Ahotaku’s Weekly Rants and Review – Episode 3

A 700-page economics book becomes a bestseller

I thought it was a lie at first, but to read about an economics book on income inequality becoming a bestselling hit to the point that Harvard University Press is neck-deep in printing orders… simply fascinating.

I’ve read a bunch of books and watched a lot documentaries on income inequality and I’m really looking forward to seeing Piketty’s book in Indonesian bookstores. It could really help my research on the widening gap between poor and rich in Indonesia.

Speaking of Indonesian bookstores, they mostly have cheesy teen literature (which creepily includes Korean boyband fan fiction) and self-help, motivational books with an Islamic touch. Maybe I should try Kinokuniya…

South Korean PM resigns over ferry incident

Now that’s what I call accountability with a hefty serving of responsibility!

Indonesian politicians should learn a thing or two from the Koreans and Japanese about accountability and responsibility. When shit happens, Indonesian politicians are the first to find scapegoats… and once they’re caught, they throw innocent smiles at the camera. Sick bunch of pigs.

Child rape case leads to social revolution in child safety

Remember that 6 year old boy who got raped at the most expensive school in Indonesia? Officials are now investigating the school’s management and found out that an international pedophile was hired as a teacher. I guess the people at Human Resources were either high or drunk when they screened through applicants’ files. The family has also filed a USD 12 million lawsuit against the school. I hope they win.

By the way, the case sparked a peaceful demonstration at Bundaran HI. And now everyone is abuzz about child safety and sex education. A piece of info, I learned sex education by reading hentai, so there’s a suggestion.

I’m on TV!

Last weekend, on April 26-27, 2014, the third Sakura Matsuri was held and I was interviewed by a local TV station. The video’s on YouTube. What? Am I not allowed a moment of self-gratification?


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