Cosplay Realities That You Have to Accept

UPDATE (14 Jan 2013): Added Reality #4 and #5

It’s my third year in the cosplay hobby and I’m ready to finally take a break from the world of cosplay. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not quitting. I don’t hope people will actually care I’m taking a break because I’m not that famous a person in the Indonesian cosplay world. I don’t know many people, which helps because you don’t have to get involved into every little thing. For those who care, I’m taking a break because I’m getting older and it’s high time I got my bachelor’s degree. To do that, I’ll have to undergo an internship period, which will really take my precious free time away from me.

Anyway, this is perhaps my last post on cosplay before I fade into the shadows. And I thought, hey, I’ll go out with a bang! So, what to expect from this post? I will explain the realities of the cosplay world in harsh, right-in-your-face words. Some cosplayers know these realities, but sugar-coat them with sweet words. I’m not that type of guy.

If you think that I’m just another person whose ass is on fire (you read that as “butthurt” if you’re Indonesian), I am not. I’m just another guy with an opinion and since this is the Internet, you don’t have to hear my opinion. But for those who want to, please carry on.

You’re welcome to discuss in the comments section, but please do so in a civilized manner. I’m really tired of filtering my comments and I like my blog devoid of spam. On we go!

Reality #1: If you’re not pretty, you suck.

Remember the so-called “popular girls” clique in high school? The ones that trash the not-so-good-looking students in school? Yeah, cosplay’s a lot like that. Let me re-state it once more, this time in bold and italics: If you’re not pretty, you suck. Get the message? Good.

In cosplay, your face is what the people look at first. You can’t deny it. Unless you’re wearing armor or a costume that covers up your entire face, your face will the first thing people look at. It’s good if you have an Asian (not to be racist, but here I refer to the “Sino-sphere” Asians) complexion: white skin, slightly narrow eyes, etc. In fact, an Asian complexion is just perfect for cosplay. This is true when you are cosplaying as a character from Japan. A Caucasian (Americans, Europeans, basically “whites”) build is perfect for cosplaying as American comic book/game/animation characters, and so on.

But, if you have dark skin, large eyes or have too much weight — to be blunt, you’re ugly and fat — you need to do A LOT OF EXTRA WORK. And people sometimes just don’t appreciate your extra work. So, you’ve mastered the arts of makeup but you still can’t hide your dark skin? You just ruined a character. So you’ve tried going to the gym to lose that flab but you just can’t seem to lose it? Congrats, you just became the laughing stock of the Internet.

Take a look around the Internet. The famous cosplayers, just to name a few – Alodia, Reika, Kaname, Angie, and Denka – what do they have in common? They all have that perfect face, made even more perfect with the help of makeup, for cosplaying. And that’s what people look at. Have you ever heard someone comment “Ooh look, that guy, even though he’s ugly as fuck, he can play the character of Eren Jaeger perfectly?” I doubt so. The most I’ve ever heard is “Look, she’s soo fucking cute! She’s perfect as Inori!” even though the Inori in front of their eyes is posing like a slut (totally out of character).

So, you need to know that cosplay can sometimes be very superficial. It is not about actually being one with your character; it’s about how to look good in said character in front of people. And when you’re not pretty and you insist on cosplaying as a character, you will surely be bashed, flamed, and become a social pariah. For the last example in proving this point, have a look at the below photo. Focus on the Asuna.

What do you think happened to her? Did she get praise because she worked her ass off making the costume (which was pretty well done)? Or did people make snide comments about how she was not fit to cosplay as Asuna just because of her physique? You tell me.

I am not going to lie. I too, most of the time, look only at other people’s faces when they cosplay. I too, admit, that I would rather see cute faces cosplaying the female characters I like than ugly ones. But, I keep my remarks to myself and comment on the better aspects of the person, such as their costumes. I would praise them if they spent hours and lots of money on creating a costume. But that’s just me.

Reality #2: Your opinion will never matter unless you’re somebody.

The cosplay world is rife with heated arguments concerning whether a particular term should be used for something. Since there’s no such thing as a degree in Cosplay-ology, there is no standardized definition on what cosplay really is or how something should be done. Should “original cosplay” be allowed in competitions? What should be judged in a cosplay competition? What makes original characters “original”? That sort of crap. Since there is no one true way, people believe in what they choose to believe. It’s all hunky-dory when it’s kept to themselves. But it gets a lot more interesting when people start voicing out their opinions in public.

I am no stranger to Facebook arguments on definitions and issues. The thing is, people tend to disregard whatever you say unless you have a degree in Cosplay-ology from the International Cosplay Academy or you’re famous and renowned. Countless people speak out good points, only to be shot down (with very rude comments most of the time) from others just because they’re not “authorized” enough. Once the elites speak, everyone follows them like sheep, even though it’s no different than what other say. Which is why I choose not to participate in discussions; I choose to watch because they get funny real quick.

