Cosplay Comeback! Sakura Matsuri 2014

First things first. Sakura Matsuri is a J-event held by KAJI (Komunitas Alumni Jepang Indonesia), which an alumni community of Indonesians who went to college in Japan. The event has been held twice before, in 2012 and 2013 and I’ve been a loyal customer for three consecutive years (because the event venue is just a 30-minute bus trip away, 60 minutes in congested traffic). It is held in Lippo Cikarang, a business district in Cikarang. Go to Google Maps to find out where that is. Sakura Matsuri 2014 was held on 26-27 April 2014.

I haven’t been to an event for months and I haven’t cosplayed for months, so I decided to cosplay as a simple character. So, I went as Yu Narukami from Persona 4.

Even though it’s a simple costume, it was quite a hit with the ladies (by ladies I mean the junior- and senior-high school students). They asked for lots of pictures and as my first comeback in cosplay after months of going off the grid, it felt quite invigorating. A group of four young ladies (two of which now follow me on Twitter) complimented me, and now I know how it feels to be appreciated for something I do as a hobby. Yay!

Anyway, unlike other cosplayers, I don’t have a loyal photographer following me around. But, my friend was there by coincidence and he had his Canon DSLR on hand, so yeah, here’s some photos. Do me a favor and follow him on Twitter.

Loli Akiyama Mio!
Narukami be like, bitches love me yo
Yeah, that Fool Arcana was supposed to be upright… but, Reverse Arcana always happen, right?

The event is held for two straight days. The first day tired me out, but being the masochist enthusiast I am, I’m going back for Day 2 armed with a scythe, a costume reminiscent of the KKK, a DSLR, and a Nendoroid. See you there!





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