime, which means a heavy plot. It also incorporates elements from the Phoenix Wright games, like the evidence gathering and trials. I’d say it has a rather psychedelic aura, considering the somewhat disturbing graphics… Anyway, it’s a promising title can actually shake you.


2. Ro Kyu Bu! SS

Yeah, if you’ve read my About page, you would know why I’m watching this moeshit loli anime. If I were objective, the anime is horrible and has no story. But since I’ve fallen in love with Tomoka, I’ve decided to watch this anime. Besides the regular loli basketball team, there will be new additions to the cast as they finally meet their rival team which is…. all girls and all lolis (duh).


3. Gin no Saji or Silver Spoon

This is THE slice of life anime I’ve been looking for ever since I dropped Bakuman. It tells the story of a city boy, who is only good at studying, that enrolls in an agriculture tech school. He needs to learn how to adapt to the harsh life of being a farmer, where practical knowledge is what matters. He makes friends that will help him endure his school years. When I first saw this, I immediately thought about Harvest Moon. The first episode was very meaningful and best of all… this anime ACTUALLY teaches us something!


4. Kami-sama no Inai Nichiyoubi or The Sunday without God

This is a rather dark anime that involves a small girl in a (literally) Godforsaken world. God decided that humans can no longer reproduce or die. To properly “die”, a person must be buried by a Gravekeeper. Our protagonist is young Ai, who is a Gravekeeper. One day, she meets Humpnie Humbert, or the “Immortal” and her peaceful life gets radically turned upside down. Watch episode 2. How can you treat a cute kid like that!? I’m following this because: 1) there’s a loli, and 2) because the darkness of the plot intrigues me.


5. Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!

Jesus, that’s a mouthful! WataMote (the anime’s common short name) tells us the stories and misadventures of Kuroki, a shut-in who gets out of her way to become popular at school. She has zero social skills and relies solely on the Internet. I find this anime quite amusing and the jokes are really spot on. If you’re looking for a comedy this season, get this.


6. Hyperdimension Neptunia Neptune

This is one of those mainstream moeshit animes that dominate the majority today.  The name is quite a tip-off: it’s obviously a magical girl anime. It is an adaptation of a game, which clearly wants to exploit the cuteness of little girls. For god’s sake, there’s a slime fetish scene in episode 1!    I’m going to follow this for a few episodes. If it gets too fans service-y, I’ll drop it. I liked the catchy background music and the MMORPG references.

So that concludes this short list of anime I’m watching this season! Later!



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