So, the point is, you should learn to hold your tongue (or fingers) before trying to share an opinion on a cosplay issue. Perhaps you should consider enrolling in the International Cosplay Academy and get a PhD in Cosplay-ology before your opinion is heard. Or you could do a fans service photo shoot and let it go viral, increasing your level as a cosplayer. Once you go international, cosplayers will bend over backwards just to hear from you.

Reality #3: People are perfectionists

When you cosplay, you are driven with passion to make yourself resemble the character you love. You want that wig styled just right. You want those little accessories on your costume to be perfect. And you make sure that your weapon (if any) is just like the thing you see on screen. But, things happen when 2D meets 3D. And people don’t care: they want to see 2D in the 3D world.

2D characters are, in a sense, perfect. Look at Cloud’s hair, not faltered by the mightiest of sword blows. He has what I call “Square Enix gel”, making his hair impervious to attacks and making it look cool to boot. What happens when someone tries to cosplay as Cloud without proper wig styling skills? People will unleash hell on him because he can’t maintain the perfect Cloud hairstyle. Now on to the lower parts (not “those”). The ideal anime character has a healthy body build, not too buff, not too skinny. Unless we’re talking American superheroes. If you want to cosplay as Cloud, you should have a rather buff build. That’s because he’s a warrior carrying a big-ass sword. But what if you’re just a teensy bit fat? Uh-oh, you should hit the gym and lose those pounds! No wonder people are so discouraged when it comes to cosplay: people put too high standards!

Or take any female character. They are depicted as angels of cuteness because of the “moe” storm. It’s a blessing a living human female has the cuteness and beauty of these 2D angels. But, we’re not all that lucky and we really like the character. So, we try as hard as we can to resemble the character. We have little control over our physique. Sometimes, you’re just a bit fat. And then you try cosplaying. And then you get hell rained down on you just because you cannot fulfill the expectations of the fans.

This is something you need to get used to when you get into cosplay. YOU know that it’s impossible to perfectly resemble an anime character. OTHER PEOPLE don’t know that. You’ll have a really hard time, especially if you’re ugly. You’ll need the patience of a saint to endure the hate comments on your Facebook and a will of steel to continue cosplaying.

Yeah, read that.

Reality #4: Cosplay is not for everyone

It’s just like how some study programs are for a select few and how some hobbies are attractive to a certain group of people. Cosplay is the same: you think it’s for everyone, but it’s actually not. This is why cosplay works for some and not for others.

I’m talking about knowing yourself. You know and you clearly realize that you are fat, dark-skinned, and ugly yet you still wish to cosplay as a glorious hunk like Squall (FF8) or a sexy angel like Stocking (PSG). Then, you get into costume. the you make an appearance at cons. When you get there, you feel broken because people speak in hushed voices. You walk past them, catching one sentence, “She looks so terrible in that!” Then you get all worked up, defending yourself, saying that you have every right to cosplay as your favorite character. Once you get home, you sulk in the corner of the room, ignoring the countless pings coming out of your laptop. The hate comments, telling you to go fuck a cactus for ruining a character.

You have two ways out, assuming you don’t want to alter your physique by means of plastic surgery.

You could embrace reality. Recognize your own limitations. You are clearly not suited for cosplay. You should find another hobby where you’ll be appreciated and enjoy a genuinely good time, perhaps sewing or online gaming.

Or you could continue, being the blockhead you are. You continue donning that Stocking costume and appearing at cons. You keep getting negative comments. But you decide you shrug them off, saying that “haters gonna hate”. You continue this vicious routine.

See my point? Unless you cosplaying terribly on purpose (perhaps you lost a bet, are a genuine troll, or just plain ignorant), you’re not doing yourself and the anime character you love justice. You need to realize your own limits and find something that matches you. If you’re pretty as fuck, you will look good cosplaying as almost any anime character. If you’re big, buff, and have a manly beard, you could try cosplaying as someone from Team Fortress 2 or Skyrim. If you’re small, petite and have average looks, you could try an anime character that is also petite. If you’re a fat or quite beefy girl, you could try Tamako from Silver Spoon or Sakura from Danganronpa. The point is: know yourself and find an anime character that suits you. If you can’t, you’re only doing yourself and other people more harm than good.

Or if all else fails, nobody can make fun of you when they can’t see your face. Choose a costume that covers your entire body.

Reality #5: Cosplay is expensive

Now, on to other matters. I’ve seen people complain because cosplay is expensive. Well, humans are the only living creatures who pay to live on this planet, so suck it. Cosplay is not a cheap hobby and it will never be. Props and costumes take a lot of effort and raw materials to create. Time is spent as well. Even though you create your own costumes, you still spend money and time. Since you’ve chosen this hobby, I think a major financial setback won’t creep the hell out of you? Weren’t you ready to cosplay as your beloved character by any means necessary?

It’s not just costumes. When you’re due for a competition, you’ll need to cough up some extra dough for making stage props. You’ll need tools to repair your costumes on the go. You’ll need money for transporting your buttload of props to the venue.

What about making you pretty? You will spend money on makeup. If you want to look pretty, you’ll buy the best, which clearly doesn’t come cheap. You will also need to learn how to do makeup, unless you have someone for that. Since your hair is unlikely to be pink, you’re gonna be spending money on wigs.

