The Story of a Reflection

Just another 5-minute free writing exercise to get my brain up and running after a day of DOTA 2.

It’s morning, I can tell. I see you pulling the blanket up to your neck.
I watch you wake up and yawn, a ray of light seeps in from the blinds and gives your face warmth.
You look at me. You smile. I smile back. I felt today was gonna be your good day and I’m happy for you.
You take a towel and leave me. Where did you go?
Minutes later, you come back. Maybe you should consider more ab crunches? You’re getting flabby.
You take out a shirt and a pair of pants. Gosh this is embarrassing, seeing you undress in front of me like that!
After a spray of cologne near the neck, you give me the largest grin ever. You look so happy today! I bet something nice is gonna happen.
Oh, you’re leaving me? Okay, I’ll be waiting here.
It’s dark. Why haven’t you come home yet? I’m getting worried.
A dazzle of light blinds me. Holy shit, what happened to you? You look so depressed! What happened to the ball of joy this morning?
I see your lips moving, but I can’t hear anything. What are you trying to say?
You slowly reach into your drawer. Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle. From underneath a pair of underwear, you hold in your hand a gun. What are you doing?
You hold the gun to your hand, finger on the trigger.
I still can’t understand what you’re saying!
It all went by very quick. Fresh blood dripping from the hole in your skull, your soulless bloodshot eyes, and those limp limbs. As your world faded to black, so did mine. Both of us, erased from existence.


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