Despicable Me 2 [2013]: Perhaps Overselling Minions?


This is probably the most anticipated and the movie with the largest hype (besides Pacific Rim, which I’m going to cover in another post) among its fans. Yeah, Gru is back and this time, he’s the good villain. Let’s get this over with.


After stealing the moon and kicking Vector’s sorry ass and returning the moon, Gru finally settles down with his three adopted children: Margo, Edith, and Agnes (she’s the CUTEST). There’s only one thing: Gru has no girlfriend, so how is he supposed to continue his life? Enter Lucy, the newbie agent in the Anti-Villains League (wow, so original) who clearly has a thing for Gru. Gru is recruited by the AVL to investigate a chemical heist. The crook seems to have hidden inside one of the most obvious places in the world: a friggin’ mall. It’s Gru and Lucy’s job to go undercover and thwart this evil mastermind’s plot. Along the way, Lucy takes Gru down a strange route filled with amorous hormones along with the rest of the children.

Wait… Something’s missing… oh yeah, the friggin’ MINIONS! It’s not Despicable Me without them! Trust me, there’s a lot of Minion comedy (some plain funny, some dark funny, and some are just WTF).

What I Say

Though there are a lot of positives in the movie, there are also a few negatives which made it suck compared to the first Despicable Me. Negatives first:

  • This show oversells the Minions, which is the main failing point. Though I do admit they contribute a lot to the comedy factor, the Minion jokes start to get boring at some part of the movie. I laughed out loud a lot in the theater, but I laughed even harder when watching the first Despicable Me. And really, the main idea of the show is the Minions. From a business perspective, this means more advertising for Minion merchandise on the racks of Toys-R-Us. They should have named the movie “Minions” because Gru’s story was just fuel to drive the Minion train.
  • There’s too many cliches. We’ve got the cheesy love story (stories, if you count Margo’s), the “damsel in distress” part near the end, and the typical stuff you see a lot in police/spy movies. But what did you expect from a kids movie?

Now to the positives:

  • The story is a no-brainer, which makes it perfect to watch as a side after a heavy action-packed movie. It also responds to the needs of my inner child (who I’ve spoiling lately).
  • Minion comedy is just the best. From crude, violent humor to implied jokes, Minion comedy is just too much for me. Those little yellow suckers just can’t be killed.


Overall, Despicable Me 2 is a pretty good watch. If you’re expecting logic, you’re in the wrong movie. This movie defies all common sense and slaps you in the face and tickles your funny bones with hundreds of yellow dorks who cover songs very poorly and are violently funny. It also offers a couple love stories as a bonus. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Despicable Me 2 [2013]: Perhaps Overselling Minions?

  1. I would have to disagree with you. I think the movie was an absolute success, not cliche at all. Everyone loves the minions, so they had to make them into main characters to please the audience – but Gru wasn’t overshadowed by them at all.


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