And what is the meaning of your costume if you don’t show it? Going to conventions costs money: tickets, food, and loot hunting (if you’re like me). Perhaps you’re not a fan of cons and enjoy private photoshoots? To compete with Reika’s photos on WorldCosplay, you’d need a team of pros and last time I checked, professional cameramen and photo equipment don’t come cheap.

But since you love this hobby, you clearly don’t have qualms about spending money on it, am I correct? Or did I creep you out and you’re now clinging on to that dollar bill? If cosplay is indeed your hobby, you shouldn’t be complaining about how expensive it is. If you feel it’s expensive, go find another hobby. Or get creative and cut the costs by any means you prefer.

So there you have it, the realities that you have to accept when in the cosplay world. You cannot turn a blind eye to these realities. They are real. No matter how hard you try to sugar-coat it, they shall remain real. You cannot deny it. Cosplaying is hard shit, hang in there!


154 thoughts on “Cosplay Realities That You Have to Accept”

  1. first, fuck all you elitist here.
    Second, Cosplay is for EVERYONE!
    Who the hell are you to judge others? You have no right. It’s bullying and its bullshit.
    I have many friends who are not only plus size but are beautiful and amazing cosplayers.
    I’m sorry you feel a deep need to bash others to make yourselves feel better.
    If you were truly part of this wonderful community you would love and embrace your fellow cosplayers, faults and all.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You got it on point though. People who act like that make cosplaying look like it’s some reality show starring the Kardashians (in other words, too much elitism). I don’t know if this article is meant to be a sarcastic take on cosplay community stereotypes but it’s already 2015 and we shouldn’t be enforcing discrimination in cosplay. You’re welcome.


    2. Nope Halloween is for everyone cosplay is for some. If you’re fat, portray a fat character or get the fuck out! Like seriously cosplay should be “what the character will look like if real” Look how that fat fuck ruined the beauty that is Asuna. Hell if you’re black (and in shape)You can do a black version of a character and I wouldn’t say boo. Like Asuna with long braids in her signature style I’ll welcome that as opposed to “I’m Asuna” Just be a version of Asuna if she was black. And now there are more and more dark skin characters blacks are fine, fats NEVER. Maybe Amethyst from Steven Universe but a smaller (lightly chubby girl not a fat fuck ) version of her would look so much better.

      Why can’t you ugly fat fucks just wait until halloween. Hell use October for multiple costume parties but please please please stop making a mockery of the art form. The Japanese hate American cosplayers…AND YOU FUCKING UGLY FAT ASSES ARE WHY!!!!!!!!


      1. Hi. I am a cosplayer and I was born with a condition known as PCOS. While I do not have the more serious symptoms of the condition I definitely have the one that causes the sufferer to gain excessive weight. For a woman with PCOS it is 10x as hard to lose the weight as the average person because of the hormone imbalances it causes. While I wouldn’t call myself fat I am definitely chubby because of my condition. However, I love to cosplay so before you go and shame people for what they like to do because of something like weight, remember that some people such as myself can’t control it as easy as you might. Thanks.


      2. In england, comic cons are more Happy and fun for cosplayers as everyone here respects one another. I am 10 stone and size 14, to me that is fat, However due to my spin arching and a specific hip condition, my stomach looks bigger than it really is. Some days I bloat out badly, other days I look thin. As a cosplayer, in this day and age, I have to starve myself to look like the “perfect Idol” But do you see fat shaming at comic cons in England? No because everyone is there to have fun and we have a loving community. Please don’t be so judgmental


    3. I dunno.. I kinda think hes just being true. You can say everyones beautiful and can do anything but the reality is you see it too. Its human nature to notice flaws and find them unappealing. And people are mean. They always will be. He’s just saying what we’ve already thought. Being bullied sucks! Its the worst, and shitty cosplays get all that negative stigma. Its just how it is. So… why not save yourself the trouble. It also doesn’t help that a lot of cosplayers get plastic surgery, setting the standard higher, but thats a different topic.

      Some actors like Johnny Depp can play all kinds of characters. Some will always play the same kind of character, and thats fine being thats what they’re good at. Its unrealistic and very noticible if someones been cast for the wrong role. Its the same thing in cosplay, some people aren’t suited for some cosplays.


  2. OMFG everyone is soooopo stupid!!! This article is about the REALITIES of cosplaying, NOT THE DEFINITION of cosplaying. Everyone fucking knows it’s for everyone, no matter you weight skin tone and all that but REALITY ISN’T LIKE THAT!!! As said before, if you’re fat cosplay as someone fat! Don’t cosplay as those slim moe girls from Love Live! If your black, either use make up or don’t even think of cosplaying as Chii! Read people, read! Truth and reality is different but bpth exist and applies in the cosplay world. All you ugly peoe are complaining cause this article rembered you or made you realize that you suck at cosplaying!


