Things to do When: You Have Nothing to Do at Events or Conventions

We’ve been to an anime convention or event at least once in our life. If you haven’t, stop calling yourself an otaku and return to your room so you can fap to hentai and admire your figures. Despite the highs of the convention, some of us still get bored. Here’s a list of suggestions so you counter boredom at a convention from the viewpoint of an event-goer (not seller, event organizer, or anyone else who has a reason to stay at the event and actually do something useful).

Assuming you are in costume:

1. Find a friend(s) and prank the other cosplayers, like this person here. If the “Puritan” class of cosplayers bash you afterwards for “not being in character”, then you’ve done a good job bringing them the middle finger.

2. Dance, dance, and dance! Dancing while in costume is plain hilarious; some costumes (like the FFF Inquisition from Baka to Test) add four times the LOL! Get some friends and find an open place and just shake that booty! People will start to gather and you won’t be bored anymore.

3. Assume center stage. There has to be a main stage somewhere in the area, and it’s sometimes unoccupied. Ask the event organizers first whether it’s okay to use it or not. If it’s a go, do that skit/role play/battle performance you’ve been planning for weeks and do an impromptu performance! Though it may suck, at least you’re doing something!

4. Get a camera and start taking photographs of those not in costume. It’s usually normal people who take photos of cosplayers. Not today! Today, you as a cosplayer will be the one taking photos of ordinary people!

5. Get a piece of cardboard and write “Free Hugs” or something like that. And walk around the area. You may meet someone too!

Assuming you are not in costume:

1. You’ve probably done all the things you wanted to do. Go to another event or go home.



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