Anime Weekly – Spring 5: “Gravity” anyone?

Week 5 of Spring 2014 has passed and I’ve binge-watched most of the animes. Unfortunately, this week, I have dropped Nanana’s Buried Treasure because I just can’t understand it anymore. Anyway, enjoy Mahouka getting more and more oniisama-oriented and No Game No Life being a jerk to Stephanie!

Mahouka 6: How Harry Potter would have looked like if he could brawl

It takes us six episodes just to get to some decent action. And the animators could have been creative with the title cards. I mean, c’mon, “Enrollment Part VI”? What is this, Star Wars?

Welcome to Robocop Visor Simulator 2014.
Welcome to Robocop Visor Simulator 2014.

This is the long-awaited action episode from the manga, where a bunch of kids take on a group of terrorists. Funny thing is, these terrorists were only armed with conventional firearms and only ONE ring that can repel magic. Seriously, you’re attacking a school of wizards that can fly, float, self-accelerate, self-fortify, conjure spellblades, and freeze humans with only 1 countermeasure?! Worst group of terrorists ever.

You shall not pass!
You shall not pass!

And enter our Awesome Can’t-Turn-My-Swag-Off Oniisama, who… takes down the bad guys, comforts the confused damsel and sets out on a campaign to eradicate en entire terrorist group branch just because he doesn’t want his daily life with Miyuki to be disturbed.

Uuhhh... am I supposed to say "bewbs" right now?
Let’s show them naked just so viewers know they have a thing for each other. Also, yaoi does it better.
MMORPG tank.
MMORPG tank.
This would have better if they didn't blurt out so cheesy lines.
This would have better if they didn’t blurt out so cheesy lines.
Can't turn off my swag, bitches be crying on me.
Can’t turn off my swag, bitches be crying on me.

So far, Mahouka has been progressing quite nicely, but with an overpowered protagonist like this, I’m starting to feel quite bored. Yeah, he’s cool and all, but nobody’s that perfect! I hope episode 7 has a plot twist. If it doesn’t… well, the only thing keeping me going is my thing for incest.

Black Bullet 5: Enter the Killer Loli

I’d say Black Bullet is an anime with a loli fetish. A killer loli fetish, that is. Most of the main characters are little girls that can pack quite some punches, can handle lethal weapons, and can tear the guts out of crazed monsters.

Yes, panties!
Yes, panties!

While other episodes were nicely paced, I felt episode 5 is a hurried episode. The story reveals plot details in a hurried manner. Rentarou is asked by Seitenshi to become his bodyguard. She meets a fat guy, I forgot who he was, but perhaps some sort of politician. I don’t know about you, but do politicians easily blurt out their secret plans like that fat guy? And are meetings really that short? Movies have taught me otherwise.

Anyway, let’s delve deeper into Rentarou’s love life, shall we? Shiba Miori, a new character makes a casual appearance on Rentarou’s doorstep, followed by Kisara. And we find out that they hate each other and Kisara gets pissed when Shiba rubs her boobs on Rentarou’s arm. There’s the harem element of the anime, folks. Happy now?

Yes, I did.
Yes, I did.

We then skip to the attempt on Seitenshi’s life. Of course, obvious villain is obvious. Wait, did Enju actually kick that sniper bullet? Cool.

Apart from seeing Enju’s panties, this episode of Black Bullet is just an introduction to a darker and deeper plot, which I hope will be unveiled in episode 7.

Aww, such a cute loli... *psst, she's the assassin*
Aww, such a cute loli… *psst, she’s the assassin*

Ah yes, Black Bullet questions.


What is the Tendo school of martial arts? Apparently it’s a school of martial arts (duh) which accommodates sword and melee techniques. The emphasis of the school is agility and strength to deliver precise and deadly blows. With the sword, it’s a lot like iaido.

Who the fuck is Seitenshi? She’s like Edward Cullen minus the gayness. She sparkles in broad daylight and is the ruler of Rentarou’s area. After the Gastrea attacked, Japan was divided into several areas, all with their respective Leaders, who answer to the High Government. Just like Japan during the Tokugawa era.


