It’s Free!: K-On! for the Females

I’d like to direct your attention to one of the most controversial anime this season: FREE! This anime is responsible for instigating hundreds of flame wars on the Internet, mainly between the girls and boys. The boys claim that it’s gay. The girls (mostly fujos) rebut that it’s time for fan service for the girls! Okay, I’ll be as impartial as possible in discussing this because frankly, I’m getting tired of indulging the idiots on Facebook.

TL;DR: It’s supposed to be a nice anime by KyoAni, but perhaps a little too much on the body exposure?

When it was first announced, there mixed reactions from the otaku community. The fujos were apparently very willing to see five hot guys with abs in Speedos. The males (mostly perverts who watch moe fans service anime) started rustling, but it wasn’t that much. Then, we go to the actual airing of episode 1. Once the first episode was up, the war was on. You get a flame, you get a flame, everyone gets butthurt!

I can only judge an anime once I’ve seen 1 or 2 episodes, and here’s my impression. KyoAni’s trying to recreate K-On! but this time, it’s dudes. FREE! is supposed to be a slice-of-life, following the stories of a high school swim club. But we all know that KyoAni has already succumbed to the outrageous demand for fans service in anime. Look at Chuunibyou and any other KyoAni anime after K-On!. Only a few of KyoAni’s anime have that “lesson” that they’re trying to teach the viewers. The result is an obvious effort to attract the females of the anime community, by showcasing perfectly handsome guys in nothing but their Speedos.

Commie Subs was the first to troll people. This particular screenshot of the opening title made me laugh, while at the same time, this picture was responsible for instigating various wars on forums and Facebook. There are also fan arts depicting a gender-bend version of FREE! entitled PAID! which is getting annoying because the male perverts are begging KyoAni to “make this happen!”

LOL "Gay Swimming"
LOL “Gay Swimming”

Now, I’m not one to criticize fetishes of other people because I too have crazy fetishes of my own. But, let me share my own personal view.

What happened to the days when anime was not only about service and satisfying gross carnal desires? Anime used to be about action, adventure, sports, and friendship (you get the gist). But now, we have a majority of fans service anime and FREE! is one of them. I very much like the idea of the story because I used to be on my high school’s swim team. I was one of those guys who tried hard and hard but could never win any competition. Thus, I would love to see an anime about swimming. And also, the basketball and soccer niche is already saturated. The first minutes of the anime was pretty nice… until I got to the opening. I had to endure the overly exposed animated abs and those ambiguous scenes, like the scene in the bathtub. Holy crap, don’t you guys have boundaries? After 10 minutes, I stopped watching and cleaned myself with some real manly sports action, Slam Dunk. What went wrong?

What I thought went wrong was because the anime puts too much exposure on these perfectly handsome dudes. It’s like THEY are the center of the story; their relationships, their youthful problems, yeah that kind of stuff. Where’s the real essence of swimming as a sport? Where’s the burning passion to get to the nationals? Why are they fucking the sport, fucking the passion, and being fabulous in their Speedos?!

Now, let me move on to this piece of crap.

I'm not touching this piece of shit.
I’m not touching this piece of shit.

This just proves that the majority of anime fans want something to wank to, and how deplorable the quality of the fans are today. It’s always about boobs today. I’m not saying that I don’t like boobs (I’m straight as hell). but this is just… disgusting. And why are people begging KyoAni to “make this happen”? We all know what it’s going to be like: erotic squeals, girl-on-girl swimsuit action, and juggling boobs everywhere. I know it’s a joke, but it’s a disgusting joke, so please stop.

So, are you watching FREE!? Carry on then. I’m not watching it, period.


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