A Break from Moe-shit Anime: A Bit of Non Non Biyori

At first, I thought Non Non Biyori was gonna be another typical moe anime with your typical fan service and nothing else than fan service. After I watched six episodes in one sitting, I realized I was wrong. It’s fair to say I haven’t enjoyed some anime warmth and laughter since Nichijou. Now, Nichijou is just plain twisted. Non Non Biyori on the other hand, has heartwarming moments and its fair share of tickling comedy. It’s not like the overly idiotic, physics-defying comedy like Kill la Kill, but it’s something fresh. Well, I was getting tired of the typical romance comedy or “girls being too kawaii to actually be funny or mean something”.

Yeah, they have a beach episode too. No surprises here.
Yeah, they have a beach episode too. No surprises here.

Let’s see…

Non Non Biyori tells the story of Hotaru, a fifth-grader who has the bang-able physique of a high-schooler, who moved from Tokyo into the boonies. That means she’s the transfer student. Please Japan, does the main character always have to be a transfer student? What’s so special about them?! Anyway, she discovers that the school in the country only has five students including herself, and they’re all in different grades! Wow why is that school still standing? So, Hotaru’s new life begins with her new friends, which we shall now refer to as the anime Non Non Biyori.

The development gap explained.
The development gap explained.

Yeah, it’s a moe-loli anime. Yes, I may suggest that creepy otaku may be fapping over this. There’s one thing that has me hooked on the anime, and I can assure you it’s not the loli… well, it may be the lolis… OKAY FINE! It’s the lolis. Loli aside though, this anime is a very light anime and can be processed without any real thinking. The overall ambiance is “warm, heartwarming, and just cute”. Yeah, I smiled every time I finished an episode. It’s kind of those “awwwww that’s so fucking cuutteee!” feelings, just like when you hold a Nendoroid three centimeters from your nose. I haven’t seen a major plot line yet, since it feels like every episode is well… episodic. There’s one story per episode, and the only thing linking them together is a consistent timeline. From spring, to summer, and perhaps we may see autumn and winter. Oh yeah, there’s minor girls’ love involved. Nothing that serious though, just saying if you’re one of those who don’t like girls’ love.

They even have a purely loli episode too.
They even have a purely loli episode too.

So, my recommendation? Grab a dose of Non Non Biyori when you feel there’s nothing cute in this fucked-up world anymore. I guarantee that one episode per week is gonna change that frown into a warm smile. Oh yeah, if the anime isn’t warm enough, the OP sung by nano.RIPE does the trick. It’s smooth, mellow, and… warm. Gosh I’ve been using that word a lot in this post.

This class has only 5 students and all of them are in different grades. A middle finger to the education system indeed.

7 thoughts on “A Break from Moe-shit Anime: A Bit of Non Non Biyori

  1. Yes, I think Non Non Biyori is on a different level of slice of life comedy genre. It combines a perfect comedy and heartwarming and even sad moments in the series. A very good pick for this season’s anime.


    1. It is indeed. Tired of seeing all of the slice-of-life anime that run on the same plot line over and over again. Non Non Biyori is, as you said, a nice combo of warmth, laughs, and tears.


  2. I was probably just as surprised as you were.about the series. I expected it to be about moe-blobs milking cows and falling in love with country boys or something. Turned out to be a breath of fresh air.


    1. Romance with country boys? That wouldn’t be fitting with the slice of life genre. There are a lot of “girls hanging out” anime, and almost none of them feature relationships with boys. Azumanga Daioh, Hidamari Sketch, Lucky Star, K-On, Kiniro Mosaic are the better known ones but there are a couple dozen more very similar series. The real fresh air in Non Non Biyori is the country setting. Other than that, it’s a stock template cute girls show.


  3. What i love about this anime? Simple, cute, weird.
    I can’t find a right answer how they can graduate! Maybe their teacher is super tutor.
    Seriously, Hotaru is grade 5 !?! Watch her boob turn me on.


    1. I guess the animators wanted to make clear the differences between “city-girl” appearance and “country-girl” appearance, that’s why they made Hotaru with big boobs.


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