Kill La Kill First Impression: This Anime is Senseless Fun!

Headline: Girl Gets Raped By School Uniform
Headline: Girl Gets Raped By School Uniform

Here’s another fresh anime from the Fall 2013(?) lineup, Kill La Kill! At first, I thought it was gonna be another mushy school battle anime, but the first episode made me roll over in laughter. Why? Because Kill La Kill is not your normal school battle; it’s the senseless, fuck-you-physics, messed up school battle anime that has been long forgotten since the days of Medaka Box.

In the first few minutes, we are already given a retro drawing style reminiscent of Gainax anime and a little background of the messed up school called Honnouji Academy. We start off with a little history lesson: the teacher’s explaining about the rise of the Nazis. And then, we get to know that the school is practically Nazi Germany in school form. Heck, the school looks like a fortress rather than a proper school. After the history lesson, a guy gets beat up by an oversized muscle man. While he gets beat shitless, we learn about the hierarchy system in the school and how engineering (or human nonsense) created the Goku uniform (this must be a reference to Dragon Ball). The battle graphics of this anime is really shounen-like, with dazzling action flashes, overpowered and exaggerated skills, and ridiculous weapons and superpowers (if a pair of gigantic scissors is a weapon, I don’t know what the other enemies have in store).

Yeah, that's totally legit.
Yeah, that’s totally legit. By the way, nice face.
Half of a pair of scissors make a good blade.
Half a pair of scissors makes a good blade.
The first thing you learn in boxing.
The first thing you learn in boxing.
That's also totally legit.
That’s also totally legit.

Our protagonist is Ryuko Matoi, a girl who reminds me of Black Rock Shooter. She’s on a vendetta, hunting down the person who killed her father. Her only clue is half of a gigantic pair of scissors. Her search takes her to Honnouji Academy, where she meets the Student Council President (who is the Hitler of the school), but she gets beat up by her lackeys. In search of strength, she revisits her dad’s house and discovers a school uniform that can talk. The uniform grants her power, and she is able to defeat one of the President’s lackeys. She’s now on to the President. Accompanying her in her quest for vengeance is the “normal control variable”, a hyperactive girl named Mako Mankanshoku (damn that’s a mouthful).

Yep, she's got her priorities straight.
Yep, she’s got her priorities straight.
Because glomping is too mainstream.
Because glomping is too mainstream.

I’m watching this because it can really make me laugh, especially with the ridiculous fighting scenes and the one-liners. It’s just pure action, pure nonsense, and a middle finger to the law of physics and rational thought. Also, it’s been a while since there’s been an anime like this. The last time I laughed so hard was when I watched Medaka Box and Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt. This is animation at it’s finest: logic-defying and hilarious.

Here’s an Easter Egg:

Did anyone notice the Hulk and Batman?
Did anyone notice the Hulk and Batman?

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