Devil Survivor 2 Final Review: Typical Atlus

Devil Survivor 2 The Animation - OP - Large 01

Devil Survivor 2 is one of those cliche, happy-ending sorts that focuses heavily on the protagonist and the “power of friendship and trust”. It was brought to you by Atlus, so what did you expect?

TL;DR: If you’re one of those guys who just love a story of how friendship and righteousness beats all, this is for you.

Story and Plot (2/5)

It’s Atlus, so expect a reluctant hero, his sidekick, and a love interest in the same party. And don’t forget the obvious antagonists. The idea of Devil Survivor 2 is nothing new. Putting the fact that it is an adaptation of a game aside, there are many cliches in this anime. First of all, the whole world destruction thing in seven days. Then we have the reluctant hero, Kuze Hibiki, who, on his first try, summons an overpowered demon to defeat the devils that are attacking his friends. Then, he and his company gets abducted by a secret government agency that just happens to be prepared for a devil attack (there’s your money, taxpayers). Then the entire plot of how the world is going to be destroyed in seven days is revealed. It’s pretty boring. The end is also not worth mentioning. It’s a massive Deus Ex Machina, literally involving God. Meh.

Characters (1/5)

The characters are just there. The only ones involved in actually making the story progress are Yamato, Hibiki, and Alcor. The rest are just demon fodder. I feel kinda sad for Daichi; he had no role whatsoever until practically near the end, when he summoned Black Frost. Nitta also suffered the same fate as Daichi, although she had better demons than Daichi thus contributing more to the fight. When the characters all died, I didn’t feel a thing. I never cared about them anyway; the story doesn’t make me care. Hibiki was the one hogging the spotlight. In times of distress, who ya gonna call? Hibiki, with a big-ass tiger by his side. He also gets the superpower of the anime. That’s just not fair, and this is what makes the characters the worst part of the anime.

Graphics and Artwork (3/5)

Atlus makes good graphics in games. They shouldn’t be doing anime. The art was pretty moderate, though the details of the demons were impressive. The character designs are typical Atlus; they have either flashy outfits or are just too plain. I liked the special effects though, especially the magic circles and the GUI of the Nicaea website. Other than that, the art is pretty standard.

Music (4/5)

The music is what kept me watching this. I’ve memorized the first half of “Take Your Way”, the OP of the anime, and I’m always humming it. Of course, it was composed by kz(livetune), who has been one of my favorite music composers ever since I listened to Hatsune Miku’s “Tell Your World”. The ED was also nice. It gave me that “apocalyptic survival” feeling. OP and ED aside, the BGM was pretty standard.

Verdict (2/5)

It’s a pretty so-so anime. That’s just about it. I only liked it for the music and I got myself Hibiki’s signature rabbit hoodie. Only watch it if you’re a huge Atlus fan, otherwise, it’s not worth it.


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