    1. I call your comment and this entire article complete bullshit. People like you and the writer of this article want to enforce the discriminating image of cosplay which shouldn’t be and people like you and the writer of this article are one of the reasons why some cosplayers end up being either objectified or ostracized – now that is the reality. Being objectified or ostracized for your cosplay is no laughing matter. Sadly, cosplay is now for everyone and not just for elitists. You have to accept that reality too.


      1. They’re not discriminating. They’re calling out the realities of cosplay.

        And I might have to agree with them. Especially with Asian cons and cosplayers – they have very different standards and completely different mindsets unlike Western cosplay where you can just ‘put on a costume and have fun!’ It’s horrible, but like he said, it’s the harsh truth.


      2. By agreeing with them, I mean OP not ‘COSPLAYER’.
        @COSPLAYER: Sorry but just because it’s reality, doesn’t mean it’s right. That type of ACTUAL elitist attitude is disgusting. I was only pointing out that these elitist standards do exist still in the community , especially in Asia, but acknowledging the problem isn’t the same as acting like the problem.


    2. I agree with everything. Or if you are going to cosplay a character not suited for you then be creative with it and change it to suit you. Original cosplays are awesome. Steampunk and genderbents are sooo in. I’ve seen some darker skinned people pull off a white as fuck character by changing it all up, and it looks pretty rad


  3. This is a great article but unfortunately it’s getting multiple negative responses. I think most of the negative comments came from people who can’t read the title of the article. Stop it with those “cosplay is supposed to be for everyone” or “cosplay is supposed to be for fun” cause it is. But truth is, you can cosplay and go to a con with that peace of mindset, then take pictures and upload them. After that, you’ll see all the negative comments rained down on you. This article acts like a warning. The writer isn’t stopping you from cosplaying, just warning you of what might happen with “straight in your face”. If the writer wrote instead about how “every fat, black and ugly people can cosplay as any character you love”, they’ll do so and end up being hated by people. I appreciate everyone else that understood the point of this article. I’m also from Indonesia btw. Realize your limits and cosplay as a character that is physically similar to you. If you don’t wan’t to, fine! But don’t get all upset and angry when what’s written in this article happened to you.


    1. LOL. But reality is that viewpoints like what the article is showing encourages people to only objectify or ostracize cosplayers. Plus, it’s already 2015 (as of the writing of this comment), we’ve gone far from the days when cosplay is only accessible to a few people so you have to embrace the reality that people will cosplay characters even if it won’t suit their body type etc.

      Nothing is really absolute in this world and that includes the standards of cosplay.


    2. I have a fairly solid body shape, I have been to many many many many many cons, and I have not once received any of this kind hate this dumb ass has posted about. And even if someone is saying shit behind my back, who fucking cares what other people think? Like really, you’re going to see this person for like what, 1-5 hours at a con, and then you are never going to see them ever again. Who gives a rats ass what they think? If they don’t like it they can stick it up their ass. This person clearly has no commonsense,decency, or respect for anyone. Like, not only is calling people fat and ugly just plain fucking rude regardless of the context that you’re saying it in, but if someone with eating disorders or some form of mental disorder like deression or anxiety, the after affects would be a fucking hell of a lot worse than just ‘looking stupid at a con’. I don’t know what kind of cons you’ve been to, but I suggest you stop going because that’s just plain fucked up.


      1. Are you from the West? Yeah, that’s probably why.
        Asian cosplayers tend to get more shit due to having a stricter ‘standard’ of beauty. It’s hard to explain but I suppose the ‘Beauty on the inside’ or ‘Unique beauty’ Isn’t established as much. (It is of course, but maybe not as enforced?) And people are typically not afraid to hate on someone who they think is ugly. There’s a big culture difference between Asian and Western cosplaying.


  4. I am a male of average build and if I want to cosplay someone like Miku Hatsune, then I fucking will. Why? because I can. I don’t care what you say cosplay is fun, for everyone and is amazing. If I’m ever fat I’m going to cosplay whoever I want. Hell I’ll cosplay as Negima a fat Negima.


  5. Cosplay as whatever the fuck you want!! If you feel good on it go for it! That is what cosplay is all about… and if people make fun of you, well then you are going to the wrong conventions. This article is horrible and elitist. Not everyone has to follow your standard of “beauty”. Nobody is ruining any characters by dressing up as them and not looking exactly like them.


  6. Wow… did I really just waist my time reading this pathetic piece of shit? That was like 7 minutes of my life that I am never going to get back. Thank fuck you stopped cosplaying. Maybe that way you can stop ruining it for everyone else. And the way you’ve written this, it doesn’t sound like you’re telling people what people think of them when they cosplay if they don’t me to particular standard. It sounds more like this is the kind of criticism that YOU have received, and now you are in forcing it on others to try and bring people down lower than you and make yourself feel better. To anyone who reads this comment, this person is apparently hatful with a low self asteam. Don’t take this kinda shit seriously, it’s just someone that sewed their ass shut so now all of the shit is coming out of there mouth instead. Please don’t write shit ever again… like seriously, don’t humiliate yourself any more than you already have…


  7. I don’t understand your opinion about big eyes. People who love anime envy and praise people with big eyes. I haven’t worn color contacts or mascara yet and at every single convention people will compliment my eyes, stare at them, etc. How come the cosplayers you mention all make their eyes look as big as possible with makeup? I’m not denying that people who think like you don’t exist, it’s just not my reality.


