Indonesian Fans’ Love for Hatsune Miku: Like a Bootleg

UPDATE (20 May 2014): Check out what spadeshiro has to say!

UPDATE 2 (22 May 2014): Check out what our Filipino friends have to say on this!

IMPORTANT NOTICE (21 May 2014): I’ve been made aware that a certain jackass has poorly translated (RIP Google Translate) an excerpt of this post and has spread it around on Facebook, claiming that this post was made by “Miku Expo staff” (pic here). I would like to state that I AM NOT AFFILIATED IN ANY WAY WITH “CRYPTON” AND/OR “MIKU EXPO 2014 IN INDONESIA” and the views expressed in this post are solely my personal views.  Seriously, if I worked for or with them, wouldn’t I be busy preparing for the concert instead of writing this awesome piece of shit? Don’t believe everything on the Internet, folks, seriously; use yer common sense.

I’m grateful. I’m overjoyed. I’m excited. Crypton has decided to host MikuExpo 2014 in Jakarta and it’s gonna be held just a week from now. I can finally cross off “seeing Hatsune Miku’s concert” off my bucket list! Since I’m a huge fan of Miku and I have the cash to spare (thank you, free college tuition!), I immediately bought one Gold-class (VIP) ticket. And here I am now, biting my fingernails and counting my budget for merchandise, waiting in anxiety for Miku’s debut in Indonesia.

But first, let’s burn some online ass because I haven’t done so in a while.

Why did Miku decide to come to a country like Indonesia? Because the Indonesian fanbase had successfully completed the summoning sequence needed to summon Miku. A dash of leek, 1 original Hatsune Miiku nendoroid/figma/PVC figure, and 1 set of Miku headphones all set in the middle of a glittery pentagram in a dark room with people chanting satanic versions of Miku’s songs. I kid, of course. Nah, Indonesia got the most votes at, indicating a large fanbase.

But is that all? Crypton’s a large company, so let’s think like one of their decision-makers. Putting aside all the rhetoric on their website, Indonesia is one of the top five populated countries, it has an emerging middle class with an economy that’s growing steadily… Boss, we have profit! So there you have it. Love for Miku added with economic leverage made Miku come to Indonesia. Not long later, Crypton announces official dates for Miku’s visit to Indonesia, under the event “MikuExpo 2014”. Miku will be in Indonesia for 2 days, a week from now. Ticket sales have commenced for almost 2 months now, handled by various ticketing agencies spread across Indonesia. Talk about effort.

Now, let’s talk reality.

I purchased my tickets on the second day of sales lest they be sold out. I’m glad I had the money for a Gold ticket. Now, my other friend, since was a die-hard fan of Miku, also wanted to see Miku. He wasn’t as lucky as me, but at least he had a job. He saved his money. Yeah, like that. Saving, saving, and saving until he could afford to buy 1 Gold-class ticket. His endeavour is worthy of a standing ovation. To show my support to him, I’ve agreed to let him stay at my place during his stay in Jakarta so he can use the money to buy merchandise.

See, Miku? Your fans love you. Or is it just that 1 person?

Let’s see reality. Miku concert tickets, under normal circumstances should at least be sold out after 1 week. Taylor Swift tickets sold out faster than me eating a jumbo-sized popcorn at the movies (I eat 1 fistful of popcorn at a time). But to this date, MikuExpo tickets are STILL on sale, to the point that the event organizer is collaborating with 7-Eleven in an attempt to sell tickets! Now wait a second, isn’t that odd? Shouldn’t a large fanbase guarantee an instant rush for tickets? I mean, as I’m writing this post, there are STILL tickets available for the Gold- and Platinum-classes.

Here’s where it gets interesting. If you visit the official MikuExpo 2014 fan page on Facebook, take a look at the comment section of certain posts (like the announcement of ticket sales. We have fans deliberately stating that they’d prefer watching the concert on YouTube in HD 1080p and saying that the money is better off used for other things, like buying a Senheisser headset and listening to the concert on YouTube! Some even requested a “student’s price”, some suggested others to record the concert and share on YouTube!

Seriously, how low can you fuckers go?

