Monsters University [2013]: I’ve Waited 12 Years for This!


I watched Monsters Inc. back in 2000, when it first hit the big screen. I was a wee lad back then and I was fascinated by almost every Pixar movie I ever watched. When I knew that Monsters University was coming out, I felt a little part of my childhood rekindle. So, I just had to see this no matter what.


We start at the very beginnings of Mike Wazowski’s life, when he was back in school. Mike is just a small monster, he wasn’t scary. On a field trip to Monsters Inc., he met with a scarer that inspired him to pursue the arts of scaring. Thus, he studied and studied his ass off so he can finally enroll in Monsters University, the most prestigious school in the Monster universe. Here, he meets Sullivan (or just Sulley), who we all know is the same Sullivan from Monsters Inc. They start off as roommates, and they progress to becoming best buddies. They are both enrolled in the Scare Program.

Mike isn’t cut out for the Scare Program, but he insists that he is in fact scary. In front of the Dean, he vows to win in the Scare Games to prove his worth. If he and his team cannot win, they will be expelled from Monsters University. Now, it’s up to Sulley and Mike and their group of ragtag monsters to prove themselves in a series of scaring events.

What I Say

I’ll be very brief and say that nothing blew with this movie! Pixar never fails to deliver, even to me as a 20-year-old now! I really felt my childhood come back to me when I saw Mike, Sulley and Randall on the screen.

  • Obviously every single part of the movie is awesome.
  • I watched Monsters Inc. after watching this movie and I can finally relate to the characters after 12 years. I now know why Mike and Sulley are great friends, why Randall is a sourpuss, and how the two started working at Monsters Inc.
  • Here’s a fun fact: The original Monsters Inc. was released in 2001. Monsters University is showed in 2013, 12 years after. Most of the people who watched the original movie are now in college, which is why Pixar decided to focus on the university life of Mike and Sulley so that old viewers can feel a connection.
  • The movie describes all of the hoots of going to college. The frats, the professors, and the image of college as a prestigious place to be.


This is a must-watch for anyone who has watched Monsters Inc. when they were kids. There’s always a moral message in Pixar movies, and hey, it’s Pixar. You know how good these people are already.


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