  8. I noticed you mentioned Indonesia so I will assume you’re also Asian.

    You might want to mention how different Asian cosplaying is, especially about their more judgemental mindset about cosplay, in comparison to Western cosplaying.
    A lot of people here from the West are probably commenting with the thought of ‘Cosplaying is for everyone, as long as you’re having fun!’ and are confused with your points of Realities. Yes, in the West they are very open to the idea that people should just go in and cosplay as whoever they want because cosplay is meant to be something for fun. It just isn’t much so in Asia. Of course there are people who still do do it for fun, but they also get more hate like the one you mentioned in the article.
    I’m not saying we should accept these facts and be done with it. Asian cosplayers need to be a little less elitist about Cosplaying.


  9. Cosplay really turned into shit over the last 15 years. Insult to the chracter and peoples eyes… well you guys are an insult to the human intellect.


  10. i do get the point that this is about those who are dark or fat just do not look good in cosplaying certin characters and i get that your not sugar coding anything so i won’t sugar code anything for you how would you feel if you were called fat or to dark also your making sound as if black people are ugly


  11. Reality is ugly, so just beat it people. But if you really want to cosplay and you were born with dark skin + large size, you need to work on your weigh, I believe there are black skinned characters that would suit you better. Afterall, keep up the good work, dude!


  12. I agree with you.

    There are people who insist there is no “bad cosplay”, that everyone is beautiful and that people should stop being judgemental pricks.

    As your article has point out, this is far from true. People will judge your cosplay and are quick to point out the flaws. There is no denying the fact that there are fat and ugly people in the world, this is the undeniable cold harsh reality.

    I guess it’s safe to say that the people who complain about the fans who seemingly “suck up” to beautiful cosplays and constantly insult them for doing so, are delusional.


  13. as harsh as it may be, I agree that this article is true.

    I’m not one of those experienced cosplayers who already had hundreds of photobooks out there, fucking no. I’m a newbie that only have one costume for now, I’m not too slim, and my make up skill sucks. but I know, this article serves as a warning to us.

    you can’t just put on a random moe-moe kawaii girl costume when you still have those belly flops. you can’t cosplay as tsukino usagi when you’re a weeb guy with beards and had severe obese, just because she’s your favorite character. (reference to the poor guy above ^^^)

    that doesn’t really matter if you’re confident or doesn’t give a fuck for whatever other people told you, but if you’re a newbie, shit awaits you. there will be endless cruel messages on your photos, negative comments will fill your instagram, or worst of all, your photos could become a laughing stock memes (again, reference to the poor guy above ^^^)

    that doesn’t mean that if you’re fat or ugly, you aren’t allowed to cosplay. you can do whatever you want, but you must take the risk.


  14. I agree with all the realities EXCEPT reality #4.

    I think you’re being just a judgemental fucking prick who had way too many bitter feels in this world and decided to just unleash it all. Fucking sorry but I’m fucking glad you’re not cosplaying anymore because to be honest I think you have way too many fill of it that your opinion is a bit twisted and you’re just a bitter fuck. Enjoy your fucking life cuz i bet you’re not good looking fuck of a cosplayer anyway.


  15. I totally agree with this article. I have cosplayed once, but I realized it’s not that good. If you want your cosplay to be great, you should work hard on it and pick a character that suits you.
    Yes, I know that reality is a harsh thing, but there’s nothing to do but to accept it. You can do what you want, but be aware of the criticism you get. It might improve you. 🙂 (I’m not talking to the one who made the article, but to THOSE people. They know who they are.)

    Doea anyone know the word “suitable” or “fitting”?


  16. Like I was constantly going to hospital because I was dieting for having a good body that I’ll never get…thank you reality and hope the sun would expand sooner and burn the earth into hell bitch!


    1. Please don’t just decide that you can’t cosplay your favorite character and then you wanted to die. That’s just so wrong.

      You CAN cosplay your fav character, and you can just brush off the rude comments and continue to cosplay.


    2. Don’t listen to this jerk. Whoever he/she may be, they NEED TO CHILL OUT. Also, anyone who criticises fat and black cosplayers, while I understand what you’re saying, please, be decent human beings and SHUT THE HELL UP. Have a good day, asshole.


  17. Hello,

    I would like to say something rather important to you.


    Fuck off.

    You’re extremely rude, and you need to stop shaming people for who they are. ANYONE can cosplay. It doesn’t matter who you are. You can be chubby and dark skinned or skinny and pale. It doesn’t matter. You don’t need to be busty to play a character with a large chest. You don’t need to be tall to play a character or a certain height. I will say this again; ANYONE CAN COSPLAY!

    Now, the next time you have such a lousy opinion as rude as this, keep it to yourself.



