Anime Weekly – Spring 1: A Loli that Beats up Monsters for a Living

The new season is upon us! There’s a new lineup of anime to watch and if I could just stop these damn spoilers from appearing on my Facebook news feed… anyway, since I’ve finally got a job (an internship still counts as a job dammit), I can’t be watching anime too often. So, instead of individual reviews, I’ll do a weekly recap of this season’s anime… well only the ones I’m following of course.

Welcome to Ahotaku’s Anime Weekly! (cue fanfare)

Black Bullet 1: Holy shit, it has Pupa and a loli!

Dawww~ getting kissed by a loli
Dawww~ getting kissed by a loli

So, I was kinda expecting this anime. Why, you ask? Well, the screenshots showed me a picture of a delicious loli, so yeah… Anyway, the first episode is your typical “get-to-know” episode. We get a background story, the daily life of the two protagonists: Rentaro and Enju (yay loli!), and pretty much a bit of action.

Grrr... this guy needs to be lynched.
Grrr… this guy needs to be lynched.

Black Bullet is about humanity after a crisis. A virus, known as “Gastrea”, has infected the Earth, causing animals to mutate into monsters just less scary than Pacific Rim‘s Kaiju. The virus causes a human to undergo a gory transformation from human to monster. If you’ve watched Pupa, then the transformation sequence is really quite the same, but with less gore. Only the black metal, Varanium, can stop the virus, and the Cursed Children can destroy the virus completely. Yeah, just listen to the narration.

Ugh... how about no?
Ugh… how about no?

Graphics are quite nice and suited to my taste. And the music… well, it’s not exactly to my liking, but whatever. I just hope this anime doesn’t turn into another harem-romance piece of shit because I saw Rentaro eyeing an island full of lolis at the end…

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei 1-2: Yay incest!

*stares intently* .... boobs.
*stares intently* ….

I’ve read the manga. I’ve read the light novel. And the anime so far is… nicely done. The graphics are nice, and I need to keep reminding myself that it’s Tatsuya as the main character, not Nanase from Free! I guess they’ve run out of character models.

Mahouka is about the borderline-incestuous relationship between Tatsuya Shiba and Miyuki Shiba and how their relationship develops as they attend Hogwarts a magic school. Yup, magic is NOT pure fantasy and imagination anymore, it’s fucking science bitch! There’s a science to magic and you need to learn it at a school. But, the anime has not yet began the lengthy exposition required to explain how the science of magic works. It’s still in the introductory phase, with a few ‘dawwww’ Tatsuya-Miyuki moments.

Dawww~ you go dawg!

Graphics are extremely nice. Heck, it’s on par with KyoAni. Music… is pure awesome, especially with the OP sung by LiSa, my favorite J-Pop singer. Let’s just hope this anime adaptation doesn’t suck balls like SAO.

Knights of Sidonia 1: CG humans and WTF tech

In the future, people live in outer space. Humans are under threat of the Gauna (stupid name for a stupid monster) and the only thing that stands between humans and these hentai tentacles are robots. Cool, another mecha versus monster anime.

The first episode had me rewinding it a couple of times because I just couldn’t understand shit. Like these:

How. The. Fuck.
How. The. Fuck.
Again.  How. The. Fuck.
How. The. Fuck.

I guess they’re trying out a futuristic Shingeki no Kyojin story…

Robot bondage! Also, is that Voldemort?
Robot bondage!
Also, is that Voldemort?

Anyway, graphics… remember Aku no Hana? Yeah, it’s still better than that. I still need to get adjusted to the CGI humans though. Arpeggio of Blue Steel did better with the CGI though. Music… I just can’t explain it, especially the background music. Is it supposed to be thrilling or scary or daunting? I really couldn’t tell because I the music’s just so messy at some points, especially when they try to mix electronic music with orchestral music. Is it supposed to sound like that? If they could, my ears would’ve shot themselves.

No Game No Life 1: Bro-Sis NEET Combo 

Reality is a fucked-up game. Ever imagine you were born in the wrong world? If you answered “yes” and you are a NEET, welcome to the anime which will justify your behavior.

This would have been more of a 'hngggg' moment...
This would have been more of a ‘hngggg’ moment…

Welcome the Blanks, a brother and sister who are both NEETs, but are gods at games. They accept an invitation via email, which transports them to a world where everything is decided by games, even national borders! The world lives by the Ten Commandments–I mean Ten Pledges enforced by an almighty God who is surprisingly a shota. Now, the bro-sis NEET combo must come to terms with living in this new world. Now where have we heard that story before? Oh yes, Mondaijitachi. But instead of a hot, sexy Kuro Usagi, we get a cute little sister who is overly attached to her brother. Damn, is incest the theme of the season?

Music is pretty average, perhaps it hasn’t grown on to me yet. Graphics… ugh, it’s like someone went full retard on the ‘saturation’ gauge in Photoshop and maximized everything. This anime is so fucking vivid! It kinda reminds me of Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi but with less glitter. I guess they skimped on the graphics, let’s just hope the story to come makes up for it.

My eyes hurt. Too MUCH COLOR!
My eyes hurt. Too MUCH COLOR!

That wraps up this week’s share of anime. Stay tuned for next week!



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