Ennichisai 2014 Cosplay Hall of Fame

Note: image-heavy post ahoy!

I’ve been a regular visitor to the Ennichisai at Blok M, Jakarta since 2012. So, this is my third year at Ennichisai! But, this year, I’m not doing any cosplaying because the venue is jam-packed with people (a rough estimate of over 20K people) and moving around in costume is hard as fuck. So, this year, enjoy some of the shoots I’ve managed to get! These are the best cosplayers based on my personal preferences.

And please, before anyone starts butting in and saying that the CLAS:H cosplayers are awesome, I’d like to say that I wasn’t there to watch CLAS:H because I had a cold and left early on the first day. I came back the second day and only stayed until 4 pm because my cold started worsening. And maneuvering that kind of crowd while having a cold and burning under the searing rays? Be my guest.

First off is this cute nekomimi schoolgirl. I’d just say it’s an original character. And it turns out she’s also a crowd favorite! I mean, why shouldn’t she be? She’s cute!

Umm… oji-san? Get out of the effing way. You’re ruining the cuteness1
So hngg!
Pose 3
Damn that’s kawaii!
I just love this close-up shot.

And number two on the list is a team of DOTA 2 heroes! Hell yeah! Finally someone decides to cosplay as the heroes of DOTA 2! There’s Sven, Juggernaut, Clockwerk, and Rubick. Their armor’s well-crafted and looks just like the game!

Rubick, the one who steals spells.
Clockwerk and the annoying grapple hook.
Yurnero, the only hero with a weird Japanese accent.
Sven with the strength of gods.

And third is my favorite character from SAO, Scilica the Dragon Tamer! She was the only Scilica around, and she did an amazing job with her costume! Even the Fina dragon plushie is well-done! So cute and lovely!

Just slash me with that dagger, c’mon! Also, creepy eyes alert.
This was a candid shot, and a good one too!

That’s the top three in my list! Here’s more assorted characters who I thought were awesome.

Homicidal maniacs! I miss being one.
Homicidal maniacs taking a break.
I think this was one of the CLAS;H teams. Whatever, don’t care about CLAS;H, but they’re cool!
Junko from Danganronpa! Her costume was good, but she lacked expression.
This may be one of the best Naoto Shirogane cosplays I’ve ever seen.
Love Live, anybody? Don’t know the character’s name though, not a fan of idol anime.

And that wraps up the cosplays at Ennichisai 2014! Really, every year, the events stay the same so there’s no reason to come back every year except to hunt photos of cosplayers.




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