Anime Review: Life

There’s one anime which I’ve been itching to review, but it’s already been airing for 20 years or so with no sign of ending! So, I’ve decided to do a review, despite the series still in “on-going” status.


Life is a romance, comedy, tragedy, thriller, and adventure anime. Yeah, it’s rare to see an anime of so many genres. The story is about a human who has to live on a planet called Earth. Now, what’s unique about this is that the main character is different depending on who watches the anime. If you’re a girl, you’ll see a girl as the main character. If you’re smart, you’re going to see the main character as a smart person. Essentially, the main character mirrors you. Now, even the story is unique depending on the person who watches the anime. Everything that you do or have done, you see in the anime. How awesome is that? Since the anime has not ended yet, I can’t tell you for sure about the story because it’s really random and unique to the person watching the anime. But, the version I’m watching is about a boy who is now going through college and preparing himself for the corporate world.

Now, on to the review.

Plot (???/5)

I really can’t give a score for the plot of this anime. One, because it hasn’t ended yet. Two, because I can’t see a definite plot pattern. There’s always something unexpected that happens to the main character at one point. In my version, when the main character was five years old, he had to move overseas to a foreign land. And when he was ten years old, he moved back to his hometown. At seventeen, he had to move again.

The course of the story is also really unpredictable. When you thought you have seen something coming, it doesn’t come! And the real good stuff comes when you’re least expecting it. Bad stuff also happens, just like superb plot twists. The main character can do nothing but face these sudden changes. It’s like the writers of the anime really wanted the character and story to be as realistic as possible.

So, based on that, I can’t pass out objective, or even subjective judgment. It’s really up to you, the viewer, to judge the plot of this anime.

Characters (???/5)

Yet another point I can’t decide. Depending on your version of the anime, there can either be a vast array of characters or a select few. Unlike most anime, the characters don’t have specific archetypes. And the characters seem to not act on a script, making it more realistic. They are just unpredictable. Some of the characters become close friends with the main character, some are even involved romantically, and some become enemies.

The interactions between the characters also have a huge effect on the main character. Some interactions causes the main character to be happy, overjoyed, or determined, while others could make the main character become sad, depressed, or violent. The main character can also choose which characters become supporting characters, which ones become enemies, and which one become main characters.

The main character also grows as the anime progresses. What the character grows into is completely random and is affected by many things, such as the world and the decisions of the main character. This leads to very complex character development, making Life one of the best in terms of character development.

There are also one-time characters, who appear just for a moment, and long-time characters, who stay with the main character for a very long time.

With a really rich character database and complex character development and unpredictable interactions, its really impossible to give a fair rating for the characters of this anime.

Graphics and Artwork (HOLY SHIT/5)

I bet the studio’s money went all into graphics. No anime can replicate Life’s graphics. Heck, no studio can even match the money that Life has poured into the graphics department. Everything is so realistic and the main character can interact with almost everything in the environment. And by everything, I mean EVERYTHING, from motion to the rays of the sun.

Music (???/5)

Life has no specific OP or ED or inserts or even BGM. It all depends on what the main character decides on as the music of the series, making it impossible to give a rating.

As I watched Life, the music I hear as the OP and ED are mostly Vocaloid songs, electro, and rock music. They are all made by different studios and composers. As I said, Life is anime unique to the viewer.


Should you watch Life? That’s a question only you, the viewer, can answer because Life is unlike any anime you have ever watched. It’s a highly personalized anime which changes depending on the viewer. In fact, you may even be watching the anime even though you may not want to, or are not a fan of anime.


4 thoughts on “Anime Review: Life

  1. Life, beside an anime, is also a game. A very popular game where the only way to quit playing is by dying. Almost like SAO? well read on!
    While the graphic is amazing and the story has many lines and different endings. It must be noted that the gameplay is extremely hard and unforgiving for many players.
    Dark Souls which is known to be a one unforgiving difficult game has nothing compared to Life, well perhaps there is no demon or monster to slay in Life, but unlike Dark Souls (and most games), you can’t simply quit and walk away (or use cheats) when the levels are getting harder.
    When you die in Life, you are forced to quit playing, and if you want to play again you will have to start a new game with different character and an entirely different storyline. There are rumors about some players who kept on playing after their death though.

    My conclusion is Life is not only an anime to be seen but also a game to be played
    and we all are the players.


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