You claim to be fans of Miku. Why can’t you spare a dime to watch her? To put things in perspective, the cheapest Miku tickets are IDR 390K, while the VVIP-class are sold for IDR 1390K. Convert that to USD using 1 USD = IDR 10K (for the sake of math simplicity) and we get a price range of USD 39 – 139. Seem expensive now? We need to remember that Indonesia is an archipelagic nation. The concert is held in Jakarta, mainly because Jakarta has the largest market relative to all Indonesia, thus more likely to attract a larger crowd. Let’s take my friend as an example. Plane tickets from Bali – Jakarta on a budget airline cost somewhere from IDR 300K – 700K depending on season, the availability of promos, and which airline you take. Assuming an optimistic scenario, we’ll take air tickets for IDR 400K, one-way. He bought a Gold-class ticket, which is priced at IDR 1000K. That means he has already spent IDR 1800K, which is already a LOT of money by Indonesian middle-class standards. I haven’t even started to account for accommodation and merchandise spending. The most expensive piece of official merchandise is an awesome COSPA graphic shirt that costs IDR 500K, which I would kill to have.

Seeing this high budget JUST to get to Jakarta, no wonder fans from the other islands want it so bad on YouTube. This I understand and I will not continue discussion on this. If only Indonesia’s transportation system was efficient, like in Japan.

If you want a fatter shopping list, imagine if Miku’s concert was held in Japan. Round-trip tickets to Japan can cost up to IDR 10 000K. Accommodation is ridiculously expensive in Japan (without prior booking) and not to mention food and beverage. The concert tickets themselves will cost 9000 yen for the VVIP class and they have a narrower price range. And not to mention merchandise shopping. Still want to say Miku’s concert is expensive?

But what about the fanbase located in Jakarta? To live in Jakarta and maintain a middle-class lifestyle, an average, middle-class person at least requires a disposable income of IDR 2000K. That’s for just a single person. Which is why the minimum wage in Jakarta is around IDR 2700K. But wait, not all Miku fans have jobs already. Most of them are still in school, be it junior or senior high, meaning they still live off their parents. They get pocket money right? Would saving, like IDR 10K/day, be a giant pain in the ass? In a month and a half, that could get you a Bronze-class ticket (IDR 390K). Doesn’t matter; still saw Miku, right?

But then again, I realize not all you may be that lucky and discussion of financial matters tend to spiral into endless and needless debate.

You can’t attend the concert due to budget reasons, that’s fine. But, should you be posting the “I can’t watch, better watch it on YouTube” bullshit? This is where I draw the line. NO, it is not fucking okay. You can’t see the concert, that’s okay. Nobody’s gonna persecute you just for not going to a concert. But to deliberately state that you’d rather take the low road and on the OFFICIAL PAGE too, that’s fucked up and you’re guaranteed to be a laughing stock.

Remember, Crypton staff observe the page. I remember, like around a month before, MikuExpo staff added a subtle yet ominous item to their FAQ. It ends with the question “Will this be Miku’s first and last concert in Indonesia?” Which makes us think. What if it really is? And it’s all because of a group of whiny little fuckers who posted the “watch it on YouTube” crap on the official fan page.

We can’t blame Crypton. They’re a company, trying to make profit, no matter how small their profit may be. Perhaps in the later years, Crypton will stick to Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan for Miku concerts. And when that time comes, Indonesian fans will be sitting in front of their computers, waiting to watch Miku perform on YouTube, only to find this message:

“This video is not available in your country because you’ve been a huge dick to Miku. Regards, Crypton. P.S. Miku says ‘fuck you,’” accompanied with a picture of Miku pouting threateningly and raising her middle finger.

There’s already a number of comic strips circling around Facebook, with similar content: Miku feels betrayed by her fans in Indonesia because they prefer to watch her on YouTube rather than buying a ticket to her debut performance in Indonesia. And I think this one is the best.

Miku is crying because her fans don't love her enough.
Miku is crying because her fans don’t love her enough.