Shouldn’t Enju be acting strange now that her corrosion level has reached almostb 50%?

No Game No Life 5: Watch Stephanie getting bullied and humiliated

Man, this show just loves to humiliate Stephanie, the innocent princess. Makes me feel sorry for her, pushing her to the top of this week’s cutest characters. This episode is just a filler, though, setting up things for the next.

Being a NEET has never been cooler.
Being a NEET has never been cooler.

Being the NEETs they are, Sora and Shiro move underground to escape sunlight. But Stephanie wants them to do their job as King (and Queen) of Elkia. She stupidly challenges them to a game, only to lose and become (literally) Sora and Shiro’s bitch. Dressed in dog ears and tail, they take Stephanie out for a walk. Turns out, she looks like a Warbeast, which turns Sora on (I keep forgetting which one is Shiro and which one is Sora).

A good sister knows how to cockblock.
A good sister knows how to cockblock.

During their walk, Stephanie continues to challenge the two to games. Of course, she loses, ending up with only a loincloth and a sheet of fabric covering her private parts. She gets into a fit, which cause Shiro and Sora to reveal their future plans. This makes Stephanie amazed. She never thought the two had things already planned.

Fast forward to the end. They go to a library, which used to belong to Elkia but was lost in a bet, to see a Flugel. As the Flugel descends, the three sense Death incoming… and that cheesy Engrish accent blows them off. Seriously, it’s funny.

This is hilarious.
This is hilarious.

There’s not much substance in this episode (except for Stephanie’s boobs). It’s just a funny filler episode. I hope something more substantial comes up in the next.

Sidonia 4-5: Finally, a win! Also, one entire episode of Gravity.

Last time, we saw the advance squad getting their asses handed to them. To avoid collision with the Gauna, the entire mother ship has to accelerate, causing ruin and many casualties. That’s why we can’t build gigantic space cities like the Citadel (Mass Effect) yet. Physics is a bitch.

Cool, blood and death, Also, Instagram filter.
Cool, blood and death, Also, Instagram filter.

Tanikaze is finally let into the action, as he, along with the Sidonia equivalent of Draco Malfoy, Kunato, teams up with Hoshijiro and Megurina Luka clone #2 to retrieve 1 Kabizashi spear. Being the jerk he always has been, Kunato takes the spear, only to get blasted by an awesome Death Star laser beam from the incoming Gauna. As expected, only Tanikaze survives the blast and maintains operability over his mecha. He then goes against orders and takes on the Gauna… and wins, causing the Gauna to explode into a billion CGI bubbles that look a lot like pearls in my milk tea. Happy ending?

Awesome shot, but they could have at least did the explosion better.
Awesome shot, but they could have at least did the explosion better.

Hoshijiro was forced to eject, and since we need a love interest that’s clearly not from the “third gender”, Tanikaze just has to dash off (despite being low on fuel) to save Hoshijiro. He catches up with her escape pod and saves her, but they’re not going anywhere until the mecha recharges its Hyggs (ah, I see… “Higgs Boson”) engine. Until then, enjoy some Gravity, starring two awkward CGI humans who have weird expressions (and also a scene that would make Bear Grylls proud).

We interrupt this anime to bring you Gravity.
We interrupt this anime to bring you Gravity.
We interrupt this anime to bring you Man vs Wild.
We interrupt this anime to bring you Man vs Wild. That’s a urine catheter. So.. Tanikaze is drinking a woman’s piss straight from the….. Lucky bastard.

You thought they were gonna die? You wish. This isn’t Game of Thrones. Mecha-ex-machina at the end. They’re saved by their crewmates. All is well.

So far, Sidonia, has been doing really well in the execution of its story. I mean, really well, despite the clichés here and there.

Nanana’s Buried Treasure 5: DROPPED

I just can’t understand this anime anymore because it seems nothing is connected and the basic premise is just too weak. Plus, this filler episode did little to interest me and connect to the overall story. Sorry, Nanana, you’re cute, but I guess I just don’t understand what you want.


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