  18. If you make by yourself the most awesome costumes and props for a specific character on this planet, if you are a guy, with a big mouth, and not a mouth speaking honey and rainbows to obtain favours from well-known or popular ones, even if you make excellent job, you suck.
    I suck indeed aha.


  19. Honestly they are right. I’m short, fat, not ugly but okay, cute is pushing it, and dark skin. I have no chance in the cosplay world. I may get away if I had a banging body, but I don’t. Plus there are little dark skin characters. And to just cosplay them all the time is boring. I have to endure racism, sexism (misogynoir) and just general hate people have for dark skin women, oh and I’m Black. So like a huge strike against me, I will be bullied to the ends of the earth, or until disappear or kill myself, which will no doubt give everyone utter joy.

    Sure there are tons of Black coaplayers, but they are either Black guys who get a pass or are super sexy or are mixed.
    The ones who continue to do it. They got balls /ovaries of steel, cause the mountain of racism they her every second of everyday is damanging enough to an already broken person.

    Cosplay as it grows more mainstream is not for everyone. It’s for pale, petite Asian girls, slim and sexy blond white women with big boobs, and handsome, rugged white guys. That’s it. Its the honest truth. Good luck if you still wanna go ahead. You will need it.


  20. This is fucking racist and is cyber bullying. If you really want to warn others please put it in a more pleasant way. I came here to see the world of cosplay not fucking racism.


  21. My opinion is, we all are free to cosplay whoever we want, whether we’re Asian or American, whether we’re beautiful or ugly, whether we’re fat or slim.

    I’ve already went to countless events out there, and I really had so much fun. Many people who (in my opinion) cosplayed characters even though they’re a little bit fat and ugly, but I think as long as we love the character we cosplayed as, we are going to have so much fun.

    But actually, I agree with you. Even though some of us see cosplay as a fun, bright, happy-go-lucky hobby, it’s just not what it seems. First time cosplaying as Asuna, and I already realized how terrible I am in those. Not to mention I made my debut in AFAID 15. That kind of big event, and I dare to cosplay one of the gorgeous anime character, considering that back then I still have some flabs and too fat to cosplay Asuna.

    Sure, no one really gives a fuck back then, but looking back at my photos, I could feel some inferiority and self-consciousness about how terrible I am.

    I’m working to lose some weight right now, and after I saw my newest cosplay photo, I realized that it’s getting better and better.

    I don’t think you’re rude, actually I think you did the right thing. Newbies have to know the realities -as much as it hurts- so that the devastation won’t be as bad as when you least suspect it. They should get some warning first before deciding to cosplay.


  22. People who find the author rude, or insulting, or highly offensive etc etc – they’re all fat people. Simple as that. Shut your eyes, blame the OP, blame the haters, blame everyone else. Its easier that way, and pathetic.


  23. As harsh as this article was, I agree with the writer. Physical appearance is EXTREMELY important in cosplay because you want to look as accurate to the character you are portraying as possible. If you don’t have a perfect face, the right skin complexion, or are out of shape, I hate to break it to you, but cosplay isn’t for you. And if you are these, but decide to cosplay anyway (like maybe Harley Quinn or something), you just made a very poor portrayal of the character you were trying to imitate, and made a complete embarrassment out of yourself. But let’s say your face is ok, but you’re still out of shape or have different complexion, and you decide to cosplay, make sure the character you’re cosplaying matches your body type. Cloud isn’t overweight, Link isn’t black, etc. If you’re overweight, go with an overweight character, if you’re black, go with a black character.
    The writer was just telling you the cruel, blunt, honest truth: cosplay is not for everyone.
    Halloween, however, do whatever the hell you want, go freaking nuts.


  24. The problem with this entire article is this simple statement.

    “But, if you have dark skin, large eyes or have too much weight — to be blunt, you’re ugly and fat”

    This isn’t the point you’re trying to make, in terms of reality people ARE perfectionists but they’re perfectionists because they like ACCURACY.

    The reason having larger eyes, being heavier or dark is less desired isn’t because people are “Fat or dark” it’s a problem because people are a sucker for ACCURACY.

    Do you realize how ridiculous you sound telling everyone who may have dark skin, larger eyes or be chubbier that they are literally ugly? That has to be the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard.

    The REALITY is people are picky because anime characters LOOK a certain way and often people of color aren’t represented nearly as much.

    What you’re saying honestly just sounds like downright racism. You’re ugly because your tanned or dark. Your ugly because your eyes are to big. What the literal fuck? Make your article be about REALITY not some morphed view on how ugly you think those of different body types and appearances are.

    Liked by 1 person

  25. You are an elitist prick for telling people they can’t cosplay because they don’t have the right ‘body’ and other aspects people literally cannot change. You are also a complete racist to tell people that they have to find a character with the right skin color. I can count the dark skinned characters in anime on my fingers? Same with large characters. And even then they are often secondary characters. I guess you can say that if you are white you shouldn’t cosplay because you don’t have the right eyes and features. And what about those with disabilities?

    We aren’t professional models, we are everyday people and hobbyists. Let judgement come from costuming and not from prejudices like yours.


