Is Shingeki no Kyojin Losing It?

YAY, my exams are over! Welcome holidays! I can finally stay in my room and watch anime 24/7… damn I need a life. Anyway, here’s the half-review for Shingeki no Kyojin, the most phenomenal anime this season!

TL;DR: It’s still an epic anime, but it’s gradually losing its touch and is becoming boring.

I’ll start out with the main drawback of the anime: it’s getting VERY BORING.If you have followed the main storyline thus far, or have watched the useless episode 13.5 (which is a summary of episodes 1-13), you should have a clear understanding of the story… and realize that it’s getting way too slow. I mean, c’mon, must we wait a whole week just to know if Eren succeeded in moving a giant rock? This is just like Dragon Ball, when we had to wait 5 episodes to charge up a Spirit Ball. The story is really slowing down (not that it was moving at a fast pace in the beginning) and now, Eren has to go back to the basement at his old house. How long will that take? The animators here are really pulling our legs with this snail’s pace story development.

I’m not bashing the basic concept of the story though. I like the idea of humans trying to survive from monstrous abominations with only cannons and swords. But did they really have to add the whole ‘Eren can turn into a Titan’ bit?

The graphics and the sheer gore of the anime continues to amaze me, but it’s getting boring. Yeah, it’s cool to see a character getting devoured by giant, gross upsized humans, but what’s the point? They’re just killing character after character and expecting me to weep every time someone dies. Yeah, that would work… if I actually cared about them. If I don’t care, it’s just senseless killing. If you really wanna watch an anime where a death of a character could make you weep or laugh manically like the psychopath you are, try Mirai Nikki. I still like the graphics though, they’re pretty nice. But as the anime progresses, you can see various degradations in quality.

And now to the fandom of this anime. It’s just like the SAO hype, only much bigger and WAY more annoying. My Facebook news feed is filled with these kinds of images and they are reposted every damn hour by anyone on my friend’s list. People are just itching to cosplay as any of the characters. Slap the signature jacket on someone and they are immediately cosplaying as a generic foot soldier. Oh, did you hear about that convention where tens of people dressed up as soldiers and filled the area? And the annoying crossovers? And did I mention the very annoying shipping between Eren and Rivalle? It’s very annoying and these retarded fans just need to stop. To add more euphoria to the fandom, Shingeki no Kyojin live action has been announced. Ouch.

WTF is this shit?
WTF is this shit?
Crossovers. Crossovers everywhere!
Crossovers. Crossovers everywhere!
Shit just got serious for Titans...
Shit just got serious for Titans…

So, I guess I’m going to just continue watching this anime, but it’s at the very bottom of my list. If I’m going to watch a slow story, I’d rather collect all of the episodes first and then watch all of them in a single go. And no, Shingeki no Kyojin is NOT the best anime of the season. Suisei no Gargantia and Valvrave the Liberator are better candidates.



7 thoughts on “Is Shingeki no Kyojin Losing It?

  1. I’m likewise getting pretty fed up with this series, and am considering dropping it altogether. As you pointed out, the pacing has actually gotten worse rather than better, and the hype is becoming seriously annoying. It’s not as though the show doesn’t have any artistic merit or entertainment value to it, but in particular the heavy-handed approach with it’s scripting has been grating on my nerves for some time now (and it’s been pretty bad from day one to be honest) – there’s no subtlety there at all.


    1. I kinda agree with the hard-on approach; the protagonists were plunged into a sequence of immense danger and thrills on day 1 of the anime. It was a rather good way to start the anime, in my opinion. But, since it started off with a bang, the anime has had a hard time maintaining the bang.
      In Indonesia, the hype is very annoying. Especially with the emerging trend of internet meme comics. You can find 5-10 lame Kyojin meme comics uploaded in a day and these get shared by thousands of Indonesian fans. Some aren’t even funny; the memes are abused and downright annoying.

      Anyway, thanks for stopping by!


  2. The animation studio has to stall as much as they can, because the manga only has 40+ chapters and they’re only released on a monthly basis. That, however, is a business perspective. I agree with you about the flow slowing down, but at least it’s not as terrible as SAO which was awkwardly adapted from the LN. Shingeki no Kyojin resonates strongly with me compared to Gargantia (which I honestly would give a 7.5/10) or Valvrave (which is a 7/10 for me). I’m not criticising the shows, I know some people enjoy them more than I do as you do, it’s just my personal opinion 🙂

    Similarly, I think the hype train is annoying, but I strongly believe that they need all the media attention possible. Japanese animation is a relatively small industry that does not have heavyweight budgets unlike most western studios, they need as much publicity as they can get to reach a wider global market.

    Just my two cents. Nice blog btw! Hope I can carve mine into something like yours in the future 🙂


    1. Well, that provides one reason on how slow the series is becoming (I don’t read the manga). And yes, I do agree that SAO was a very awkward adaptation. The anime practically ruined the epicness that is SAO.

      Your comment has inspired me to do more research on the anime industry and how it works, thank you very much!


  3. I hope you read this, as I liked your article.

    Acually I used to like SNK very much, to the point I started reading the manga to know what would happen… then I discovered how awful things will get and how SLOW they will be sicne it took them way too many chapters to develop an action scene between flashbacks and dialogues, and I feel it’s starting to suffer the Bleach Symdrome: a lot of appealing characters with little-to-none importance to the plot are being integrated at an accelerated rate just to make the plot feel “fresh”.

    Also *SPOILERS*

    It has some of the most awfully played plot twists on the story of manga, basically Coossal titan and Armored Titan go with Eren and with all the calm of the world they say “Hey man we killed a lot of people years before but we like you so, let’s get away and be friends and whatever”… Really, I’m not even exagerating it, they basically take a walk while talking about that secret…


    Then they introduce the yuri relationship. When a manga artist feels the need to introduce yuri you know it’s time to close the manga since MOST OF TIMES it’s only for the sake of fanservice, not even to appeal the lesbic public, but to give a shipping to the fan artists and clients, pretty much like those lines fans take to make the scary fanart you posted above. They are just fueling the fires of the male fandom sicne one of the yuri characters is actually one of the most male-loved female characters and her Yuri fanart is leaning towards being overtly sexual. Basically they just made the yuri pairing for the fanart. As far as I know both characters were straight at the beggining, but just ONE dialogue line, ONE little dialogue line twisted it all between the fans and they gave em’ what they wanted, it’s not even a cute relationship, it’s creepy, sick and too selfish, basically the shy one is the slave doll of the rude one.

    from then the manga plot just gets wackier and thy ey take TOO MUCH to even reach significant plot points, on a manga recap you get more action than in the 10 chapters it took them to get to the important plot point.


    1. You sir, have good judgment. I enjoyed reading your comment. And I’m okay with the spoilers, because I don’t really care about the series anymore. I only watched the anime till episode 15 and thought “Well, that was a waste of time and HDD space”

      As you say, one of the most off-putting aspects is the “humans turn into Titans”. It’s ridiculous; I mean, they’re the enemy, why the hell would they want to TURN into them? And after that, the author basically makes the characters play house in a war setting. I would have cared more if the series had a grim ending, where the titans rule and humanity gets wiped out. That would’ve been a better story, like David and Goliath.

      Anyway, thanks for stopping by!


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