Anime Weekly – Spring 4: Black Bullet takes on Pacific Rim for stupid sea monsters

Yeah, I know I’m a bit late with this post. Things have started to speed up at work and I’ve also re-entered the world of debating and online gaming, so yeah, bear with me. I seem to keep missing Sidonia every other week, so next week will be a double Sidonia.

Black Bullet 4: So many questions, so little answers


Last week, I asked myself these questions:

What happened in Rentaro’s past? Why does he have the constitution of a superhero or rather, how did his body become so strong? And where did he learn the Tendo school of martial arts? And what exactly IS the Tendo school of martial arts?! Why is Rentaro paired with Enju?

In episode 4, I only answers to 2 of those questions. And the fourth episode just added a lot to my questions list.

What happened in Rentaro’s past? Why is his body so strong? Remember episode 1? When Rentaro came face-to-face with a giant moth Gastrea? Apparently, he was saved by old man Tendo. Yeah, the old guy who stands behind Seitenshi. Then, we get shoved with the fact that Rentaro was also part of the superhuman experiment, which involved infusing Varanium into the human body to make human weapons against Gastrea. The Masked Guy was also the result of the New Human experiment. Oh, it seems that he dies in this episode, but hey, he’s a villain, he won’t die that easy right? Or was he just the first boss?

Tron armor.
Tron armor.

Anyway, more on Rentaro’s superhuman strength. This also explains Rentaro and Kisara’s relationship. A while back, Kisara was under attack by a Gastrea. Rentaro miraculously appears out of nowhere and saves Kisara, causing him to lose a leg, an arm, and an eye. Because of the stress, Kisara experienced kidney failure. Rentaro was on the verge of death, until the smexy doctor (that one who likes to eat Gastrea shit) operated on Rentaro, giving him a Varanium leg, arm, and eye. Kinda like Full Metal Alchemist’s automail, only a lot cooler. That’s the origin story of Rentaro’s superhuman strength.

If superhuman strength was not enough, he is also very lucky. During the fight with Masked Guy, he was severely injured to the point of having bloody eyes, low-on-health, Call of Duty vision. He injected himself with 5-6 syringes of AGV. Now, I quote from the smexy doctor, “there is a 20 percent chance you will turn into a Gastrea”. I haven’t done math for quite a while, but 20 percent means “1 out of 5 chance” right? So, if he took 5-6 syringes of AGV, wouldn’t that automatically make him a Gastrea? But he didn’t, which makes him extremely lucky. Could anyone please enlighten me on that? I suck at math.

Awesome dumb sea monster from Pacific Rim.
Awesome dumb sea monster from Pacific Rim.

After that bullshit I just spouted, we get a glimpse of Pacific Rim. A Stage 5 Kaiju Gastrea has appeared! And the only thing that can stop it is a massive railgun capable of shooting rounds of Varanium up to near-light speed. Holy fucking shit. Einstein, thanks again. But, there’s always a catch. Since it hasn’t been used for a long time, it has no bullets! So, Rentaro takes off his arm and loads it into the chamber. We experience a sweet Enju-Rentaro moment, but hey, stop flirting jackasses! There’s a monster on the loose. Pull the trigger and BOOM! Gastrea entrails explode.

Railgun that shoots bullets at near-light speed. Thanks, Einstein!
Railgun that shoots bullets at near-light speed. Thanks, Einstein!

Rentaro then confronts Old Man Tendou and we find out that he was behind the Gastrea summoning. But, it was Rentaro’s meeting with Seitenshi that intrigued me. She gives a hint on Rentaro and Enju’s relationship, meaning that I would have to watch more of this awesome anime.


Added to the question list, making Black Bullet one of the best anime this season:

What exactly are the Gastrea? How the hell can a tricycle be a catalyst for summoning a Stage 5 Gastrea? Who the fuck is Seitenshi and what is her exact role in this anime?

No Game No Life 3-4: Wizard’s Chess. Wait, wrong series.

Damn, No Game No Life’s Shiro is becoming more and more like Izayoi from Mondaijitachi, minus the arrogance and godlikeness. Also, enjoy cameos of famous games in these two episodes, like Civilization and Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney.