  26. This article and majority of comments reinforced that social stereotypes exists and people CHOOSE to benefit them
    99% of anime girls are skinny and “cute” because otherwisem the fandom would neglect/hate them, so yeah, only white, skinny and asian girls can cosplay them.
    Two league of Legends female heroes were launched and fandom was fuck shit CRAZY avout if because they were “ugly” and HAD to be re designed to get a better looking.
    So of course, cosplaying is for everyone as along asn you cosplay the ugly, fat, neglected character nobody likes or kill yoursle fnad your helth into diets and makeup so you can look decent to SOCIETY, makes all sense, thanks for clarifying. 🙂


  27. There are some pretty harsh truths in this articl, but that shouldn’t discourage anyone from doing cosplay if they genuinely enjoy it. Who cares if you’re overweight or have the wrong skin color for the character? Assholes whose opinions don’t matter, that’s who. Find some friends that are going to the same con as you and just fucking enjoy yourself. I just finished up Gen Con with my very shitty Ezio cosplay. Sure, I got a few looks from people who didn’t like that I had the Gall to dress up as a character and not pour my soul into the character and costume. But those people were in the vast minority. There were a couple dozen people that asked to take their picture with me. There was even a person with a MUCH better Ezio cosplay than mine who wanted my picture.

    TL;DR, Don’t do cosplay for other people. Do it for yourself. Have fun. Embrace any imperfections in your costume. And fuck anyone who goes out of their way to bring you down for not being a perfectionist.


  28. This article and comment section. Sweet Jesus.
    If someone doesn’t look like your ideal image of the character, I’ve got the perfect solution for you. Mind your own business.
    This comment is coming from a fat cosplayer. Someone who is not seen as traditionally pretty or beautiful, with a shitty complexion that even makeup can’t fix. And you know what? I own it.
    I’m not going to look exactly like any character, and I accept that.If I’ve put my time and effort into a cosplay and someone doesn’t enjoy it, that’s their business. If I enjoy dressing up and running around acting like I’m Yuno Gasai, I will, even if I look nothing like her in your eyes.. And people who want to shit all over that aren’t going to stop me.


  29. As someone who’s been in the cosplay world since before ‘cosplay’ was even a term (we simply used to refer to ourselves as ‘costumers’ or, if historically influenced, reenactors) and before there were ‘cosplay famous people’, I find all this very amusing ^_^


  30. As I read the article and the comments I realized that everyone here has a point.
    I am not going to be discriminating, and I do not intend to be rude in any way, this is just my opinion on the topic.
    Cosplay is an environment that I originally think is meant for anyone, no matter who they are or how they look, but maybe certain cosplays aren´t meant for everyone. I am not exactly a supermodel, but I don´t consider myself really fat either. I really love that everyone want to dress up as their favorite character and totally rock that look, but maybe it would be better to find a character that you like that might be more suitable for you? I am not judging anyone, I have so many friends that totally rock their L-XL size, but I have to admit that certain cosplays look better on them than others.
    Things we are born with or are genetic, like hair colour, eyes, body shape, illnesses, pimples (yes, a lot of it is genetic) etc. we cant do anything about, but what about showing who we really are through cosplay? I know much of the point is to become another character and all that jazz, but this is also a way of expressing OURSELVES , is it not?

    I think that people are allowed to do exactly what they want, I mean it is a free country, but if you want to become, yeah, i don´t know, a professional or something, lets face it; all of them are pretty and talented and beautiful. But for all of us ordinary cosplayers this is not a job, this is a way of being ourselves. We are not required to be anything else.

    People who judge or are mean to other people are not nice, we all agree on that one, right? But at the same time, maybe we can take their comments as constructive criticism, like ideas for improvement maybe? I am not saying that bullying should be tolerated, not at all, but maybe we can just think about what fits us best?

    If you think that all of the things above is shit, then that is totally fine. Just be you and rock it! Cosplay whatever the hell you want, I have no problem with that:)
    If you however think that what i wrote above was maybe something to consider next time you are going to cosplay, then I am happy to maybe have helped you out a bit:)


  31. cosplaying has no real rule as any other. ya, dan saya juga setuju dengan pendapat anda, tapi mengapa tidak mencoba memberikan kenyataan dengan metode pujian-kritik-pujian? apakah anda mau jika anda kelihatan aneh sedikit saja dan orang-orang langsung mengkritik anda tanpa memberikan apresiasi sedikit pun?

    cosplaying is fun, it’s for everyone. you just look better by having the same skin color as the character! it’s only a “bonus”, not a “must”!


  32. This article is disgusting, I don’t care if it’s just your “reality” cosplay should be for everyone.

    Taking into account, i’ve been cosplaying since i was 13; in that space of time i’ve battled near eating disorders, severe depression and anxiety. Going to a con and hearing this bullshit makes it worse for me; i’ll just feel like shit for the following months. So I can’t cosplay a character I love because my nose is slightly off or I’m feeling a little chubby around the thighs? I’m medically ‘healthy’ and i’m constantly getting told that I’m too thin or whatever despite the fact that I feel like a whale; I get told I’m pretty but I can never accept that due to constant battles with myself.

