Ahotaku’s Random Shit – Episode 2

I like loli in anime. I may like lolis in real life. I go to the mall just to count the lolis that I see. But I am nowhere close to becoming a sex predator.

I’m in a coffee shop. In front of me are two girls. One girl has her laptop open. On her laptop lid, I see the sticker “I Love Boobies!” Damn girl, just damn. Maybe I should stick a “I Love Loli!” sticker on my laptop too.

"You are all pigs in human clothing!" says the Lady Gaga of the anime universe.
“You are all pigs in human clothing!” says the Lady Gaga of the anime universe.

I read an argument on the origins of the word “cosplay”. The comments were really funny. Here’s my 2 cents. We are ALL cosplayers. In the beginning, we were nude. So, essentially, we’re all humans in costumes and playing around on Earth. Or should call you a “pig in human clothing” considering that pig and human DNA differ by only a bit?

A self-proclaimed street Shakespeare boarded my bus. He began playing the flute and making a speech on how transient our life is and how “money doesn’t matter for street artists” (actual quote). He got me there for a moment because of his deep speech. Then, he started folding a newspaper into a cone and asked for money. Fucking liar.

When will people learn, especially those who proclaim themselves as die-hard Vocaloid fans, that Fujita Saki is the reason we even have Miku singing in the first place? Without her, Miku will not sound like Miku.

And when will people learn that Vocaloid is not a fucking anime?

I’m surprised Gordon Ramsay can be a judge in Junior Masterchef. He’s practically straining himself holding the f-bombs inside.

If anime continues to be about boobs, fans service, and moe girls, I might as well quit anime and start reading novels and literature. I miss the days of the old Gundams and Dragon Ball.

I don’t get Mekaku City Actors at all. Seriously, I think the anime is really overrated. Also, The Amazing Spiderman 2.

Toby McGuire will always be the best Spiderman (except for Spiderman 3). The new Peter Parker can’t even act.

Bootlegs suck, are illegal, and just plain suck. Why waste money on something fake if you can get the real thing?


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