Which makes you think, are Indonesians real fans of Miku? Or are they just bandwagon weeaboos lacking original love to Miku? Is their love just that, like bootlegs? We have word in Indonesian, known as “KW” (read: KHA-way) which means “fake” or “of inferior quality”. This phrase is commonly used to describe bootlegs. Hence the term “KW love” or “love of inferior quality”.

Thank you Miku, for deciding to come to Indonesia. You have fulfilled one of my life goals and I will continue to appreciate you by buying your Nendoroids.

So, are you also headed to MikuExpo 2014? I’ll be at the concert too in Gold-class!

190 thoughts on “Indonesian Fans’ Love for Hatsune Miku: Like a Bootleg

  1. I really want to come, too bad I am currently studying in Australia, so I belong to “can’t watch” group.

    However I am sad that I knew about this “fake fan” thing just yesterday. They don’t need to write about “youtube” things on the page. They are lucky, unlike me, They can come to the concert if they want to.

    I ended up buying a gold ticket on Show 2, though I will not come T_T.


  2. Good post here…

    Ive seen wild rumors like ‘indonesia is banned by crypton bcs of those weaboo’ or some stuff like that You know actually this event is more like a ‘goodwill-show’ and not profit-oriented show…Crypton mentioned that earlier in the fb page if I’m not mistaken. See ? They appreciate us who votes for miku! we should at least respect them and show our enthusiasm. Those fags should at least come to the expo, its free anyway!

    I know how hard it is to earn that amount money for a students / unemployed fans, but they should at least keep supporting the event without posting those shitty comment on the official fb page.

    Ive been waiting for years for miku and other j-artist to come to indonesia like we have now, we have cool stuff like AFA, and other Jartist concert…its still feels like a dream. Though this kind of issue happened when SCANDAL held their concert here. the fans voted like crazy on the promotors website but at the end the audience is not as much as they expected. I hope it won’t make any of those promotors pull their support to promote artist to held a concert here.

    btw I’ll at the gold class too, show 2. anyone? 🙂


    1. Yeah, Expo is free, but when it gets crowded, those with tickets will be given priority. And while they are at the Expo and can’t watch the concert, they should at least get a lightstick (30K) or a tin badge (20K) just to show support.

      I’ll see you in Gold-class show 2, too!


  3. I’m sad many fans choose to watch on youtube better than come to the concert
    And i disappointed to myself for not coming to the concert

    Actually, I’m very want to come to the concert because i love miku.
    I have no any problem with the ticket, i can buy Silver / Bronze ticket.
    Transportation and others, i just need lend money to my parent lol
    But since i’m is Junior High School, i’m not allowed to go somewhere far
    And 9 days left until the concert start..

    I lost my chance now, but i hope i can come another day, even though the concert was not in Indonesia.
    And I’ll graduate from school soon.. haha
    Sorry, my english isn’t good


  4. I’m a bit sorry to miku that I couldn’t attend due to work issue.
    But I’m very disappointed with the fan base, is it that expensive? Even it might be true for some, those shitty comment likr the headphone and youtube is just NO.

    I hope crypton will get to held another miku event around though…


  5. i’m very sad,because my people are like that..if they really love Miku,they should buy the ticket and watch the concert,whatever it’s cost…if they dont have money,it’s alright,just dont watch and talk like they want a free ticket
    (sorry for bad english)


      1. hahahah… thx for the notice.

        but, you know ahotaku? This is the reality in Indonesia. where all people (almost entirely) always thinking free … and free .. but never tried at all what should be paid. and they always say “lovers hatsune miku and friends” (in this case, hatsune miku concert)

        and it’s quite embarrassing.


      2. Yeah, I know. And I admit that I’m also not a saint, too; I still torrent music, anime, and games.

        It’s not wrong to want everything for free. But it’s another story when people deliberately vote for Miku to come and then expect her to perform for free. Crypton’s a business, not a charity and you’re gonna need to pay for the nicer things in life, like seeing holographic Miku singing and dancing.

        When people dish out the argument “but she’s just a hologram; I shouldn’t pay that fucking much!”, they forget that for every 30 seconds that hologram moves, there are at least 2 hours of programmers’, designers’, and also musicians’ effort behind it. You’re not paying a hologram; you’re paying the people who are earning an honest living behind it.

