Things to do When: You’re Bored on the Internet

Bored Oreki is bored.

Have you ever been bored on the Internet? That shouldn’t be possible; it’s a place for fun! But, if you are bored, then try out these things to kill your boredom. Most of these involve social media, so you may want to create a new account.

1. On any given anime fan-page (preferably an Indonesian one; there are a LOT right now), find a post which you think is suitable and post a comment saying (find the Indonesian equivalent) “that looks like a cool cartoon”. If the fan page is well-known enough and the fans dumb enough, you’ll expect an onslaught of hate comments commenting on what a terrible person you are and you should rot in Hell because you just said an anime is a cartoon.

2. Find a fanatically religious fan page or an article written by an Indonesian theology expert (preferably Indonesian too, because you won’t believe the amount of idiots on those pages). Just read the comments and you’ll be laughing your ass off.

3. Again with the fanatically religious fan page. Google something such as “Jewish conspiracy”, “Zionist”, “Illuminati”, crap like that. Indonesians love it when you post something related to Jews, Israel, and any conspiracy related with them. Post it on your fan page of choice. Sit back and wait for the silly comments.

4. Post your opinion arguing against a mainstream anime (like SAO) on a fan page/group dedicated towards it. A bunch of weeaboos will surely start taking the bait.

5. Find an interesting piece of news (religious/political content preferred, especially about prominent Indonesians) from a poorly moderated Indonesian “news” web site. Mind the quotes there, “news” refers to stupidly edited stories created for the sake of gathering support. Post it on whichever social media you find acceptable, preferably in a fan page or group, along with your arguments against the piece. Someone should take the bait, causing a massive chain reaction.

6. Write a critical piece about something, like a hobby (cosplay), religion, or Indonesia (like what Counterpunch does, but with less finesse)!  Make it as provocative as possible or it could be subtle, like what this dude does. Once you’re done, share it and wait for a night or two. If your blog views suddenly quadruple, you’ve hit the jackpot. You should be answering comments or just sit there laughing at the 90% stupid comments on your piece.

7. Get off the Internet and do something else.


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