    In other words; people like you in the cosplay community are whats so cancerous about it.

    What ever happened to being a character that you admire and love? since when did you have to tick every single box to suit them..


  33. this is why i will never cosplay again, im fat, ugly and dark skin.
    Im good at making stuff, but im ugly as fuck, so if i make the best armor, i will be a laughing stalk and talked about for eons on trolling forums and people who know me, completely ignoring my work.

    Im not white, skinny or pretty, so i will just be bulled until i kill myself.

    I will just watch on the sidelines as usually.
    Cause these rules apply to everything in life for everything,
    the world is made for people who are white, pretty and skinny.
    black, ugly and fat people like myself.

    thats why i dont do any hobbies that involve me going out in the world. i will just be eaten up, destroyed more, cause i already know how the world looks down on me.


    save yourself the stress and don’t get into to hobbies like cosplay. or anything for that matter, hide from the world is the safest bet, its what i do and will continue to, because its the safest option.


  34. For anyone reading this article. Here are my 2 cents:

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder….

    Everyone is beautiful in their own way. What society considers ugly, doesn’t have to be ugly. Society is holding up this unrealistic “beauty standard”, but it does not mean that society is right… Just because the herd is jumping off the bridge, doesn’t mean all the sheeple should follow.

    Whether you are a pale and skinny to the bone person or a beautiful dark skinned person with some extra you to love; If dressing up like your favorite Pokemon makes you happy: Do it.

    The first most important thing is: Be happy with yourself first.
    Be happy with who you are. You are beautiful! And once you realize that, you don’t give a rats anus about what society thinks.

    Those were my 2 cents. I will now dress up like Cookiemonster and go to a comic con.

    Thanks for this enlightening article…

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  35. No offense, people, But cosplay is for everyone. Whether or not anyone is a GOOD cosplayer, well yeah, you can judge that for yourself. I know someone who is extremely attractive, not plus sized, and considered beautiful, who still suffers the same hate and being called “ugly” that actually “ugly” fat people like myself suffer, yet when I’m fat Edward Elric no one seems to give a shit about that, but worries about the height instead. Does that make me a better cosplayer? No, I can’t sew for shit. This person can. Telling people they are too ugly to cosplay at all is like telling people who don’t fit your jello mold of beauty they can never, ever be models (and yet Dove and Suicide Girls both challenge that), or the same thing to “fat” people, whether actually fat or merely chubby, which as you see in plus sized fashion magazines, is also not true. You can have “fat” and “ugly” and even objectively beautiful cosplayers who can’t live up to 2D expectations. If you expect fucking ridiculous talent ONLY to cosplayers and have no sympathy for the poor, creative or simply inexperienced people then you my friend are an elitist. It’s fine to be one, just please, don’t be the fucking fun police. People are having FUN. This is not a beauty contest, nor a costume contest. It’s basically Halloween and a hobby. It’s like telling someone “you’re too stupid for chess, so don’t even try”. Yes, it helps to fit the mold. Yes, you should cosplay characters who suit you. But some like to have fun and try a challenge. Or, what if they cosplay someone more objectively pretty/handsome or whatever than themselves (which is usually the case, you said it yourself, these characters are idealized, so it’s hard not to) to feel prettier or more handsome then they are told they are? /inb4hate comments

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  36. Or…yknow…some people are just too bloody concerned with “muh cosplay world”. Seriously, its cosplay. Why are you devoting your life to it? I’m thirty; I’ve been cosplaying off and on since I was eighteen; when the vacation is over, the cosplay goes back into storage and life returns to normal. I wear it to affirm my love for a particular medium or character. And if you kids can’t bear the sight of a thirty year old 190 pound Vash the Stampede for three days? You’ve got bigger problems than affording your cosplay.

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  37. Its attitudes like this that keep people from wanting to join the hobby, since they’ll think cosplay is only for light-skinned pretty skinny models. We have enough elitism in the community and you’re not helping.

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  38. FWIW, I hit an expo a while ago and wanted to cosplay, but felt too fat to do it effectively. (For the record, I am white, and with all due modesty I have a really pretty face, but I am overweight, have always been so, was born already too fat, was fat all through infancy, toddlerhood, and childhood, and realistically speaking I can and do avoid absolute obesity, mostly by eating about half of what anybody else does, but I will never, ever be thin. Never. Ever. No matter what.)

    But I still wanted to cosplay. Damn. What to do, what to do….?

    Eureka! I got some construction foam and went as a Hollow! Not any particular Hollow, just a generic Hollow that I designed myself.

    In retrospect I think the hakama I wore was a mistake, but son, I killed. I destroyed. I was a huge, giant, monster Hollow hit. And I didn’t have to suck in my stomach, wear a corset, or avoid being seen indulging in con food. It was the best.

    Next time I think I’ll go as an Angel from NGE. Or a kaiju from, well, anything I guess.

    Just a thought.


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