        I guess they would get pissed if they see people not appreciating their hard work by preferring to watch on YouTube. It’s like this: Say you’re the developer of DreadOut. You promote your game to your friends. Only 1 decides to buy while the others decide to crack it/wait for a cracked version. And they say it to your face. How would you feel?

        But I digress.

        Yes, it is embarrassing. I just hope this incident doesn’t stain future possibilities, especially with SEGA, because they have the best hologram technology.

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  6. Well, I’m one of those people who can’t afford even the cheapest tickets.
    But I’m still grateful, at least I can visit the exhibition for appreciation.


  7. Eeerrr, don’t you think posting this kind of article only make it worse?

    Well yep, i hate those people who only spilling bullshit about watching her concert in youtube or blah blah blah shit shit shit, but isn’t posting this kind of article is same as spreading indonesian miku fans ugliness to the whole world ? We are also a part of indonesian miku fans, shouldn’t we tried to cover those people’s mistake instead of spreading it for the sake of indonesian miku fans image? i don’t mean to offend you or anything just saying what i have in my mind.


    1. While you’re ‘just saying what you have in your mind’;

      His whole post were doing the same thing as what you did.

      He didn’t mean to make the ‘Indonesian Miku Fans’ to look bad, but it’s already bad and cancerous.

      And his post were explaining things (what and why) about ‘Indonesian Miku Fans’ so people can just ignore things and say “it can’t be helped”, as much as expressing that ‘Indonesian Miku Fans’ were filled (not everyone of them) with bunch of toddlers with no money and no common sense.


    2. well MAYBE, instead of trying to cover those people mistakes, i think it would be better to try to wake’em up, to make them realised. well, its only my opinion.


  8. I really feel ashame cuz I’m Indonesian.
    I really want to come to her concert. but I’m life in different City.
    the event are held on Jakarta.
    and I’m life in Pontianak.
    If Crypton held that event in here, I’m pretty sure me and my friends that Fans of Miku will come even thought we only able buy the Bronze Ticket. 😥


  9. Well it because whatever the condition is, money still the number one of people’s priorities in Indonesia. You don’t need to care about those traitors. Just go, enjoy and have fun in Miku’s concert. You’re the real fan right? 😀


  10. I spend 2 month to get bronze ticket even though i just a stundent, i can save 8k rupiah a day without eating anything at school and i am happy that i can see her for real ^^not all indo like dat ppl


  11. First Miku Expo huh ?
    Are AFAID will be the second banned J-Expo in Indonesia ?
    Already Fucked enough with FUCK WEEABOS (Read : Loser) who sign the petition to make miku come to indonesia
    Okay.. didnt’t have enough money ? FACK U TOO Use that money to sastifying your senheisser and watching miku while fapping because you can’t get there.. YOUTUBE ? yeah this idiot country still doesn’t know about copyright because almost 80% Japanese Lover is self Proclaim Weaabo (read : not otaku , asshole)

    first : Miku Expo
    Second : AFAID ( still hope can enter it in 2014 i already saved up money though…)
    What Next Weaabos ?


  12. Ga akan kejadian seperti ini kalau Perfume ke Indonesia. Fans Perfume kebanyakan kalangan menengah ke atas. Well, at least people who have good taste in music… Anyway, don’t give up Miku! I never heard any of your song but I can feel the hype!


  13. You know what, I attended 2 hours of Crypton Future Media presentation in Pekan Produk Kreatif Indonesia 2013 ( Like you, I was super grateful when they announced that Miku will have her own concert here in Jakarta (Crypton already planned, and I don’t think that they actually count the vote, or even the vote does count).

    So my opinion about this Miku ‘fans’. They need to learn about ‘Value’ and ‘Experience’. Enough said. Try to think that everything you bought has it own unique value, then you won’t hesitate to spend enormous Rupiah for it (nope you’re not stupid with your money). For the ‘experience’ part, do I really have to elaborate it? I mean come on, it’s a CONCERT. Well if you think watching in front of your desktop screen counts as ‘watching the concert’, I disagree with you. For me, you need to attend, get to the crowd, sing-a-long, and do what people in concert do. Come on you know what I mean right?