As you may have guess from the title, the anime now shows the epic chess battle between the Shiro-Sora couple and Kurami. But what they thought was chess is actually a strategy game. The chess pieces have a mind of their own, something that Harry Potter’s Wizard’s Chess will never have. This means you can throw every chess rule out the window and encourage your troops to fight in the name of cuteness. Oh, and just like Age of Empires 2, you can also convert the other troops to your side. Awesome.

Wizard's Chess with a twist of Age of Empires.
Wizard’s Chess with a twist of Age of Empires.

Using wisdom from war theorists and in every book there is about how mad kings have fallen to rebellion, in an epic twist, Sora and Shiro finally defeat Kurami, only to make her cry. Damn, so cute, but still not as cute as Steph wearing the slutty maid dress, but those two still lose to Sora’s innocent face when she doesn’t want her brother to become king.

Kurami crying is cute.
Kurami crying is cute.
Stephanie in a sexy maid outfit. Cuteness doubled!
Stephanie in a sexy maid outfit. Cuteness doubled!

Sora and Shiro become king (and queen) of Elkia. What do you do when you get crowned as king? Declare war on every country and race there is. With an epic speech akin Independence Day and Pacific Rim, Shiro and Sora raise the spirit of the Imanity (fun Japanese word play) by making them feel weak.

An epic speech can also influence chess pieces.
An epic speech can also influence chess pieces.

In the end, Tet, the shota God, appears and finally, the prologue (4 episodes for a prologue) ends and next week, we can expect some new characters to pop up. It’s still better than Mahouka’s 5-episode prologue.

Nanana’s Buried Treasure 4: Plot details finally revealed

I was staggered at the amount of details this episode finally pushed into my dense skull. At last, I finally have a faint idea of where this anime will be headed and I’m enjoying every second of whatever element of cuteness, action, and mystery this anime throws at me.

First off, we are presented with where we left off in episode 3. The Loli Detective, Tensai, is waiting for Juugo atop a hill overlooking a helipad and some sort of industrious building. Then, Loli Detective suddenly becomes dere and asks Juugo to hold her. We then find out that the Juugo she was holding on was not Juugo after all, rather a member of the Matsuri troupe. And for a second there, I really thought a flag had been raised…

And we proceed to what should be an epic battle between the evil, Slick Glasses Guy and Juugo. But, it was nothing more than the villain doing a monologue while shooting spells at Juugo. Juugo must have the endurance of an MMORPG tank, just look at those spells doing little damage to him! They could have added more “fight” to the scene. And all is well as Juugo decides not to punch the asshole’s face and be the bigger man. Goddammit.

Then, enter the major plot details. You thought Juugo was in the alley by accident in episode 1? Nope. You thought episode 1-3 was all a coincidence? Nope, it wasn’t. Loli Detective delivers an episode recap in a way that would put blatant shame to episode 13.5 of Shingeki no Kyojin. All of this time, Juugo was a member of Matsuri, who was exiled by his dad (remember him being said he was exiled in the first episode?) to Nanae Island because he wanted out of Matsuri. Yeah, these details really blew my mind. You don’t see a lot of anime that puts this much effort in stringing together the plot.

And roll ED song! What?! I was just beginning to have fun! Dammit, now I have to wait till episode 5 next week…

Mahouka 5: Enjoy people sitting and talking

This may be the most boring episode of Mahouka up to date. After the horrendously annoying “oniisama oniisama” in episode 4, this episode features… people sitting and talking. Kinda reminds me of the Galactic Senate in The Phantom Menace.

People attending forums.
People attending forums.

But before we watch people sitting and talking, please enjoy an exposition on Advanced Physics of Magic and Oniisama flirting with other girls, invoking the wrath of the ice-cold yandere that is his sister. It always is refreshing to see that aura of frost.

Then, we go to the open forum hosted by the Student Council. Now, enjoy people sitting and talking as the President delivers a touching speech on equal rights that would make Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela proud.

Down with apartheid!
Down with apartheid!

Yawn… is this gonna be over soon? I came here to see magic and Oniisama’s swag getting bitches… and there’s the explosion that gives a reason for Miyuki to be paired with her beloved Oniisama. Too bad it’s at the very fucking end of the episode!

*sighs* People sitting and talking.
*sighs* People sitting and talking.

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