Just a Short Fic

This is just a short piece of fiction I cooked up in 5 minutes as a free-writing exercise. Enjoy!

You are at Starbucks, drinking a caramel macchiato. It has been a year since you broke up with the best girlfriend you’ve ever had. She had it all: the looks, the cuteness, and the skills to make the best sandwich you’ve ever had. But she’s gone now.

Across the cafe, you catch a glimpse of her drinking a vanilla latte with another man. She’s wearing a smile you’ve never seen before and laughs in a way you’ve never heard. ‘This man… He must mean a lot to her now. Why did she not laugh and smile like that while with me?’ Your mind starts seeping toxic thoughts, influencing your hormones. A surge of mixed emotions takes over you. You are angry. You are jealous. You want to cause them as much pain as possible. Reason starts leaving you. You hear a whisper, an ominous whisper, in your ear. “Just do it,” says the whisper.

You realize that you are holding the survival knife your dad gave you for your 21st birthday. Your hands grasp the handle, feeling the coldness of the steel. The metal resonances with your heart’s pain and your insanity takes over your nerve system. You approach them. Tears flowing, you curse them. You stab them, over and over. The Starbucks employee panics and calls the police. Too late, they are already drowning in their own blood.

As the police surround you, you smile a maniacal smile. You laugh the laugh of the devil. You raise your knife and immediately stab yourself in the gut. As you kneel in the puddle of your own blood, you breathe out your last words.

“See you in hell,”


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