    > I got my silver ticket already tho. Or are they just bandwagon weeaboos lacking original love to Miku?
    They surely love Miku, but they enjoy freebies.

    >But then again, I realize not all you may be that lucky and discussion of financial matters tend to spiral into endless and needless debate.

    >“This video is not available in your country because you’ve been a huge dick to Miku. Regards, Crypton. P.S. Miku says ‘fuck you,’” accompanied with a picture of Miku pouting threateningly and raising her middle finger.
    LOL I love you author.

    G’s post are all make sense, but these points I couldn’t agree more.
    >Willingness to waste money on something does not show how big of a fan you are. It just means that you have more money to burn. *Or that you are simply stupid with your money*.
    True, wasting money on something you love doesn’t make a you a level-A fans. You’re lucky while others not.

    >Don’t bring up piracy either. Miku is not a real artist who gets hurt by piracy, especially since anyone can use her name or brand to create their own music.

    People have their own way to enjoy things they love.
    And yeah you blog author, let’s meet up~


  14. i guess i belong to the ”cant watch” group ..
    im still a senior highschool student and im no where near to even afford a plane ticket to jakarta ,
    the voting for miku happens on the internet , which means that the whole indonesia gets to vote .. But like you said , indonesia is an archipelago country.. the country consists of islands. and to get to the capital you need to spend atleast 400K on plane tickets (oneway) not to mention hotel fees , food , and merchandise ( since not all of us has friends in jakarta that would let us stay at their place for free )….. i can understand the disappointment of not being able to go and the desire to watch the concert through youtube… But please to all who could afford and could go, just buy the freaking ticket.. Is much better than watching through your 10 inch monitor and you’re doing miku and all of us that couldn’t go a favor by showing indonesia’s love for miku so in the future crypton might consider giving us another concert… And for those who have enough time to trash talk at miku expo’s official page …. If u really have so much time much time in your hands to type trash comments and u love miku that much why not get off the internet and get a part time job or something even if you didnt manage to save the money in time at least now you have some money to buy a miku nendroid rather than wasting time embarassing indonesia’s miku’s fans infront of crypton and the rest of the world!!!


  15. I really want to see miku…
    but My parents not let me to go…
    Miku, i’m sorry…

    actually, i love miku
    and i like her songs and her voice too…

    but, someday if i’ve a chance.
    i want to see u…

    i hope i can Attend in your concert next time…


  16. Admitted Miku fans, and before Miku concert in Indonesia can expect Miku live on Indonesia.
    Having already Miku official concert in Indonesia, even expecting youtube.


  17. I’m not a very fan of Miku but i like to hear her song (although many her song was made by her fan). Have some wish to go to Japan again when she have a concert. But my wish is granted that she will have a concert in Indonesia so i don’t have spend another cost for plane and hotel to go to Japan.
    When i hear this news i’m very shock. I don’t know that many of Miku fans request for Miku come to Indonesia but they dump her after her afford to go to Indonesia.
    First i think that i will not gonna get gold ticket for Miku but surprisingly i got them then the next day they give buy 1 get 1 ticket package. Luckily they not sell for gold ticket though.
    I will give a thanks to all of you that already vote Miku to concert in Indonesia but i’m afraid that maybe there is no next time for Miku to have a concert in Indonesia.
    Next time, think first before make a comment. And please don’t ever talk again that you are a fans of Miku if you can’t value her.


  18. i’m sorry Crypton… i really want to go to the Miku concert but my savings dried up because i must pay for graduation.. 😦 i only can support you by buying merchandise and my prayer to success the concert… i hope this is not the first & last time Miku come to indonesia.


  19. Can’t agree more. People should read this/

    IMO, we should have zero attention to so-called fans. At least, they should take care to their attitude.


    Caps lock is intended.


  20. Just want to let you know that somebody (badly) translated this post and spreading words that “this is written by MikuExpo’s producer” ( Judging by the share numbers and a blog post my friend gave me, apparently there’s quite a bit of people that thought that this is true.

    While I do agree with the content of this article, I don’t like how that guy made up lies and putting MikuExpo’s staff name on it. I’ve tried to notify those that shared that post on my Facebook timeline, but they’re small numbers compared to the share numbers of the post.


