Nendoroid Review: Hasegawa Kobato #317

My Nendo family continues to expand! After Miku 2.0, Hasegawa Kobato, the sweet little sister from Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT, came in the mail. Now, on to the review! Inspired by skycells, I’ve written the complete un-boxing process.

Camera 360

The package arrived at around noon and when I brought it into my room, these three woke up and surrounded it. They were probably curious what was in the package. I had to censor out my address details (wouldn’t want anyone to find me in real life!). So, I told them to be patient while I took a cutter and started cutting the package open. Wait, how the heck did Miku 2.0 get up there?

Camera 360The package is open…. and there’s Kobato! Still protected behind a layer of bubble wrap. Oh, Original Miku fell over when she tried throwing the cardboard box away.

Camera 360This is the box for the Hasegawa Kobato Nendoroid. Good Smile Company made a new box design for Nendoroids after the 300th. It’s slightly larger than the older design, and it’s a lot more cuter! Hey Miku! Get off the box! Don’t you see Kobato’s evil grin? She’s plotting something!

Camera 360Miku just loves bubble wrap. After I told her off, she went and played in the bubble wrap. Now back to Kobato.

Camera 360

As you can see, Kobato comes with a moderate amount of accessories. The most noteworthy ones are the An-chan and her signature bunny plushies. There are no surprises in the box; unlike the Miku 2.0 that came with a playset background, Kobato only comes with a pale blue background. She comes with a variety of limbs; arms to do her signature chuunibyou pose, arms for hugging her plushies, and a set of legs so she can sit. She is now ready to leave her blister pack and breathe fresh air.

Camera 360
“Welcome to your new family!”

Her trademark pouting face is what made me buy her in the first place. It’s just sooo cute! Like the other 300-series Nendoroids, you don’t need to take off the entire head to change the face plate. You can just take away the front hair and you can easily change face plates. Here’s the first “official” photograph I took of Kobato.

It seems Miku 2.0 enjoys teasing Kobato

To Buy or Not to Buy?

It’s all about preference. If you liked Haganai NEXT and Kobato in particular, this Nendo’s not a bad buy. Since I don’t have a credit card, I bought this through a friend who has access to GSC Shop in Japan. It cost me 36 bucks (extra 2 bucks for domestic shipping). I, for one, chose to buy because I loved Kobato from the Haganai series. She’s probably gonna be the last Nendo I buy for a while though.



3 thoughts on “Nendoroid Review: Hasegawa Kobato #317

  1. Awesome review! Didn’t know they were keeping the box designs like that from now on, but I’m glad they made the change since as you said the box looks nicer 😀 I’ll get Kobato eventually to add to my Haganai collection. Right now, Snow Miku 2013 is on her way in the mail, can’t wait!!! 😀


    1. I thought the new box design was exclusive for Miku 2.0 since she’s the 300th nendo; I had no idea either. I wanted to get Snow Miku 2013, but then I thought I would have too many Mikus… so I went with Kobato 😀


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