Ahotaku’s Weekly Review: Go Putin, Missing Planes, Cruel Politics, and Exams

Russia still in Ukraine

Congratulations to Putin! Perhaps America knows now that its hegemonic status is in danger. Nobody likes you anymore, USA! And Putin’s act, while likened to Hitler’s annexation of Poland back in World War II, just goes to show that we can’t fully rely on institutions and laws to keep states in order.

By the way, McDonald’s closed all of their restaurants in Crimea for “business reasons”. There’s another reason not to parley with the United States. No McDonald’s means no Happy Meal. No Happy Meal means no happy solution. To war we ride! For our fries and burgers and that little toy made in China! Well… at least Burger King’s still there.

By the way again, Obama’s thinking of sending arms into Ukraine. Great, I bet Activision already has another idea for their upcoming Call of Duty game.

MH370 search going nowhere

How many countries does it take to find a fucking plane?

Let’s face it. We’re never gonna find the MH370. The black box is snuffed and there won’t be any survivors. Even the Malaysian Prime Minister has given up on it (despite inciting the rage of the Chinese)! I say let it remain a legend of our time, so we have an awesome story to tell our grand-kids.

By the way, Malaysia could consider procuring better planes in the future so this international scandal won’t happen. And my condolences to the victims.

Jokowi for President?

The ‘Jokowi effect’ (a hopeful increase in votes favoring PDIP just because they have Jokowi) was not enough to rack up the votes in Indonesia’s elections. Ungrateful politicians, at least PDIP is in the top three!

But, I for one don’t want to see Jokowi become President. One: he broke his promise to continue being the governor of Jakarta. Two: I have serious doubt on his foreign policy views, considering he has any. Three: is he going to be safe when visiting conflict areas?

But, the people know what they want. Or do they?

Legislative candidates go nuts

Politics, especially electoral democracy, is a high-risk, high-return game. Much like investing in stocks, you go big or go home. Yeah, I’m looking at you, legislative elections in Indonesia.

Go big. To participate in politics, you need a crapload of money to sponsor your campaign, from setting up posters to bribing voters.

Go home. When you lose, you lose everything. And I mean everything, including your sanity. Candidates who didn’t get votes have been admitted to the loony bin. Some even want their money back, despite it being a donation to a religious place of worship. And there’s also that group of losers who suddenly become avid conspiracy theorists.

So glad I didn’t vote in this fucked-up system.

Exams that may cause severe depression and endorses cheating

Rejoice Indonesian high-schoolers! You’re gonna be in college soon… just after you take a 4-day test which will determine your future. It’s that time of the year again, where the fate of thousands of high-schoolers are determined by a standardized test (which is just another government project to rake in the money).

We’ve been through this year after year with no indication of it getting better. The tests encourages cheating, no matter how you design it. No wonder this country is full of corrupt fools! Next time, choose a Minister of Education who actually knows shit about education.


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