  21. What a shame a kpop fans can spend about 800k until 2500k for their idols concerts and its mostly sold out! It cheaper since it cost only 1390k for VVIP class… Remember, kpop fans also has same demography as jpop/anime fans but they can afford it without posting any shameful comment on official page.


    1. Don’t forget the US/Euro singers camp. Taylor Swift’s cheapest ticket is 800k (enough for a Silver Miku ticket, normal price), top of the line ticket is 4mil. Nobody bats an eyelash and it’s now sold out. Nobody asked for streams either. Unbelievable.


      1. Wait, tickets for Taylor Swift were THAT expensive? I didn’t get a chance to check because I couldn’t give two shits about her, but seriously that much? Now who’s money-milking…

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Wow, seriously???? Everybody went ‘oh my God, Taylor Swift, kyaaaaa!!!’ Nd the ticket’s that expensive, but nobody bats an eye, while here, Miku, who’s a better singer and even a better girl than Taylor, just 300k and everybody loses their mind. Weird…


      3. Hi! thanks for sharing my thoughts.

        Speaking of Taylor Swift’s ticket prices, I’d like to add that today, thousands of fans of One Direction lined up to buy tickets for their May 2015 concert here in Manila, and even some of them are willing to spend Php17,000.00 (approximately US$389.47 or IDR4508018.33) for a ticket. Minimum ticket price is Php1,000.00 (approximately US$22 or IDR264833.91).

        Now that’s money-milking to me.


      4. Holy. Fucking. Shit. Not sure if fandom or genius money milking. And for a concert 1 year (you did write 2015) ahead too?
        But that’s quite a generous price range though. The cheapest ones are gonna have to stand in the back, I take it? And I bet none of them wanted to see 1D concert on YT lol


    2. Before you are making this kind of comment (comparing KPOP to Miku), we will first have to see what kind of images the Indonesians have on KPOP and Miku. After that, we will still have to talk about the market comparison between KPOP and Miku. KPOP fans has the same demography as JPOP/anime fans? Really? And this is the first time I see someone putting JPOP and ANIME on the same level of market demography…..


  22. umm.. in first i will say “i am sorry” because miku expo in indonesia not giong well. yeah i admit some of miku fans in indonesia is bad / bootleg / suck / worst or anything. But not every fans like that, many of them have pure love for miku, proudly become miku fans, and give many things for miku. you can blame the miku fans who is suck / worst and anything else. but please don’t say some thing bad to us who didn’t do that.

    i just want to say, please don’t blame our country. you can trow your angger to our bad fans, but don’t anggry to our country. because i don’t want a conflic bentwen our country.



  23. oh man, really..
    when you said your friend is from Bali, I’m from a city near it, Banyuwangi..
    I’m one of true fans here,, been saving IDR 5k per day since crypton posted that Miku will be in held in indonesia..(maybe about 3 months already)
    I’m from low class economic unfortunately, and that’s the best pocket money I have per day without eating anything…
    I even achieved the best score in national exam (at least in my school) to get more money…
    just want to say REALLY SORRY that I couldn’t afford the ticket because my dad want me to spend it on collage (I really regret this)
    a middle class economic especially near Jakarta OF COURSE can afford the ticket if you’re a true fans!!
    not like someone who comment “let’s watch it on youtube”, and blah blah…
    damn! I really regret it’ll be only once in indonesia…


  24. I know that i can’t watch Hatsune Miku concert even i really have the money to buy the platinum ticket and accomodation to go and stay in Jakarta for several days, but because i’m a closet hatsune miku fans and i know my parents will not approve me to go to Jakarta for that concert, so i didn’t participate in the vote because i feel like i responsible to attend the concert if i vote, so at least i will buy some merchandise via my friend whose lucky enough to have to come to the concert, well for those who participate in the vote but didn’t give a damn about this concert and simply betray Miku’s expectation, may Miku forgive you


  25. this is truly a tragic fact….u guys called urself a true fans of Miku huh?..u guys wants her to come to Indonesia..she heard it and she’s here now for all of u…n now u backstabbed her by saying that u guys prefer see it on youtube instead of going to her concert just because of some reasons that shouldn’t be posted to social media…like her official page(what a bunch of stupid)…damn man what’s wrong with u guys?

