Comic 8 [2013]: Indonesian Comedy Comeback

I don’t usually watch Indonesian cinema, but the trailer for the newest Indonesian comedy movie, Comic 8, was so hilarious, the librarian (yeah, I use campus Wi-Fi) had to shoo me from the library because I was laughing so hard. So, I did what I had to do. I went to the movies and bought a ticket (surprisingly only 5 bucks including large popcorn and a large soda) and sat a full 2 hours to laugh my guts out.

Comic 8 is a new Indonesian comedy film, just released in January 2014. Unlike most Indonesian comedy that relies on crude insulting humor and the occasional sexual humor, Comic 8 is one of the rarer comedy movies that use a brand of witty humor found in stand-up comedy acts. That’s given, since almost the entire cast are from the Indonesian stand-up community.

The story of this pseudo-action movie is really fucked up. There are two major plot twists which make it really good. So, we have three parties: the wannabe gangsters, the real gangsters, and the lunatics. And they all rob a bank. And by bizarre coincidence, they end up robbing the same bank on the same day. The wannabe gangsters are nice idiots who want a taste of luxury. The real gangsters are… well real gangsters. And the lunatics… they’re plain lunatics. A lot of chaos and funny mayhem occurs between the three parties as they hold the people and the bank employees hostage before they finally team up and successfully escape. Plot twist? Nah, you gotta watch it, I’m not gonna spoil the fun.

What I Enjoyed

  • Finally, some really witty humor! Indonesian comedy isn’t my thing because it’s sexist, racist, and plain crude. But, Comic 8 restored my faith in Indonesian comedy. The actors play out their roles quite convincingly and the one-liners, slapstick, and irony jokes are spot-on and are actually funny. Of course, a foreigner would need to understand some cultural background first to put the jokes into context.
  • The plot twists were annoyingly awesome. You don’t usually see a movie having more than one plot twist. Comic 8, however, keeps you glued to your seat with a series of plot twists you can’t even see coming. That’s the beauty of it.
  • For a locally produced movie, they didn’t skimp the action parts. The equipment, the bank, even the real-life police and SWAT they pulled onto the set showed that they were generous with the budget. Finally, an Indonesian movie that takes things seriously.’
  • They keep you watching EVEN AFTER the credits! When the credits roll, there’s a bunch of clips featuring selected stand-up jokes from the main cast. They’re funny as hell!
  • BOOBIES! Nikita Mirzani is a well-known Indonesian actress and she’s the fans service for this movie. But that doesn’t mean I watched this movie JUST BECAUSE she was in it.

What Sucked

  • The movie is a half-action movie because 60% of the time, people are shooting at each other and shit gets blown up. There’s even a dude with an embedded RPG in a guitar case! Which is good, because I like guns. However, the shooting is just too much and way unrealistic. I mean, the police know there are hostages inside but they open fire BEFORE negotiating with the robbers. I don’t know where they picked up that fucked-up logic.
  • And the slow-motion during the shooting. It’s cool if used sparingly, but the movie uses it in almost every shooting scene and it gets really annoying.


If you enjoy stand-up comedy, especially Indonesian, go watch this. Support the community and local filmmakers. But, seriously, if you want a good movie to laugh to and you haven’t lost hope in Indonesian cinema, by all means watch this. I guarantee you laugh your guts out.


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