    I am an indonesian too and i am a big fan of Miku too…i really dissapointed with all of u faggots…u guys called urself a fans but ur action didn’t prove that u’re a fans of her..i really want to see her concert but too bad i can’t coz i have a problem with economic condition…but going to attend to Miku Expo(i think im gonna buy a thing or two of her merchandise) least this is what i can do to show my biggest gratitude for her by coming to Indonesia n I believe that the other true fans also felt a same like me…

    All of u faggot who called urself a fans…u’re a true fake fans…shame of u guys, u guys don’t deserve to see her…u guys made her dissapointed and your own country too…

    And for all of u true fans…let’s make this moment becomes unforgettable…let’s show our gratitude to her by coming to Miku Expo..for all of u who didn’t get a chance to watch her concert like me ><

    Best Regards


  26. It makes me fucking cry, this, so called fake fans.

    I really wanted to go to the expo, but I can’t. I’m currently studying in Melbourne finishing my bachelor. I was really excited when they announced the concert will be held at 28th of may. But my classes started at that date (Ironic isn’t it?).\

    Here in Melbourne, me and my friends have this so called “Melbourne Miku Club” (Ugly name I know). And we really love to see miku here in Australia. Even though we are here, We really happy for the Indonesian fans who gets the chance to watch miku live! But we got very disappointed when they started shit-storm and went full retard about the price. Then, I read this article about the “fuck it I watch it on youtube” thingy.

    I hope in the future there’s nothing like this anymore


  27. sy cuman bisa nonton konser ke 2 dan dapat silver tiket, gk sempat liat pameran dan gk bisa beli goods nya, karna antrian yg panjang keburu kejar pesawat pulang ke Lombok

    tapi sangat puas bisa ngeliatin Miku langsung!


  28. first day at miku expo most fans go to concert at least using bronze 390k ticket, gold seat are full.
    and some who don’t go to concert, using around same amount of money or more than that just to buy merchandise.
    at second day of miku expo, most of official merchandise in miku expo sold out. i think not all people saying that the ticket price is expensive didn’t go to concert after all

    and i working 2 months on my father food stals just to save money to go to miku expo.
    and now i’m telling you that was definitely worth it!!! either go to concert or just buying merchandise worth it!!

    sorry for my bad grammar


  29. its very ironic, isn’t it?
    “Rich” ppl want to save their money so they can watch it on youtube
    i’m working since i saw the news said miku is going to indonesia, i’m working so hard till my hand feels hurt, i need the money to buy a plane ticket and the concert ticket and for the merchandise too(since im live in bali, so i need plane ticket), but suddenly there is some ppl said “nah, better watch in on youtube”
    it hurt my feeling, really…

    (sorry for my horrible grammar)


  30. Well they really being a Di**head cause well many weeaboo and even I go to that concert buy gold tickets and fly from semarang to Jakarta just for that concert and I’m still in school and have save a lot of money just to get there and up I never spend any money in school and get a well more money by helping someone cause I really want to watch the concert live cause I only see the concert via niconico dounga even with an expensive headphone. Well some of “us” just never feel that way


  31. I’m not indonesian but what happened there was really wanna make me rage, like you guys steal away our hope on miku visit to other countries around the globe and makes crypton wasted money on just to fulfill such weaboo’s request. thanks indonesian maggots. u guys sucks shame on you!


  32. What you wrote was definitely right. Being a “fan” is very easily attained nowadays. It is hard to actually find a decent fan that financially supports. Everything is easily obtained thru the internet and people would save that 20 bucks? You can enjoy the song sure, but if you don’t spend, how are these companies going to continue to produce these results for the fans. Where will you get a next single if no one buys the first, where will you get another concert if no one wants to go for the previous one.

    Its sad to say but its the truth. Your money is what actually supports them. No matter how much you can say you listened to the songs, if you do not spend a single penny on any merchandise i think its just a casual liking than being a fan.


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